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Louisiana Words History: James Leland Ludeau III (The Rebel with the Right Cause) & Words of Acadiana

In March 2013, photographer, James Leland Ludeau III, emerged as the biggest supporter of Louisiana Words and had already contributed many poems to the blog because of its initial focus as an outlet for the freedom of self-expression. When Louisiana Words merged with Acadiana Pride Festival, the focus of building the festival became the mission of Louisiana Words and Louisiana Words: The Series, started by President, Louis Toliver Jr, and Vice President, Ted A. Richard. James was the primary helper getting the word about the public reading series together with Louis. James equally matched Louis's passion. James saw Louisiana Words as a wonderful opportunity to help people express themselves, but wasn't aware that this would be the core platform to launch awareness of Acadiana Pride Festival. Louis had formally assumed position of Acadiana Pride President at this point. Thus neither Louis nor James expected the building of the festival to overshadow the initial mission of Louisiana Words. So the freedom of self-expression that represented the cause had to become tamed and had to be respectful and cautious of its content to help the festival happen. James recognized two problems immediately during the first show: 1. Louisiana Words was off message and had broken away from what it represented. 2. The focus was solely on Louis as the president and the pride agenda. James broke away immediately and begin working on a project that he and Louis called Words of Acadiana (, specifically for the central Acadiana area. Louis created the design and asked James about creating a separate Words blog and leading it. James was fueled to stick with the original cause and what he was certain was the right cause. James quit contributing to Louisiana Words for the entire summer of 2013, May to August. He finished creating the blog for Words of Acadiana and began to rival Louisiana Words. James was able to gain half of the followers that pride had by himself alone without any organizations help. Louis was impressed that James had the ambition and drive to match Louis's passion. Louis understood James concerns and wanted a good relationship with James because they really cared about each other. Both were passionate about self expression. At the end of August 2013, Louis and James reconciled. Louis apologized to James for being blindside by Louis's ties to Acadiana Pride Festival. Being that James had no interest in the festival's mission, Louis saw James as a free-spirit to do what Louis would not be able to do under the wing of Acadian Pride Festival. Louis encouraged James to continue Words of Acadiana so they he may have the freedom to do as his heart felt, and asked him to co-host the series with him. From that point, James was referred as the creator of Words of Acadiana. James found his own writers outside of Lafayette and helped Louis find writers as well. Louis and James were so close that they were seen as inseparable and people recognize each as a pair. Louis and James were so close and bonded they began to write many poems and short fictions called duets together. Being that James's main focus was photography, James ended Words of Acadiana in 2015; however, James revived Words of Acadiana, this year, in June 2019! He is also honored as the 1st Allstar of Louisiana Words with over 100 contributions!


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