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"Totem" (Samuel Jones, Bastrop, LA)

Goes the bones of the forest
Beneath my feet
As I'm guided by my familiar,
The Blue Jay.
Blue for sky,
White for cloud, and
Black for magic--
It second guesses my insecurity,
Punctuates my intuitiveness, and
Encourages the personal power I was once afraid to use.
The Blue Jay,
My totem,
Reminds me that I create my own reality, therefore myself.
It leads by example:
Blue Jays aren't even really blue, they just choose to be.


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Step by step, I step     I hear the angels sing    Hope, today, they bring  Flying up with pep  I become Heaven's rep    Riding along God's wing
Moving forward can be hard     Struggling through today      Living life is not all play The fortune teller draws a card It warns that Fate has no guard     Never let pain get in your way
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When the steps run out      I will just fly and fly and fly      I leave the past with a goodbye Up on God's wing, I won't pout  Going to heaven, I do not doubt     In hell, I was just a passerby 
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