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Gossip Boy (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

As I walk down the hallway of life, I hear the whispers of all the voices that don't know me. Maybe if I hadn't cut class today, I would have shown them there's more to my body...I have a brain. Standing at my locker, I can't remember my combination because "slut" is written on my locker. My actions set me up to be labeled, but I am just a distraction from others' selves. 
I look to my left and see fingers pointing back at me. I look right and see eyes glaring at me. What is a boy supposed to do when gossip rules his life? My judgers stares rape me, only truth can save me, but no truth will take my side. Lies have shaped the halls of my future and now I must navigate through darkness to be a light of truth. But until then, I'm just your gossip boy.

Rebel Heart (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

under my chest it beats some people think i don't have one narcissistic by nature wanting to be seen doesn't mean that i don't feel in fact i feel insecure most of the time which is why i want to entertain you deep down in my Rebel Heart i know in the depths i've grown i'm less attached to things that once consumed me i feel the earth around me i sense the sun on my face i have a Rebel Heart and it beats loudly proudly through the chaos that i create to mask how i really feel who am i to decide what should be done? i'm still not sorry for who i've been it's been a journey and the humility falls on me like rain i'm not even who i thought what i showed my ass more than my feelings my dealings were superficial but i want to rip it out my Rebel Heart from my chest and fling it at you blood splatter shock factor just to prove to you that i am but a boy.... seeking love with my Rebel Heart set me apart from the rest no longer have to be best just have to be me be free from what you think my Rebel …

A Flock of Birds (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

a flock of birds hovering above and how could you cage something that knows how to fly? a flock of birds that's how i see this love the alchemy that exists between us it arrives next thing you know it's gone fly on and i wish you well whether we work out or not in the dark you're like the wind i feel you but i can not see you just a presence on my skin a magic a layer in the world i just can't describe spread your wings and fly over me and it may break my heart or it may set me apart but this love i feel will set me free in some way whatever comes to me i welcome it i embrace your embrace and if it lasts it does and if it doesn't it doesn't but in my head i'll never forget how it felt i'm open vulnerable pure true my heart is a flock of birds and for now i've landed on you

Crueler Intentions: Part 2 (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA & Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

The showers were steaming and the boys were talking about the new second string freshman quarterback, Tino, who was showering seductively singing to himself. “I wanna dance with somebody….with somebody who…worships me,” he grinned and soaped his back side.
The boys continued gossiping, “So that’s Tina Novac’s little brother?”
“Yes,” Winston peeped around the lockers and glanced at Tino showering.
“Man, Tina is a bitch,” one of the boys reminisced.
“Was a bitch,” another player corrected. “Tina was a bitch.”
“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Freddy, the senior running back, commented. “He’s good.”
The boys were interrupted, “Ah, I’m a wet dream looking like a daydream,” Tino dried off a little and then let his towel fall to the ground, walking over to the group of guys. “What are you talking about? Me, I would suppose,” Tino looked over to Winston.
“Why don’t you put some clothes on,” Winston stepped out of the pack and in front of Tino.
“Awe, I’m making the star quarterback uncomf…

The Director (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

You're watching me  I'm watching you watch me  Being in front of the camera Can't be for me without purpose As an actor, Im not really acting  My gift, seeing fragmented reality  I must piece the puzzle together  I'm part of the puzzle I have no script for my life  I'm going to write one My film is about our life  Lights, camera, action...let's live

Simple Autumn Love Story (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

The autumn chill warmed them together. "You are the love my life, you know that?" Brendan kissed Lane on the lips. Lane unreluctantly kissed him back.  Brendan got done on one knee. Lane's eyes instantly wept. "Lane Anthony Tillman, will you marry?" Brendan's eyes twinkled.
"Yes, I will Brendan Lane Gibbs!" Lane yanked Brendan off his knee pulling him up to his lips. He cocked his head back and spoke, "You are the complete me. I am the complete you. We are two completes." Their lips forever locked down the aisle like a simple autumn love story.