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The Human Race

I realize the human race is a fast pace, so I carry along hope and faith. When I am blind to see my destiny, I simply allow hope to guide me. When I am behind on my beliefs to be free, I thankfully give praise to faith for enlightenment on me. I compromise the human race with my give and take, so I hurry along togetherness and promise. When I am farseeing my future, I naturally follow togetherness to connect me. When I am hardly in my own nature, I gracefully allow promise to protect me. I realize I compromise the human race.

I Am Mine, Not Yours (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I did not give consent to wake up in the hell you put me in I was just a number, at least that’s what you wanted me to be You bent my perception and thought I was an easy win But you will learn in this life and the next that I am free
I bind you to the life of hell that you bring to others I open my spirit to the power that is destined to me I shall rise like the sun and shine down on you with my brothers I will make those who are not aware of your disgust see
When you realize who I am, my light will bind you into the forever dark You have made me realize what I am not, and I am not you You are the enemy of us, you prey on the weak, but I am the spark They will come to know the demon you are, and the evil you do
I am not yours, I am mine, and I am the strongest man that I know In this battle, I play for keeps, so if you know what’s best for you, let go

You Will Be Forever Mine (Taylor Coen-Lafayette, LA)

Glimmering eyes and gilded hair I gaze upon. You look away from your innocence Kept hidden. Did I take your innocence away? Or did thou take it away from thy self? You tell me to look in the mirror But all I see is a man. How can we see different images Through the same window? I look upon thee and see memories Of another day.
Freed fields of red and white And yellow and pink And as many shades that are in between, We sit below the stems of Beauty And stare at the sky passing by. I look upon thee and see memories. That is captured for another day.
Today, the Roses smell Oh so sweet. I know thou adore the Springtime, And the flowers are blooming. Mr. William calls out to you

Scorpio (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

The Scorpio in me is suspicious of your soul
The Scorpio in me is guarded with you
The Scorpio in me wants to be perceptive to you
The Scorpio in me is undeniable to you

Make sure you know whose territory you are in
Come into my space, agitate my life and family

I will sting you so hard
You won’t even know
Until the poison sets in
And you are paralyzed with fear

But respect the space within inside me
And I will learn my boundaries and yours too

The Scorpio in me is loyal to you
The Scorpio in me is open-hearted with you
The Scorpio in me wants to create with you
The Scorpio in me wants to seduce you

Happy Birthday (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

Happy birthday to the one I love,
May your day be blessed from above.

The years we have had have been great,
So let us enjoy your birthday cake.

For those years still left to pass,
May you never loose your class.

May all you seek come to bear,
May you have the one who will always care.

Another year has come and gone,
And we still have our happy home.

You are so special I cannot lie,
I will be yours till the day we die.

So Happy Birthday my special one,
And let my love be your morning sun

In This Time (Jason M Smith - Lafayette, La)

In this time of imposed self doubt,
Why do I fumble all about?
To trust in ones self that is not fair,
Who’s words flow out like empty air?
To come back from the dark abyss,
To start anew and have a miss.
Life is short and never right,
Would I be missed if I died tonight?
Why is it always hard for me,
To try to live a life that’s free?
To escape into a world so filled with hate,
Is this all part of my soulless fate?
No one knows how to love and live,
They all fight over petty shit!
Where did the love of the people all go,
Melted away like the winters snow.
This is some of the things that I ponder,
Sitting alone here in this land of wonder.
Maybe one day I will get it right,
It’s right over there out of my sight.
It seems to be that I am to blame,
I guess that’s why I feel this shame.
Never knowing what to do that is right,
Maybe that is why we argue and fight?
One day soon I might learn this lesson,
To really see what I have been missing.
To be as one with your true love,
To feel the …

YOU’RE BOOK OF SHADOWS ( Jason M Smith-Lafayette, LA)

This is your book for you to use,
May you find its power to help your muse.
The power you seek you will find inside,
It is there to see with your minds eye.
No evil or demon will dare come near,
Your power and spirit is always here.
The spells you cast and write inside,
Will force all evil to run and hide.
You are my love and charmed one,
May you pass your power and wisdom to our sons.
In this time of hell on earth,
May its power give good new birth.

You Are Not Alone (Scott Choplin~St. Martinville, LA)

When the loss is great, when the feelings are costly, and when there is mostly wrong to the point of why me, you are not alone, because faith is overflowing. There’s trust along the river beds, there’s hope among the warm streams, and there’s love within the deep ocean seas. So believe me, I’m sure, you are not alone, just like water is pure. When the hurt breathes, then the trust bleeds, and all the hope and the love flows purity, inside and outside, to show the ways are strong and life goes on, we belong, you are not alone.

