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Louisiana Words Commercial (2.1) - Thank You from Sasha Massey

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Louisiana Words: Summer School 2019

Louisiana Words is taking the ability of self expression to the people of Louisiana! The summer of  2019 ignites with an epic week of merging expression in Louisiana with Louisiana history. Beginning with an orientation on Sunday, July 21st, with, creator, Louis Toliver Jr., each following 5 days will revolve around a historical issue of Louisiana and using creativity to overcome that issues. Saturday, July 27th, Louis will reveal the new vision of Louisiana Words. Also, each day a program will be explained. Finally, each writer, who has ever contributed to Louisiana Words will be acknowledged and honored. After this week, those following Louisiana Words will have a broader scope of understanding how to express themselves and what to express about themselves.

Louisiana Words Has a New Address

Louisiana Word has a officially become LOUISIANAWORDS.COM. However, it’s home is still and posts shared will still have the original address. In terms of promotion and accessibility, the new address will considered the official.

Louisiana Words: Summer 2019

Salute: Louisiana Words Spring 2019 Finale Week

From this point forth, each time a Louisiana Words season premiere or finale week happens, the state flag will be raised on that Sunday. On a finale week, there is normal scheduling but there is NO regular Sunday Introduction. Instead, a finale “ticket” is posted and there is a SATURDAY SEASON CONCLUSION! Louisiana Words family stick with it and our talent and stories will all sync and make sense together!

Louisiana Words Writer Review (1.3) - Painter/Writer, Barry Sons Allstar #3 (2 of 3)

Louisiana Words Commercial (1.4) - Veterans Memorial Park