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Cruel Intentions: Part 3 (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA & Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA))

“Oh, Tina!” the new boy shouted in ecstasy from Tina’s convertible that sat in the woods away from the school. They had been there for hours and it was now dark.
“”I want you to rip my skirt,” Tina pulled the new boy’s head from between her legs.
“Rip your skirt?” the new boy was surprised, yet turned on.
“Now flip me over, pull my hair, grab my neck, make me scream,” Tina eased the stick shift between her legs. Without questioning her, the new boy followed her commands, “Stick it in,” the new boy did. “Harder, harder, harder,” Tina demanded as the boy thrusted and thrusted until he couldn’t hold back any longer and he came.
“I love you, Tina!”
Tina pushed the new boy off of her and then said, “That’s all you got, little boy. It takes real man to fuck me.” She kicked out of the car and drove off leaving him in darkness.
He sat on the ground in a daze. What had been hours seemed now like minutes, and he was alone in the dark.

Louisiana Words: Duets

A Fuckery I Can't Accept (by James Leland Ludeau III from Lafayette, LA)

that day in new orleans/ when i was feeling sinful/ but on fire in a good way/ when my skin still burned from the friction of our raw fucking on the floor/ it clouded my head/ i thought it was fuckery i had to accept/ at the time i accepted it/ but then i realized that it was lust/ there was no love there/ even though our eyes connected as we fluidly ravaged each others bodies/ i was drunk/ on cocktails/ on cock/ on tales/ tales i'd soon feel strong enough to speak of/ i feel that i should tell people not to fuck other people's lovers/ it never ends well/ you were someone else's property/ i might have held your cock in my hands/ but your heart was still asleep in bed with him/ and that's a fuckery i can't accept/ won't accept/ i can't be the other man/ i'm so much more than that/ and like new orleans/ i will continue/ filthy/ fucked up/ but a bit of eternity hangs over me/ and a simple storm like you will never count me out...but god damn the sex was ho…

A Fuckery I Must Accept (by James Leland Ludeau III from Lafayette,LA)

Rain drenched on my watery walk home/ the French Quarter flooded in filthy water/ a soaking as intense as the filthy fuck i had last night/ pinned against the wall/ our clothes like our hearts piled on the floor/ my feet pounding this ancient path/ i soak in the scenery with a new set of eyes/ my clothes stick to me like your skin did/ the rain has no regard for the physical inconvenience it imposes on the poor people around me/ but i'm not bothered/ these streets are not the only things baptized on this morning/ after last night i'm sure i'll never be dry again/ my skin still burns from the friction of you on top of me/ your smell is raw and primal/ as i'm open mouth kissed your tongue tastes of whiskey and precum/ i'm an addict to your flesh/ crawling on the floor to feel your touch/ but it's not all pleasure/ there's a pain in knowing that you like New Orleans around me aren't meant to be tamed/ a fuckery i must accept/ you bring me to a place i'…

The Recovery from Loss (Rachel Leann Brooks-Lafayette, LA)

When people die
People cry.
As the dead float up to a happy place,
Loved ones stay below with a frowning face.

Memories flow,
As we remember and know
How happy the dead were and wanted us to be.

We now begin to finally see
That we shouldn't be trapped inside
The despair over a loved one who's died.

We should smile,
Have fun,
And laugh a while.

We should be happy.
We should be free
From the grasp of unhappy memories.

We should laugh out loud,
Be joyful, and shout
For all of the world to hear
That we can be happy still.

Snow on the Palmetto (Barry Sons-Berwick, LA)

The sign had to be specific. 
My life was out of control.

My faith had run so shallow 
Doubt was all that flowed.

Snow in the Gulf of Mexico, 
Is all that I’d except to 
Show me that You do have 
A handle on all this mess.

The answer, came in Your time 
One Christmas I went home; 
There was snow on the palmetto 
I knew we weren’t alone.

Flag of Fatherless Time (Alex KingHoward Berrio-Lafayette, LA)

is how you leave me
desolate and tired
of you coming and going
close to darkness
but hope has shone through
to give you some hue

is how you greet me
warm and inviting
taking the hugs
and reflecting them
to all those around
but it all turns stale

is my passion
that I am left with
boiled and bruised
I still smile with those
who hold me dear
as the embrace beckons
my soul to breath

Gold tears
for the priceless times
we've spent together
and for those
we've been apart.

