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A Prey of My Own Trap (by James Leland Ludeau III from Lafayette,LA)

i am colorblind
i robbed you of your innocence

in a bed filled with sin
you pushed me in
you thought you were ready for what i had
it was like a bittersweet symphony
the way i ate your heart
as the blood dripped down my chin
i felt a sense of pride
that i'd raped what you held dear
as sweet as it was at first
it turned bitter
as i watched you wither
i felt pity
you were the ultimate bet
i'd done my ground work to win you over
tasted your youth
now i feel the villain
won't cure what i've done to you
corrupted you
drug you down
addicted you to the sex i waved before your face
such disgrace
but the smile on my face faded
i felt jaded
the game consumed you
but it consumed me too
i died a little inside
"i don't trust myself with you" you said
in my bed
but it was me who you shouldn't have trusted
a prey of my own trap
i jump from this ledge
to end the games
the battle
and on my way down i think
"it's such a rush"
this dying
the seconds fly
my life passes by
and as i hit the pavement
the realization hits me
like the concrete
that i'm just as common as the next case


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