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He Likes Me For Me (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

What boy doesn’t think he wants to be some girl’s Romeo?
Why do we reference such a tragedy as devotion?
It’s the 2lst century
I see more and more
How many boys want to be Juliets
Will another man ever come to love us so?
I do know there is someone, for everyone
But I can’t help wondering
Will he like me for me?
Will he love my scars?
To tell me their beautiful
That someone, that someone
Boy or girl, man or woman
We’re all waiting for that someone
The appearance of love 
Much more glamorous than the struggle
The scars make love more beautiful
Will he like me for me?
Not just say he understands me
Then walk way feeling confused
Will he like me for me?
I think he already does
He just hasn’t seen me yet
Only those special someones can see you
There’s nothing more romantic
Than when you open up your struggle
He does the same
You stick together like glue
That’s love through all its glory


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