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On That Which Is Lost (Brandon Gaudet - Chalmette, LA)

Your voices once called out my name,
Calling so loudly yet at the same moment ‘twas nothing but a whisper.
I hear your pleas for me to give in,
Gently pushing me to the edge of an existence I can hardly bear.

Your beckoning of me draws pain to the surface.
You speak to me as if you know me,
Your voices speak as though we are one,
Yet you have no concept of who and what I am.

Finally... I hear nothing but silence!
It is indeed comforting yet still sends chills throughout my entire body.
Your silence is so bittersweet,
For now, I long for your voice just once more.

You are now but a fleeting memory,
A lost companion I hate to miss yet long for still,
I yearn to hear your subtle whispers just once more,
The voices of whom I once was.


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