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Cruel Intentions: Part 1 (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA & Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)


“Tina is such a bitch!” The girls whispered at the lunchroom table. “She’s so beautiful on the outside, but so rotten on the inside.” Too bad the girls didn’t warn the new boy about Tina. He was sitting alone wanting anyone or anything to sit next to him. And then…came Tina.

Tina flowed into the lunchroom fluid like poison seeking her next victim like a black widow. Most people that knew Tina couldn’t stand to be around her, but most who fell victim to her poison never got away. No one could avoid her sexiness, as she stood, scoping the lunchroom for her prey. Then she caught a whiff of the scent of loneliness coming off the new boy.

“Wanna come with me?” Tina whispered into the boy’s ear. Without words the boy fell seductively into Tina’s gaze.

“She’s doing it again,” the girls watched their entertainment.

“Should we do something?”

“Why would we do anything? This is Tina’s game, not ours.”

“Who is that boy anyway?”

“No one,” the girls watch the new boy leave the lunchroom with Tina.


“Where are you taking me?” the boy asked.

“To heaven,” Tina took the boy into the dark gym, where no authority was around. Without words, she pushed the new boy down onto the bleachers and got on top of him. She licked his neck. Breathed on him. Kissed his lips.

The boy was instantly hooked. He couldn’t move. He was in Tina's web.


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