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If Lies Were Liquids (Samuel Jones- Bastrop, LA)

If lies were liquids,
I would send all the Liars to Sudan.
With dark hands cupped in front of their faces,
I would ask all the Liars, "How are you doing today?"
"Fine.  . ." the Liars would reply
Followed up by water gushing from their mouths.

I separate the people married to women
And I pull out their wives:
"Does she look fat in this?" I point
As I have the wives pose in intentionally undersized clothing.
"Of course not!"
Now buckets replace those dark hands.

Eventually, I 'll just tell all the men,
"Describe your penis."
At that point I will be able to attach plumbing to their mouths to start a tap.
Consequently, every hut will have individualized access to infinite fresh water.
But of course this supply is backed up
By the amount of women I'll poll regarding their number of casual sex partners.

Sudan will never be dry again!


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