All the time
that has stood blank
in my current memory
when you weren't there
Cut in half
for there is black
and then there is white

The Story of Skinny Ham (Spencer Black-Lafayette, LA)

In his plain white keds, jeans and a black shirt that barely covered his pregnant belly, Skinny Ham stepped into the empty bar. It was still hours before he had to perform, but he could already hear the chants from the audience and the feedback from the microphone. He saw the sound guy giving him a thumbs up and his fingers gliding up and down the fret board of his guitar. 

Before stepping into the empty bar, he really did experience these things. He traveled the country performing with his punk rock band. He sang, he played guitar and he traveled. He opened for big acts and eventually big acts opened for him. 

But even before the band and before traveling the country with just one van and zero groupies, he didn't have a father. The music gave him something to talk to when his father wasn't there. He never was there. Forming the band, it was his best decision he ever made. When the music stopped giving him the satisfaction he needed, once they became famous and he became bored. …

Glory in the Clouds (Alex KingHoward Berrio-Lafayette, LA)

Caught in between a lover's gaze
one simple thought should ne'er be thought
flowing through her mind's love maze
one soft touch should ne'er be fought
for she feels so warm like sunshine
orange, glowing, and love drunk
laying still here, complete peace
an enlightened joyful monk
here we are in mid-laughter, just release
feel the happiness hug your pores
and push your hatred and the venom
out past your skin, out past your denim
celebrate in your glory, celebrate in mine
as we drink wine and begin to shine
complete and perfectly aligned
look down to see fluffy white beneath us
there is no mistake, this is cloud nine

TDOR and the Days Following. (Elizabeth Jenkins-New Orleans, LA)

Slouching on my leaf green leather overstuffed chair, feet up on the matching English Pub ottoman, my feet comfortable in faux fur lined leather moccasins, my favorite with the pink strap ties, I rest. I wear washer worn jeans, butter stained pink tee-shirt, and jean jacket of unremembered origin, comfortable after church, where church wear was the opposite of this casual dress, black leather heeled boots, black and black and black skirt, blouse and coat, but a bright blood red brocade made scarf I found at Goodwill. Is it from India? It's hung up now so it won't wrinkle, and my church clothes put away. Contrasts make life interesting.

But I am exhausted after three very complicated days full of sorrow, responsibility, and Kennedy Assassination Anniversary shows; and then fantasy fun, in that order, in that sequence. All very intense. Today in church was a relief, and a rest. But it wasn't enough. I am trying to come down by immersing myself in television and the consumptio…

Louisiana Words: Thanksgiving Tonight!

It Takes Two (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

One whole person Plus another whole person Make two whole persons Both are halved equally Feminine and masculine energy Their creativity creates the fire That all men need to survive They celebrate what is divine In society through writing For the people Speaking like their own people They pulverize what is dishonest With wit, class, crass, sass, edge One whole person Can sustain life Two whole persons Can create life

It Will Not Hurt. (Barry Sons-Berwick, LA)

I will not Shake in anticipation of your voice. I will not Trimble at the memory of your touch. I will not Shutter in longing for you kiss. I will not Die of missing you.
I have no Right to expect an ounce of kindness. I have to Vomit the angst in my stomach . I have to Remember how you made me feel alive. I have to Learn to live without you.
I will Love you always It will not hurt forever.

Life Threw Us At Each Other (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

this counterfeit disposition can't be good for your health wasn't for mine you sit across the room from me and i see your smile i see the Light in you that initially attracted me to you i see the real you beneath all the guise you inspire me sometimes if you bore me i'm comfortable and if you interest me i'm scared my attraction paralyzes me but i want to be the real thing and so do you i see it in you and in this drag that life can be at times my makeup's all off who am i? i am a boy sitting across from you relating to your struggle because we are alike and the room smells like Peppermint oil we are both trying to quiet the storm that brews within us but maybe the storm is a gift and we should stop running from it and run toward it embrace our light life threw us at each other for a reason and it's unfolding it's beautiful in your evolution i see my own

A Lesson in Words (Rachel Leann Brooks-Lafayette, LA)

