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Dear God (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

Dear God,

Let my body be expelled Of any negativity I’ve spelled. I purge myself of insecurity from the past. With your light and community, I fast. Let all in my life that seeks to harm me Know right now that you are with me. For my family and my friends, guide them. Purge any doubt of me that may stem. Rejoin me, my God, let your river wash us. Let nothing but of your love for us to discuss. For you are who I know you to be. In this universe, you are all that I see.


Honely (Harvey LeBeouf-Kaplan, LA)

I found this woman who is perfect for me, She loves me even when she ain't lonely. There was a time when women only loved me when they were horny and lonely. Them girls were just honely. This new girl she sure is sweet, I finally have one worth sweeping off her feet. Them ol girls from the past can kiss my ass. It sure is nice to finally meet a woman with some class. My friends used to see me in the bar, they would say harv that girl don't love you man she is just horny and lonely. That bitch is honely. Now they see me out and about, And everyone knows what me and my new girl are all about. She don't just love me when she is horny and lonely. She loves me all the time not just when she is honely.

My Mountain (Harvey LeBeouf-Kaplan, LA)

My Mountain,  
A view from high above,  
I'm standing here alone on top of everything,  
How can a man be so happy, 
While still feeling so lonely, 
Standing here waiting on my mountain,  
Hoping that one day my equal will climb it.  
She will have to be strong and smart,  
My mountain is not a place for the weak.  
Its a place of no equal.  
On your journey to meet me stay true to yourself,  
Its a long hard trip I know,  
But just remember I will be here by your side,  
Walking with you helping you climb,  
I have made this journey once before I know the route.  
Believe and respect yourself as much as I do,����������������…

7 Gates Between Heaven and Hell (Unedited)- (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

After 7 days stuck in Hell I had arrived through darkness Tired Wired with fear Uncertain of the future To a narrow tunnel At the end of Hell
The angels of hell guided me here Faith in me They wouldn’t let me stay I was a way A bridge between dark and light I was willing to fight Hell was out of my sight
I crawled through the tunnel Claustrophobia came Shame Guilt Suffocated my body Yet I pushed through Loneliness would not take me
My body barely fit through I squeezed onto a dark surface 7 gates were before me “They sent you away I see,” Someone spoke from the darkness Only piercing purple eyes No body, no face
“Where am I? I asked Light showed from behind each door “Between your destiny,” the eyes spoke I became ill suddenly Then I vomited a bright purple key “It is you,” they eyes moved closer They spoke again, “Open your path.”
The key hypnotized me I looked at all 7 doors Colored light came from behind all of them Red, yellow, orange, blue, green, indigo But there was only one…

Nirvana Awaits (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

sitting in reverence
your green marble figure
reminding me of my divinity
that i should try to be more like you
that Nirvana awaits
that my ego is but a fragment of who i am
i am at peace
in offering to you
a small symbol of what i get back
i pray
i am humbled by your nature
i am intrigued by your peace
i seek to know more
to do more
to be better
beneath this temple i feel reborn
my eyes are open
not only to what i should change
but to what i have forgotten to celebrate

The First Kiss Chronicles-(Epilogue)-(Madison Holland-Lafayette, LA)

"The first's very special. You're gonna have a lot of first kisses. You're gonna want it to be special, so you remember. It's where you go from being a stranger to knowing someone." ~Mad Men I got a chance at a do-over on a first kiss. A second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love. After three months of lonely, sporadic emptiness, here he was again, not two feet away from me, within arms reach, sitting on my couch. My heart hammered against my ribcage and air struggled through my lungs. The risk of losing you again ran rampant against my need to feel your arms around me again, to feel your lips on mine once more, to feel home for the first time in months.  We talked and I realized you were the same but different. You had matured, become someone older, someone that had faced something very dark and survived. You were better than the boy I had loved.  When your lips met mine for the first time and I held your wet face in my hands while the tears ran d…

Simply You (Brandon Granger-Breaux Bridge, LA)

My one hearts desire, You ignite me with fire. A flame so strong, You’re my dreams prolonged.
I can’t imagine what more I could want, For your love sends me to the heavens. You are my astronaut!
I don’t need dollar bills Or a Benz to drive my friends. I just want you, simply you, To be yourself and do it well.
So take my hand and let’s walk Side-by-side As we discover the beauty of life, All because you are…

Solider (Brandon Granger-Breaux Bridge, LA)

If I were your soldier… I would conquer the enemies that stood before you. no man, beast, hurricane, or asteroid Could prevent me from protecting you and your purity. You shine as a beacon for all, reminding them of the limit of this world and the frailty of human thought. If I were your soldier… A solid rock would I be, as Mount Everest, no one could withstand the depths ofcourage and endless measures I would go to protect you. I would be your truest ally and fearless defender. If I were your soldier… Will that you let me be?

