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You'll Never Ssshhh Me (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

one more time if you push me you'll never ssshhh me i will get up in your face violate your space stick my dick in your life and fuck the shit apart too smart to fall prey to what you say you ignorant slut with your worn out butt don't even recall your own lies sipping on your chai's trying to dry your eyes you hated facing the truth would rather lose your tooth didn't need a fist to strike your face my words fell like mace blinding your lying ass no sass from you to cover your shit so get on gone i'll teach you to appreciate me differentiate me from the suckers you're used to fuckers who do what you say caught you up the rapture before i slapped ya so dumb you don't even know what's hit you choo choo like a train i'll run over your life my cargo? strife make you miserable as you can be what a visual the criminal needs a miracle satirical yeah that's funny as fuck so cluck cluck like the chicken pussy punk you are and run away superstar sell your crazy up on down the road i showed you the real me you don't even know which version of you you want to be today spray gasoline on it and blow up our past it couldn't last i'm so much smarter than you you'll need glue to put your pieces back together boo


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This Little White Boy Who Wanted Some Nigger In Him (James Leland Ludeau III - Lafayette, LA)

Grew up on a plantation
Secluded from the world
I knew classes but didn’t understand race
Because what raced through my veins wasn’t something of which I could ever speak
My father could fuck the slave girls
But I couldn’t touch the men
It filled me with resentment
Fueled my resentment with lust
Until it was too much to take
It was a small contained community
White as the cotton in the fields
Only dark around the edges where the black men lived
Ploughing the fields
I’d imagine them ploughing me
Glistening with sweat as the sun bathed their shoulders
The sweat running down until it pooled around the waistband of their thin cotton pants
Their skin
Black, almost indigo, like night
Some like coffee with milk in it
Cafe au lait
I could smell their musk
Watched as their muscly bodies worked
I yearned
This little white boy who wanted some nigger in him
To fall beneath the weight of one
As he heaved
As he forced his throbbing cock into my crevice
I longed for even the pa…

God Will Cry (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

This is your soul trying to connect to you for last the time. We have come to the final crossroad in our life. This is the end. These are our last earthly breaths.
From this abuse of yourself, we will both die. You will be a rotting corpse. I will fade away into Darkness. People may mourn your death, at first, but you will be forgotten, while I am left here molested by the hands of Hell.
God will cry, “My child didn’t fulfill her purpose.”
I’m begging you; don’t do this. It has been a slow ride, a slow descent to suicide.

"I Love You" is Enough (Louis Toliver Jr)

Please don’t stress I see what you do all year Everyday you show me Through your actions How much you care for me But please don’t stress It’s not money or possessions That make me give my life to you It’s the moments that are small When people don’t care to look That you show your love most So don’t stress to demonstrate What you already know you do Just say “I love you” and… My underwear will come off for you