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Perfect (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

One day little Billy was harmlessly walking through the world, quite sad because he couldn’t be what others wanted him to be. His judgment clouded by the burden of others' thoughts, he fell down to the earth and prayed up to God.

“Oh, God, why can’t I be perfect like you?” little Billy cried hard for a seemingly long time. 

As little Billy's tears hit the ground, they evaporated and formed clouds in the sky. Then, those clouds shaped into a figure in the sky.

“But you are like me, little Billy," the cloud spoke. 

Little Billy looked up above into the cloud and saw his reflection in the sky, radiating light over the earth. 

"You are...of me," the cloud clarified.

The large cloud cried, returning the tears that soaked Billy. It rained and rained, until it disappeared and the sun was shining bright. The cloud's tears left Billy perfectly clean. 

"I am like you," little Billy said proudly.

Feeling connected to the cloud, little Billy no longer saw the importance of others' thoughts as the guidance of his self-worth. 

"I am me," little Billy skipped away into the sunshine.


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