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Mellenium Kids (Samuel Jones-Bastrop, LA)

I packed away my inhaler
Along with my Playstation
And my most favorite games:
Tombraider 2, Tekken 2, and Tekken 3.
It was my first time going to Oregon;
It was my first time leaving the South.
I didn't expect things to be much different; I was visiting my sister.
And my sister was the biggest part of home that I had.
Leaving home to go home
On a big plane with no guardian to accompany me.
Feeling quite grown up, I observed Monroe, Louisiana
Become a grid as I ascended into the sky.
In Portland,
Though I had the familiar love of my older sister,
This was certainly not Bastrop:
There was so much for me to experience!
"Is this what parents do in the city?"
I thought as I watched a friend's parents play Resident Evil 3
And listened to their story about how they named their son
Logan after the X-Men character Wolverine.
My best friend, though, was Orlando.
I can remember us talking and playing games
On his bed that had a frame that would fall apart
If you didn't sit on it just right.
And how, at my sister's house,
We wouldn't mind the Captain Crunch
Cutting up the roof of our mouth
Because the berry kind tasted so good.
It was sad when I left Oregon
And had to say goodbye to my first best friend.
I lost his number in the airport,
But 13 years later I still think about him.
And I still wonder if he ever thinks about me.


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