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Love Me (Harvey LeBeouf - Kaplan, LA)

Lie to me when you have too. 
I'll act like I don't care 
Hurt me when your hurting 
I'll never feel the pain, 
Be my friend when you need me. 
I'll always be there
Treat me like the man you want 
I'll be the man you need 
Be sweet to me even if it hurts, 
I'll be sweet always, 
Act like you care when you don't, 
I'll care about you for an eternity 
Love me for a night,
I'll love you for the rest of our days. -

Becoming the Lies (Chase Fontenot - Lafayette, LA)

I hypnotized and mesmerized the raging tides. With soft spoken statements while staring into their gazing eyes I never knew I would crash and burn so quickly Like a 747 kamikaze flying into the 7/11 11 meters from your house At 11:11 p.m. on Sept. 11 My miniscule statements of falsehood bled into their veins And left no remains of the pain’s mistakes and where from which they came Their dirty fingers pointed in my direction for I'm the one to blame Those statements bled from their hearts, onto the ground at my feet They stand around me, faces covered in hate, delusional in state These statements gather around me, puncturing my life with a rusty knife While I strife to fight them back, they dig into my arms and legs Like a parasite without sight and reason of wrong and right Just one more bite, one more lonely night, one more emotional fight It takes eyes to realize the ties that bind problems when they quickly arise My statements ruined a generation, transformation complete, I ha…

How We Get By (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

Always boiling something, to keep the house humid
Vegetables and roots to keep up vitamins and minerals
Garlic oil to fight infection and ginger tea to heal the gut
Hearing my grandmother’s words about dressing warm
“Sleeping whole”
Socks, pajamas, pants, t shirt, nightgown, jacket, scarf, hat, extra blankets
Don’t let the cold get in your bones
Fill up the freezer and don’t leave the door open

After the Fun (Rachel Perry - Lafayette, LA)

Here I sit poutishly typing words into a computer.
Still in dancing shoes and a flowing skirt, and still drunk from too many cheap beers and cheap wine all cultivating a headache which will surely last into the morning.
Wondering why I get here so often, To the head pounding, anguished, emotional stage of intoxication.
Wondering why I cry over the comments of strangers, Why I play those words on my internal audiotape, Why I allow them to trample through my head And steadily ruin my mood.
Wondering if the fun itself merits such a downfall.
And wondering if one can ever reach the high times and just walk down slowly.

Rhythms & Visions: Ave Maria [from the Verdi opera Otello} (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

The Haunting of Me (Barry Sons - Berwick, LA)

Atchafalaya, you haunt me .
I return to you in my sleep at night. I anguish trying to paint the smell of you. The images of you locked in my head as Turn by turn; the smell of Myrtle trees Anise scent blown across the marshes. Iris in spring and Cypress on the wind, You haunt me day and night.

On That Which Is Lost (Brandon Gaudet - Chalmette, LA)

Your voices once called out my name, Calling so loudly yet at the same moment ‘twas nothing but a whisper. I hear your pleas for me to give in, Gently pushing me to the edge of an existence I can hardly bear.
Your beckoning of me draws pain to the surface. You speak to me as if you know me, Your voices speak as though we are one, Yet you have no concept of who and what I am.
Finally... I hear nothing but silence! It is indeed comforting yet still sends chills throughout my entire body. Your silence is so bittersweet, For now, I long for your voice just once more.
You are now but a fleeting memory, A lost companion I hate to miss yet long for still, I yearn to hear your subtle whispers just once more, The voices of whom I once was.

Thinking of You (Harvey LeBeouf - Kaplan, LA)

I have been thinking about you, Dreaming about you, I just can't seem to get my mind off you, Not that I want to, not that I would, I just wish you understood. When I close my eyes I see your smile, A smile so beautiful it’s haunting me, I can’t think of any way I’d rather live, Than by your side raising all of our beautiful kids. They say life's a journey, I say it's a lesson learned in pain.

Gender (Rachel Perry - Lafayette, LA)

Firmer casing and straighter lines envelope the soul of a man.

His arms
solid within
capped with metallic hinges.
His spine
a pillar
planted in Earth
encircled by the tank of his ribs.

A woman's peeling is more like butter; it melts into the air that surrounds her.

Her expression
eyes exposing
chin pulled neatly into place.
Her contour
wavering in motion
values shaded with charcoal.

A man puts his hand on a stone, feels the rhythms from within it.

His breath
quick, unaffected
internal physics at work.
His heart
a clock
adjusting at moments
echoing the flow of his blood.

A woman composes her daily palette with fruit she buys in the market.

Her hair
is linen
sewn into curtains
loosely drawn to each side.
Her voice
a chime
one tone of the melody
playing upon life's ears.

Rhythms & Visions: A Tisket A Tasket (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

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