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Beacon of Light (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz. LA)

Light, Light Give me might I destroy darkness with these words
I diffuse all the shadows and expel ALL DEMONS.
The way of good is my master’s call I am here to be a beacon of light
Look to me in times of darkness I will cast my light onto your path
And guide you home.
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Where I'm Going (James Leland Ludeau III - Lafayette, LA)

Trapped under the weight
Of who is used to be
Changing my mind
Can’t get back that time
But I can forge ahead
My head
So full
Pregnant with ideas
Thoughts and patterns
Just want to set sail
A sea of invention
Going against convention
My words
From Louisiana
Deep South
My roots
In my bones
I embrace who I haven’t yet become
This dance of life
Sparks fly
Something will certainly catch fire
And other things will burn
Ashes to ash
Can’t get where I’m going
If I don’t force through this day

I Have RISEN (Brandon Granger - Parks, LA)

As the clouds are parting
the hues of the evening sun
cascade slowly over the horizon,
I leave behind my old self.
My former life is dying with the sun.

Tomorrow, life starts anew.
Goodbye forever to the long nights of
temptation, despair, and waywardness.
The darkness is empty and doesn’t
compare to the Force of LIGHT.

This is my springtime!
This is when the pain of my past
and my new life filled with hope
becomes a reality.
This is my time to RISE!

The Tree Holding Back the Sea (Barry Sons - Berwick, LA)

I am the tree holding back the sea. Could you find in your hearts to stand with me? The last defense I am, for the marsh around my feet.
Stop the building. Stop rerouting waters flow. Stop the levees, let them go.
What kills me? If the river is not silting, it’s eroding. Ignorance, greed, the quick buck, arrogance, levees, spillways, damns, too much salt water is killing me.
The physics plain and simple, more marsh less catastrophe. I am the tree holding back the sea; stand together and fight with me. I give you life, give back, I plea. I am the tree holding back the sea.

My Destiny (Annette Redmond Walters - Lafayette, LA)

Fighting for my life In a world you cannot see; In my hand I hold a knife And wait for what’s to be; Like the man who beats his wife, My anger held inside of me; Living with the strife, Is this to be my destiny?
Trapped behind the wall, Solemn as I’ll ever be; Listening for that call, The one that sets me free; Hoping not to fall, Climbing for eternity; To climb this wall so tall, I know will be my destiny.

Isolation (Brandon Granger - Parks, LA)

Naked and afraid the darkness penetrates my Orifice with a sting of delight. I've become entranced by the mystery of the darkness and my Body has been devoured by its essence. This sensation is devoid of real happiness and has bewitched my Mind into seeking momentary pleasure. My identity has been lost and my path unclear. Crystal cocks have blotted from my soul the essence that was once Me. I'm left with mystery, misery, and myself to blame. The darkness has stripped me bare, standing silent and pained with Pleasure, to no avail.

I Pray (Faerie - Lafayette, LA)

For divinity I pray, as the iniquitous ones play their games. Insatiably I lay, wanting only to indulge in frequence. Their eyes, so perverse, are burning into my desires. Indignantly, I repress those maudlin ones as each tear they shed within causes me to disappear. You ogle at my martyr soul yet refuse to sacrifice in the name of passion. Insidiously, I walk a destined path as the corrupted ones perish in the wake of their proprietor.