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parTy's over (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

The curTains are closed The moTel room is Trashed i’m naked and shivering my large pupils are Tiring i could push my misery longer buT dawn jusT goT here.
iT’s Time To go inTo The lighT all The ice has melTed away and I no longer want To be cold Tina almosT fucked my hearT away my sorrow can longer add up.
alone, always alone Tina left me Tweaking in The dark baTTling The fears in my mind i would ofTen hear The police creeping ouTside the door paranoia had me Thinking, “if i wenT To jail, would she come to visiT?”
The really fucked up Thing: i wanTed her back again and again Though everyThing she Touched evaporaTed like smoke i craved her, my imaginary parTner my sTubborness had me Tripping Through life.
now, all The crysTals are gone, glamour conTinually leading inTo despair so many acquainTances have lefT my life so many of The wrong paThs i’ve Taken. i’ve had enough. i can’T live like This. I haTe the parTy lifesTyle!
The sun is Trying to shine on me Tina won’T Trap my spiriT inside a moTel hell I m…

Dickmatized (Brandon Louis Granger - Parks, LA)

Tempted by your fruit, I sent my message of desire You replied, come over, and we arranged to meet. We stripped bare and your penis entered my body, firmly and aggressively Our bodies synchronized as one. Pumping and grinding, we fucked for hours, I couldn't get enough. Your dick had hypnotized me, leaving me wanting more. It was a sensation like no other, it occupied my thoughts Night and day, I wanted your dick. Hard, firm, warm, it made me feel Dickmatized.

Where I'm Going (James Leland Ludeau III - Lafayette, LA)

Trapped under the weight
Of who is used to be
Changing my mind
Can’t get back that time
But I can forge ahead
My head
So full
Pregnant with ideas
Thoughts and patterns
Just want to set sail
A sea of invention
Going against convention
My words
From Louisiana
Deep South
My roots
In my bones
I embrace who I haven’t yet become
This dance of life
Sparks fly
Something will certainly catch fire
And other things will burn
Ashes to ash
Can’t get where I’m going
If I don’t force through this day

I Have RISEN (Brandon Granger - Parks, LA)

As the clouds are parting
the hues of the evening sun
cascade slowly over the horizon,
I leave behind my old self.
My former life is dying with the sun.

Tomorrow, life starts anew.
Goodbye forever to the long nights of
temptation, despair, and waywardness.
The darkness is empty and doesn’t
compare to the Force of LIGHT.

This is my springtime!
This is when the pain of my past
and my new life filled with hope
becomes a reality.
This is my time to RISE!