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Purification (Alex KingHoward Berrio-Lafayette, LA)

An obsession for love the desire of the chase the little boy wanted nothing more than the warmth of embrace
before too long, the desire morphed into radical obsession poisoned by bodily function always asking the same question
"Who will love me?" the boy would think thoughts of the boy's father would surface, yet the boy sinks
Now, the boy sits with halves of a heart in his hands crying as he is well aware that this was never his plan
He had seen the tainted glory from the cunning double life he chose to lead with lies filling his mind with strife
He felt like dying right then and there under the summer moon for it was more than he could bare
The little boy found his girl spewing forth the black filth vowing his life to a clean state on one knee, he grabs the hilt
A knight of night, of hell itself dismantles his armor to show his heart beating for his one true love yearning for a fresh start.


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