My Kindred Spirit (Jason Smith-Lafyette, LA)

My kindred spirit,...
Do you doubt we’ll share,
A love transcendent,
And truly rare?

Our souls dominion;
Will give us no choice.
Time will stand still,
When I hear your voice.

If fate has its way
Your eyes will meet mine,
Lost in forever
We’ll travel past time.

Then, long awaited
Our hands will touch;
Mine, fragile, soft,
Yours warm and rough.

No thoughts will break,
Or suspend our dance.
When our souls meet,
We’ll be left to chance.

A force of nature,
Destiny shall ordain.
Our will cast aside,
Released from the pain.

To each other's center,
We will be led,
Seduction upon us,
Our hungers fed.

My heart, for you only,
My flesh will surrender,
Respond to your warmth,
To your touch, so tender.

A coveted encounter,
Fulfilled at long last,
We’ll know from then on,
If this will just pass.

The danger for us,
Will be revealed then -
What might be our future,
Are we lovers or friends?

Yellow Bayou - (Barry Sons-Berwick, LA)

In 1957, I was 11 years old. Hurricane Audrey had passed
and the nutrias had taken hold. So Papa took us to Yellow Bayou to kill
the thirty pound rats. Yellow Bayou was the sublime to the ridiculous of that.
Sitting on the hold of the Bond, before the violet cracked the dawn,
facing due east, the sun shot, in thirty breaths……….the violet gone.
Racing on the water a shinning ribbon of gold, the warm light hit my face
and burned into my soul. It was just a sunrise after all, how important could it be?
Well two things happened that day that changed my future for me.
My Papa knew who I was and there are thing called wet dreams.

21st Century Problems: I Can’t Coca Cola Freestyle with A.D.D. (#20) (Louis Toliver Jr-Swart, LA)

Yeah, I know what you're thinking…I’m supposed to be about to do a dance routine at Richard E Nixon Junior High School. However, this is in my mind and my mind can play, pause, rewind, or fast forward whenever I want it too. The first thought that popped into my head was how bad my A.D.D. was getting. I was at my favorite wing place the other day, Wing Your Mama, and I ran into something that affirmed we are living in the future: the Coca Freestyle 100 flavors plus machine! Coca Cola Lime, Coca Cola Cherry, Coca Orange, Fanta Grape, Fanta Strawberry, Diet Coke Vanilla, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Sprite Zero Orange, Mr. Pibb Orange, Vault Orange, Dasani Orange, Dasana w/ Lemon-Orange, Minute Maid Orange, Hi-Orange, Powerade Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange….you know what I think I want something orange. My problem is now at this futuristic drink machine I know have 100 ways to mess up my day. What if orange doesn’t go with what I choose. Mr. Pibb Orange, really? That’s too sweet. …

Hate Crime (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

“Faggot!’” Timmy and his crew yelled as they kicked poor Mikey, a happy gay boy. Timmy and his crew didn’t like anyone that was happy, because they were unhappy.
“Faggot!” Timmy kept yelling. He kicked Mikey in the stomach, in the his arm, in his back, in his face, in his face, Timmy kicked Mikey in his face so hard it bashed in his front teeth.
Mikey was bleeding, crying, screaming, “Help! Me!” blood gargled out of his mouth.
Timmy hated Mikey but he didn’t know why. He was jealous of Mikey for being himself. Timmy’s daddy and momma wouldn’t let him be himself. “Shut up, Faggot!” Timmy picked up a large, heavy rock, he could barely grasp, and held it up high.
“What are you doing man!” someone from the crew yelled out. Timmy let the rock drop on Mikey’s head and it crushed his skull. “You killed him!Oh, man,you killed him!”
Timmy stood there breathing like a monster. He was satisfied at destroying God’s gift of life. Mikey was no longer a happy gay boy. He was a dead gay boy.

My Back Yard (Barry Sons-Berwick, LA)

The tugboat’s lights break the darkness of the night against the black silhouette of distant cypress. I on Papa’s knee, while he sang to me; I was barely out of diapers.
The moonlit swells, like buttery mercury, roll gently to the bulk headed bank. Our boat dancing to a waltz, moored safely to the wharf; while the large oak tree to the left of me hangs gracefully over its planks.
Papa’s left arm wrapped around me, his song in my right ear. On my right shoulder his thick rough hand calloused and hard. His chest rises against my back with ‘ Climb upon my knee Sonny Boy’. No levee can ever block this view of my back yard.