The American Dream Reborn (Prologue)- (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)


I remember history class Reading of all the American stories Where times got tense, the US stayed strong The American Dream says we can be anything Look around that globe Freedom isn’t everywhere

Freedom of speech The greatest of all rights Let’s use it and state our future I don’t have to be a Democrat I don’t have to be a Republican I’m American and that’s a blessing Today you can make yourself
An American nightmare is to destroy yourself To be aware of what go you this far

But never forget If you want these states to be united We have to accept what makes us different No other country that I know Lets minorities gain majorities The ambitious American knows this She feels alone, yet everyone is with her The American Dream is here, don’t forget

PRIDE Lives (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

A seed of courage was birthed A fearless army in Acadiana was unearthed Chipping away with pride at the status quo At first, it seemed impossible, progress slow But the strength of their hearts arose They unified people as the story goes Accomplishing an all inclusive family, ending woes Those loving people in Acadiana have no foes

Mas (Khristian Van Volkenburg - Lafayette, LA)

I remember your perfect porcelain skin being kissed by the gentle rays of the sun through the drawn blinds your tiny frame seeming so delicate and dainty compared to my massive blob of a figure you said you felt pretty i said you looked celestial you snickered as if you were smart enough to not believe a word that came from my mouth you should've and you shouldnt have Its just arbitrary banter but still some part of me believes i meant it i still had not came although we had been fucking mindlessly fucking like two cats in heat for hours and i seemed insatiable you laid satisfied and exhausted rubbing my oversized flabby body worshipping me but only for that moment it seemed that everything in that room was exactly as it should have been for that one moment as it had previously countless times felt but it was only in the room and the extension of the shower that we seemed compatible every where else you seemed dodgy and me invulnerable when we were apart it seemed you didnt exist…

The First Kiss Chronicles (Part 10) - (Madison Holland-Lafayette, LA)

The most epic first kiss and one of the last ones I have had to date happened on my 21st birthday in a crowded casino with a boy I barely knew but had been dancing with all night. Our group of friends had started sharing flavored lip gloss and kissing and being silly at the table while we waited on more drinks. This brown skinned boy gave joking kisses to my friends and pointedly avoided kissing me while a little snake of jealousy wound its way through my gut. Before I could let it turn itself into a huff, he stalked to the end of the table behind the chair where I was seated, lifted a piece of hair off the nape of my neck, and when I turned my head towards him to try to figure out what he was doing, he reached around the other side of me, gripped my chin firmly and turned my face up to his. That first kiss left me breathless and shocked, it surprised me as much as it made me weak in the knees and inspired applause from our group. The kiss itself was very memorable but sadly the boy w…

The Dance (Brandon Granger-Breaux Bridge, LA)

Who am I in this love affair? A fleeing moment of a stable figure that is yet to be known, But you dance with my emotions as a tango or a ballroom blitz. Never knowing the next step or beat When something more desirable will Come along to cheer your fancy and Sweep you off your feet. Is my love truly enough? For that, my dear friend, is left to be Seen. To strip you or your secrets and to place your trust in me would be my deepest desire. To know you head to toe…that we May dance together always as lovers With one beat and one melody.

Singin’ in the Rain (Louis Toliver Jr, Austin, TX)

It’s raining outside I hate to offend I must bow and apologize But who gives a fuck? The sun doesn’t have to shine Everyday in our States We should inspire happiness always So let the damned rain fall Let the clouds cover the earth This is the best time to live It’s to be those lights in the dark Daddy finally came home He says smile cheek to cheek Rain can’t hurt no more than the sun

Tranquility (Brandon Granger-Breaux Bridge, LA)

When time stands still And your heart beats no longer I will treasure the moments that Sculpted the very image of who I have become.
Your words of wisdom, your smile, Have guided me through, Now may it guide you into the hands of the Divine.
Rest now! Your day of sorrow is done, For now you shall sleep in the auspices of tranquility.

The First Kiss Chronicles (Part 9)- Madison Holland-Lafayette, LA

Some first kisses take me by surprise even though I had planned them myself, like the skinny boy that sat on my bathroom floor for hours regaling me with Jedi lore and stories of his escapades who suddenly lunged at my lips while I tried to avoid being scratched by his unshaven face. He was precious and so kind hearted and his barrage was well-intentioned so I didn’t complain.

You Got a Friend in Me (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

Is life really that hard? Maybe you’re just lacking support No worries I’ll give you ease You got a friend in me I’m not here judge Never hold any grudge Just be you, and think of me, us When times seem hard I’ll nudge you along Remind us that it’s all a façade Life isn’t is hard A door closed on you But I open mine to you Just encourage living lives I’ll be the loyalist lion to you