Words on a page
Spoken aloud
Words that carry on the history
Of those no longer around

Written on a page
Spoken aloud
History that carries on the memory
Of those no longer around

Stories written down
Growing in value through time
Stories telling of people
Of those no longer around

Who once lived a life
Whose stories in which value has been found
Lessons from the lives of those who have lived;
Of those no longer around

Lessons told with words

The Forgotten People (Barry Sons-Berwick, LA)

Standing at the Convention Center knowing that your government would come; they did three days later. Images gouged into my brain. All the while our fellow citizens washed away to be forgotten. Not by me; Not by me.
At least 1,836 people lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina and in the subsequent floods, making it the deadliest US hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane.
It should be noted that officially, 1464 of these deaths took place within New Orleans.
== Deaths by state: ==
=== Alabama: 2 ===
=== Florida: 14 ===
=== Georgia: 2 ===
=== Kentucky: 1 ===
=== Louisiana: 1,577* ===
=== Mississippi: 238 ===
=== Ohio: 2 ===

Yellow Brick Road (by James Leland Ludeau III from Lafayette,LA)

so i want to wander
and i need to wonder
and if your love is real it'll be there when i seek it
i need to be free
to explore this life
and maybe it's not my lot in life to be attached to someone else's star
maybe it's my destiny to burn my own path through this life
take the road alone
sometimes i feel like Dorothy Gale
making my way down the yellow brick road
encountering people who are broken
who are searching for something just like myself
whether it be love or strength or courage
the road can be long
but i'll keep blazing my way
my very own yellow brick road
leading to self love
but don't think i won't miss you along the way
i will
i do
but i need to conquer this demon on my own
and if we never get the chance to reunite in this lifetime
perhaps i'll love you in the next

What happened to just the two of us? (Adam John Schexnayder - Crowley, La)

We arrived at his apartment.It was on the second floor.The apartment building had a rustic, fire house sort of feel.It was about four stories high with ruby red brick.The side walk had designated parking spots for each apartment.He carried my bags.I only had a carry on.He never did let me do much for myself.When he opened the door the first thing I saw was the most beautiful apartment in the world.It was very spacious.The hallway to the living room had paintings, mirrors, and decorations that all seemed to flow together like a river of perfect design.Chris could not have put together this apartment.And he would never hire someone to design.A woman definitely designed this apartment.Actually, a woman definitely lived here.There was a purse on the coffee table.Before I could finish my thought, a tall slender black woman walked from the kitchen and lit up at the sight of us two.

How Do I Explain? (Jason M. Smith-Lafayette, LA)

Why do I cause you so much pain,
I wish I could find the words to explain.
I know that you and I belong together,
You have always sheltered me from the weather.
I think I do the things I do to keep me safe,
Even though you say you’re here to give me faith.
Could it be that I am afraid to loose you too,
Is that the reason I try to hurt you?
To have you leave me for another mate,
Will it be my fault when you have left me to this fate?
You have made me happy beyond belief,
You have been the ground beneath my feet.
I love you more then I often show,
Please don’t let this cause you to go.

Optical Topography (Alex KingHoward Berrio-Lafayette, LA)

I can't believe the return ...
the obvious slow churn
of the stomach butterflies
I breath in clear blue skies
as the time in her eyes flies
'cause bye bye ms. american pie
I'd rather my white cake
red icing with a similar take
in our humors and loving ways
her love that feels like sun rays
exploring her coves and her bays
with seconds that turn to minutes
and minutes that grow into days
our minds have already crossed
so I guess we have double-knit
into a type with a name "at any cost"
and for you my dear, you are my last
you and I will never be lost
except in each other's gaze

What Have I Done to You? (Jason M. Smith-Lafayette, LA)

How do I make up what has been done, I have hurt your mother and her son. Vengeance has broke our hearts, I should have held onto our love from the start. I have no way to make this up to you, Maybe there is still love that will act like glue. The way I have acted is no excuses, You seem to be hurt and over the abuse. To make this up I would do what ever I can do, Just to prove that I still love you. Please do not leave me to this fate, I will be here because you are worth the wait. You need your space to sort your thoughts, I will understand if you tell me to get lost. All I know is there is pain where there was love, Is it too late for us or has it flown away on the wings of a dove?