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The Disciple Rejects- 1. "After & Before the Crucifixion" (James Leland Ludeau & Louis Toliver Jr)

“After the Crucifixion”

Banging came to the door. It sounded desperate and panicked.

Thomas wasn’t not quite asleep as the events that had occurred earlier that day were weighing on his spirit. He arose from bed and went to the door. He peaked out the opening. His face turned white with fear. “Judas!” he exclaimed as he opened the door.

“Thomas, I beg, please let me in and hide me! Please, I beg!” Judas was extremely dirty, tears coming from him eyes, shaking. “I don’t know who else to go to.”

Thomas without hesitation grabbed Judas and yanked him inside his home. He lit a candle and walked a limping Judas to his room, there was a clinking sound as Judas walked. 

“What’s that?”

“20 pieces of silver,” Judas said shamefully.

“So it’s true!” Thomas swung Judas down on his beg and then gave him a cup of water. “How could you?”

“I just did what Jesus asked, he told me to turn him into Pontius Pilate, any bargain he offered.”

“You want me to believe that?” Thomas doubted.

“Jesus was my best friend Thomas. I would have never willing harmed his life.” Judas looked directly into Thomas’s eyes. “I am not who killed him, remember that.”

“Yes, but Jesus said that one of us would betray him.” Thomas assured.

“Jesus told me to say that after the speech, “Is it?” so that he real traitor would feel at ease and emboldened. I am not the traitor. I believe it is Peter.” Judas said with confidence.

“Peter?” Thomas doubted.

“Yes, Peter. He denied Jesus boldly three times. Something I would have never done.” Judas was shivering cuts on his body, seemingly from hiding in thorn bushes

“Judas, if anyone finds out you are here, we both will be crucified.” Thomas looked around his house. He saw a feminine cloak that Mary had left over.

“I’ve got an idea. I know who can help.”

“Who?” Judas drank shaking the cup.

“The closest person to Jesus next to you…Mary.”

“Before the Crucifixion”

Pontius Pilot hand selected Peter, as he was one of Jesus' closest disciples. He saw a darkness to Peter. A more human side. He knew that Peter was a follower, and that he'd easily succumb. Pontius Pilot thought the teachings of Jesus to be heretical and that his gathering of disciples may have a political motivation. He needed to put a stop to this. He needed a spy. Peter.

Pilot to Peter, "If you betray Jesus, if you deny him, your life will be spared. If not, the lot of you will be slain. all of you will die"

Peter trembled. For in his heart lay a distrust of Jesus. He never fully believed him to be the Son of God. Why would God send his only son to die on a wooden cross to save humankind?

Pontius Pilot had hooked Peter with his words. Peter would betray Jesus to save his own life. In his mind, Jesus was going to die anyhow. Why take everyone down with him? that wasn't part of the prophecy.
during the last supper Jesus told the disciples that Peter would betray him 3 times before the rooster crowed. But, Peter already had betrayed Jesus by doing Pilot's work.

"Even if all fall away on account of you, i never will." Peter promised Jesus. But he knew he was lying. He had denied his faith already. Crossed over from Gallilean territory to Roman territory to spare himself.

"Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you." he promised Jesus.

Later that night, after Jesus had been seized, Peter fulfilled Jesus' prophecy. He denied his association with Jesus 3 times publicly. He was afraid that if he didn't Pontius Pilot would be true to his word and kill all the disciples.

But his love for Jesus and the guilt he felt, led Peter to weep. tears of repentance. In his mind he thought that he may never have to face Jesus again. He believed that Jesus' crucifixion would be the end of all of the teachings. That Peter would be safe. But in his heart he felt a deep sorrow for having sold out his friend. Peter was torn.....


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