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Forgive Me (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I never wake up with the feeling
Of intentionally harming anyone’s life
I want you to know that I am healing
From all the things that have caused me strife

I hope that you can forgive me
If you think I have done you wrong
My actions have been from the pain I see
All of my insecurities that I felt for so long

Know that all I live for I meant to be done for good
And if one day you see me I want to give you a hug
I apologize for any hurt to you as any man should
I was hurt as well and I promise that I am no thug

When all the wounds heal I pray for your hand
That we support each other as friends until the end
Even if we know each other or not, together let us stand
To show the ones we love, that all problems, we can amend


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