A Taste of Love (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

As the day turns to night our minds turn to ecstasy so carnal, kisses of honey laced with fire consuming us until the arrival of dawn.

For there is no love such as ours upon this earth, only in our hearts so true, only in our souls bonded in passion.

Hold me and never let me go for the darkness is my enemy of spirit, your eyes are my light, a beacon to a destiny hoped for.

Let me taste you daily, savoring the sweetness so tender, enjoying all that is rapture, heaven should be so delicious for us all.

You to me are my savior, not just of the flesh aching for love, for my minds eye to see clearly, this new horizon is azure with a silver lining

Louisiana Words: Trick or Treats/Oct 22nd & 29th

Labels (Brent Bourque-Loreauville, LA)

Fag- A British term for cigarette Dyke- A levee system used to redirect water Negro- A word to describe a color in the Spanish language Cracker- A type of biscuit Retard- To hinder or slow development These words amongst others have many meanings When we often use them to describe each other They take on a cruel edge meant to humiliate and degrade Why? Do we feel these are the words to describe us I am a homosexual white male I would never say I am a cracker fag Do either one of these statements describe me No not completely Lets take the first statement I am a homosexual but it is not who I am And while white describes the color of my skin my genealogy says something different I am made of many nationalities all colliding and mixing and forming to make up me And even male is subjective While I live my life as a man there are many people with this label that don’t feel it adequately describes them With the right label you can succeed Your nationality, color, sex and class are just…

Imma Rough Man (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Don’t judge me cause Imma rough man My words get a little edgy from time to time Built to handle life with physicality and intellect You can take my words and let them protect you
My brain likes to fight society willingly with ease Process my thoughts, it will be sensual, rewarding My body, tattooed revealing my spiritual journey My biceps, my chest, my arms, my legs, my ass
Every body part on me has a story for inquisitive you Feel free to touch, if you can handle the hidden scars Imma type of guy that enjoys lying naked in thought The way God had me come into the confusing world
Imma rough man and I express myself so fiercely Imma rough man and my poetry is my divine body

Justify My Love (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafyette, LA)

make sense of this needing
this waiting
this desire to be with you
to be part of you
to kneel in service
to place you above any others
Kiss me
in the dark
light a spark
hide it from the others
make me yours alone
I'd crawl across the barren earth for your touch
for the feel of you on my skin
i've searched for this all my life
for the inspiration
your perspiration
you put this in me
so now what?
so now what?
you stripped me of my clothes
laid me naked
in a bed of your lust
and made me a slave to your love
a fiend for your words
for your hopes
your dreams
i pray

Life is Short, Better Say “I Love You” (Louis Toliver Jr-Lafayette, LA)

I keep finding myself in my heart much like an airport Inside my heart, all theses decisions about our love Terminals, gates, I am lost in the people as they shove I wonder what’s inside your heart, as I am your escort
At least that’s what I believe while in God’s limbo we wait I express myself too much and you too little in this state So, who will be first too say I love you, maybe neither of us I do warn you that life is short, too short to take the bus
If I said we love you, could we handle it, would we run away? Then where would we go from here, our bags are checked in? The security clearance has been done and we chose to stay That is, until we get on an airplane, Gate 3 says love will win
Next airplane, there is nothing to lose by saying “I love you” Life is short, better say “I love you,” now, let’s not miss our cue

Baby Don't Turn Away (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

Outside the sun is shining, But rain is falling from my eyes. Why is this happening to us? Baby please give me another try. Before you turn your back on me, You need to know the love I have for you Is still in my heart. I tried to show it all to you, That all I feel is true. I just wanted you to know, So baby please don’t go. I can’t cry any more. I have to accept the truth. As you walk out of my heart. I sit here not sure what I should do. So many days I’ve hung onto love When it’s been over so long ago. What is it you want me to do? Just sit and cry like a fool? I know you are worth hanging onto.  I’ve already given you all my heart. So now I can’t give anymore. There’s pain in my broken heart. Now silently, I’m dealing with the pain and hurt of my heart.

Candy Coated Sheep (Ingrid Kerr~Leesville,LA)

Golden fairies, moonbeams and willow trees
heartfelt yearnings that only He sees
ugly ducklings and beautiful swans
I dream of these things... under scarlet dawns.

I dream of white-winged dragons and fireflies
last year's harvest moon and your sparkling eyes
I dream of cotton candy and waves of the sea
and of your strong arms, gently rocking me.

When I lay down at night to sleep
I count candy coated sheep
Castles made of white, white sand through fields of popcorn, hand in hand we dance in star-bound firelight from early morn.... into the night.

