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The Fool (Blake Bumpus - Lafayette, LA)

Breaking the speed limit two or three times over. Stay on step, I’m only a muscle twitch from grievous injury or death.
A sudden movement, the snap of a serpent, inhaling deeply I try to trust my reason and my intuition.
I was veering on old mountain roads trying to not be distracted by the glowing stars and the shining snow so I kept my eyes on the flowing road, all I could think of was “Don’t lose control.”
I may be a fool, but I’m no dead man.
I may be a fool, but at least I’m no hanged man. I may be a fool, oh I may be a fool.
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Avalanche (James Leland Ludeau - Lafayette, LA)

When I finally don’t give a fuck
Your bones shall ache
A tremble
A cold, harsh winter
A slow death with every breath
Time only heals the soul
Your flesh will cry still
This avalanche just broke
White noise crashing down
As you freeze beneath what once was the warmth of us
I hope you realize I was yours to hold
And I became yours to lose

God Will Cry (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

This is your soul trying to connect to you for last the time. We have come to the final crossroad in our life. This is the end. These are our last earthly breaths.
From this abuse of yourself, we will both die. You will be a rotting corpse. I will fade away into Darkness. People may mourn your death, at first, but you will be forgotten, while I am left here molested by the hands of Hell.
God will cry, “My child didn’t fulfill her purpose.”
I’m begging you; don’t do this. It has been a slow ride, a slow descent to suicide.

Awakening (Annette Redmond Walters - Lafayette, LA)

In your darkest hours it spreads you out and in all your feebleness, infects you. I never thought pain could be so desirable until I laid my chest upon you. I cut it out, sucked it in, and patted it dry. As you sleep, it awakens and touches me with beckoning eyes as I stare into insanity. Hurting me intensely, but I can't let go, I need it to flow. Releasing me, it breaks you. How sadly I whispered as you flickered out and dragged me through. And now it's a part of me, leaving only your memory to bleed.

Our Love (Brandon Granger - Parks, LA)

Stigmatized by the past We both long to start anew It's the kind of journey that takes passion and dedication To live life fully, not dull or tempted by distractions Our love should be true and rooted in happiness A love that is bonded beyond desire, that takes us out of our comfort zone To a place where we discover who we truly are, Hand in Hand We can do this, We can win, We can LOVE Because Love triumphs over fear and pain