The Louisiana Social Pledge

We pledge our allegiance to Louisiana. We will embrace what makes us and our state unique. Louisiana will be recognized as a leader and innovator of the New South. Many great leaders of the future will come from this state. And we will show both the media and politicians that we are smarter than them. We will no longer have our resources exhausted and our people used and left behind. We will work hard and play hard. We will protect each other. We will support each other. We pledge that we will do whatever we can to get these things in motion right now. We will no longer wait for a path to be cleared for us. We will clear the path ourselves. And we ain’t giving up easily. We will socialize in the real world just as well as we do on the internet…in hopes to organize ourselves effectively.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dear Parents (Madison Elizabeth Holland-Lafayette, LA)

To my Parents. I will never apologize about any of this To your faces But here are all the things I am sorry for: I'm sorry for making my own decisions I'm sorry for letting you down I'm sorry that I display affection publicly I'm sorry for choosing love over moral restrictions I'm sorry for leaving religion behind me I'm sorry that I love God and try to be a good person I'm sorry that I refuse to live with the Catholic guilt of my childhood I'm sorry I am tolerant of anything but intolerance I'm sorry that I want my siblings to be my friends I'm sorry that I graduated early with a high GPA I'm sorry that I excel in some areas and fall short in others I'm sorry that new experiences excite me I'm sorry that my friends are free spirits that make you uncomfortable I'm sorry for temporarily closing my womb to children I'm sorry I am selfish and put my dreams first I'm sorry I have a ferret and two cats with my limited income I'm sorry that I am sexually adventurous I'm sorry that we will never see eye to eye I'm sorry my ambitions are not concerning money I'm sorry I have ruined my body with ink and piercings I'm sorry for dyeing my hair I'm sorry for dressing comfortably and oft-times half nakedly I'm sorry I drive like a maniac I'm sorry that people accept me for who I am I'm sorry for being attracted to both sexes I'm sorry for being financially independent I'm sorry I ask for so little I'm sorry I don't want to spend as much time with you as I used to I'm sorry my words hurt you I'm sorry for loving a non-Christian I'm sorry my friends are not afraid to speak their minds I'm sorry I acquired a colorful vocabulary I'm sorry I'm closer to his parents I'm sorry for having such a good reputation I'm sorry that I don't judge people in my life I'm sorry I don't go to church anymore I'm sorry that I continue to trust and confide I'm sorry I choose him over you I'm sorry I live in the now and not in my past I'm sorry that I look for acceptance and unconditional love I'm sorry I drink alcohol and sometimes smoke cigarettes I'm sorry that I change my opinions I'm sorry I love so fiercely I'm sorry that I want to model for a camera I'm sorry that I have an open mind. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'm sorry for growing up.

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