I dream of chocolate covered whispers and of those strawberry kisses of yours
I dream of silver satin lady bugs pumpkin pies, magic wands and stardust hugs.

The Spark Never Dies (by James Leland Ludeau III from Lafayette,LA)

i fell in love with you
burning hot like coals
beneath my skin l
ighting up my being
i laid on the altar
i was altered
i cared less about me
and more about you
for the first time in my life
i faced giving up
I faced sacrifice
i felt like the lamb sacrificial slaughtered
and if i fed you
it was ok
i only wanted you to be nourished
i gave of myself
but your love was a gunshot to my head
left me limp lifeless
but my soul retreated
refused to be beaten
and this spirit in me grew
white heat
i forgive you for sacrificing me
i served a purpose
but now it pours out of my skin
like light like a candle
a lantern
i want to shine upon the dark path
and show you what transformation feels
like that you can come out of any situation
no matter how bad
no matter how dark
illuminated filled with Light
so bask in my glory
it's my new purpose
and if i sacrifice my light
it only grows
the spark never dies

Slumber Wonder (Kisha F Kana~Catahoula, LA)

~not even in the same place, you still put a smile on my face
~as your words light up the screen, I can feel your being
~I've once again lost you to slumber, I think of what you dream and all it's wonder
~I must confess, I long to see you in the flesh
~these things I wonder at night, as I write

Only Ounce of Confidence (Adam John Schexnayder - Crowley, La)

You’re the only ounce of confidence
I have in the world today.
You’re what I look forward to,
When the skies are gray.
I didn’t come here to forgive,
I came here to forget.
Even if I can’t,
You’re what I want tonight.
You’re love, it does something to me.
Although it’s not like mine.
One day you will see,
Everything will be alright,
IF you just gave me a chance,
To give you everything I’ve got.
It’s not like I don’t do that now,
But you would have to see.
There is so much more to share.
So much more to give.
So much more that you don’t even see.
Just to let you know,
If that day doesn’t come,
I’ll love you forever,
Cause you are the one.
The one I want and the one I need.
I can’t wait forever, but I’ll wait as long as I can.
They all tell me to give up,
But I just can’t.
Just so you know,
Before it comes to that point,
You’re the only ounce of confidence
I have in the world today.

For What You Do (Jason M Smith-Lafayette, LA)

You are the one who lights my way,
That is why together we will stay.
Through all the things we have to endure,
To you my heart and love will always be pure.

You give to me without a thought,
You are truly the love I have always sought.

I know I sometimes act like a fool,
But you tell me “I love you” and I keep my cool.

In the years to come for you and me,
Our souls and hearts will forever be free.

That is what you do for me!

Life Is Beautiful (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Life is beautiful...
That is a truth

Filled with beauty
Filled with honesty
Filled with real love

We witness all of God
We witness the hearts
Of real men and women

Life is beautiful
That is the truth

Don’t let vanity win
Don’t let lies triumph
Don’t let us forget

Humanity is all of god
Humanity is the hearts
Of real men and women

Life is beautiful
That is a truth

Don’t you forget

Louisiana Words @ Fame Tuesdays at 7:30pm

From Friends to Lovers (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

I love the softness of your voice,
With you I know is the right choice.

The way we talked when we first met,
That’s how I know you are the right step.

I think with time and how we grow,
That you and I will be together till we are old.

You make me happy when I am feeling sad,
I know with you I will always be glade.

To you sweet prince these lines I do write,
That when we sleep together it will be for every night.

So this is how my story ends,
We became lovers and best of friends.

Divinity Sleeps In Her Eyes..... New Poem I dedicated to my wife Stephanie Washington (Yah Fu “the Pen Bender”-Parks, Louisiana)

Her complexion reflects immortalized energy,
Divinity sleeps in her eyes.
She is a kiss of salvation in moments of interference;
Her intercessions are harmonized prayers & praise.
She explores evaluated sorrows of civilizations;
She understands heartache & the destruction of innocence’s.
She experienced her beauty tormented,
as a rape victim, more than once.
So her timeless whispers of crystallized melodies,
was motivated by spirit filled apologies.
So illuminated her image can’t be measured!
Imagine a love so addictive,
you must embrace survival interventions to comprehend it.
When patience’s immobilize forgiveness,
Humility dances with foundation.
So her essence is baptism immersed in uncivilized circumstances,
She praises her Father in agonizing worship,
for a generation living in despair!
She is anointed; she is desire,
Manifested angelic spectrum of fire.
Impregnated divine delegation of a saxophone’s anthem,
Speaking fragments of celestial language from post creation distortion. Speaking bre…