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Resurrected (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

You got me falling back Like I'm baptized Deeply into your love Resurrected No longer in the dark My soul is filled with Light You guide me You hide me From the destruction that I almost surely bestowed upon myself You make me do better You make me know better Higher heights Better nights Your love is my drug It's like a symphony for my soul Each insecurity was like a nail Crucifying me to a cross I couldn't get off of But you wrapped me in your arms And saved me from harm Resurrected a part of me The real me Set me free Now I once again dance in the sun That battle's been won You are to me a savior Who saved me from myself My behavior had me chained Like a slave to my ego No longer imprisoned by my own Negative thoughts I feel freer to share And my light shines My life's divine That cross is torn down And the fire it created Warmed my frigid heart Never going back there again In love with the love I feel from you And aware of the beauty I possess Not worried about the march of time Because I'm grateful for each moment My breath pregnant with insight


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