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BLEEP You! (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Ah, here comes another lazy donkey Spreading his words of manure in my face He says his (horrid) breath smells of honesty But all he wants to see is me fall down at his pace
I say to that lazy, donkey, “BLEEP You!” Why do you care what I do?
Ah, here comes another lazy sheep Getting all her dirty wool on my skin She says her (dreadful) touch I can keep But all she wants is to give my body to wolved-men
I say to that lazy, sheep, “BLEEP You!” Why do you to want to be me?

Cordura (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

The purest of words spoken won't be his savior Nor will the kneeling or peeling back The feelings he revealed on faithful behavior For when the angels tear off their wings A balanced Christ will shriek "Clear the skies!" Coldly defused dissidence shall rise and sing Lullabies to the insomniac's eyes

"Yours" (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

Love is contagious and we're like gladiators fighting for our love external factors clinking off of our armor our hearts protected let me in the ring i'll show you what the L word means victory saviors like a chess game strategic this love's worth the battle it's a beautiful kind of fight where no one loses we both win give in my heart catches flame when you caress me i'll suit up and fight for this and what i'm fighting is my very own behavior my eternal desire to run is weakening and i no longer crave to be free i'm happy with my new title "yours"

Be My Caesar (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I know from this moment By life I am no longer bent You are here, heaven sent Our love I choose to vent
I will not betray our sweet time In no way, can I commit that crime I hail to you, such beauty I climb Let those wedding bells chime
Know when you come home My passion will not roam Let our love build this dome Be my Caesar, let’s rule Rome

Atlas (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

like Atlas i will carry you in my tattooed arms i will carry your world on my shoulders i'll hide your pain i'll heal your pain i'll carry that which is too heavy a load for you to bear i'll stick it up on my shoulders i'll lighten your load i'll be your strength when you feel weak i'll hold it all above you i'll protect your brilliant head i'll let you in my heart how will we know if we don't even try? every step that you take could be your biggest mistake it could bend or it could break but that's the risk that you take so love me love me like Atlas the man that holds your world while standing there by your side holding your hand next to his heart my love for you beckons and i sing out in the midnight hour let your love devour my eternal power like Atlas i'll carry it for you, baby

Untitled (Van Nicholson-Lafayette, LA)

his gives me the chills It makes me ill I had so much time Partner in crime We could have killed But something spilled I know where you are I've been with the emotionally stilled Its not too late to break The hate You could pass it on and live like the apes Or you could shed it off Be one of the greats You got this, the looks The moves The hips that twist A motionless shift As you move to the spit The they told you to flip I think you could make it You've got the steel to take it So really fake it Roll over and shake it Let them take your essence And smile while they rape it Or Be the link that breaks it

I Just Wanna Dance (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Follow me to that sexy dance floor Us, floating around the disco lights

My hypnotic moves make us soar Through rhythm, we reach new heights

My hips are what you needed, and more Move your hips close, no more fights
Hey, baby, I just wanna dance Kiss my lips all over your neck

Need a little love, a feisty romance Don’t be scared to take a peck

Let’s take this love, take this chance Like the way your heat puts me in check
Rub my body, be glued to my moves The spotlight is our bed, let’s make it shine

We’ll do any dance that our love approves I just wanna dance, our blood in line

When we get home,, this dance proves With the right music, we’ll be just fine

Backstabbers (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

if you're looking for answers you must first ask questions these backstabbers have existed for all time they lie to themselves in order to sell you something you are searching for outside of the walls of God if they lie to themselves what makes you think they won't lie to you? Forgive them Father for they know not what they do they are lost separated from the flock they know no better therefor they can are not capable of better you do what you know Caesar and Brutas like Jesus to Judas when your back is turned the knife goes in they sell your soul in hopes of elevating their own it's inescapable just because i've turned the other cheek does not make me weak doesn't mean i won't carry my lesson to the street and preach i write these words for anyone who struggles to guide you to look inside we attract every character in our lives when we need the lesson what is the lesson in what you're dealing with? don't lose the game before you start to play don'…

My Secret Treasure (Jason M Smith -Lafayette, LA)

I finally found my secret treasure that has been hidden from me for many years.
A treasure that I though not to be real Something I lost ages ago.
Then he came along and I knew what I found.
I knew I found my secret treasure.
The first time I seen his precious face I fell deep into a mystic trance.
Just to see his sacred glance, back into my life.
His eyes, dark and deep as the sky at night.
When light hits his dark eyes you see the stars of the sky.
The heavenly azure above within both of his eyes.
His smile is the sunshine that broke the darkness in my life.
His perfect lips made of a soft and fine tasteful wine.
His body is solid, yet soft to the touch.
Chiseled by the hand of God with precision and perfection.
When I close my eyes I see him laying with me.
I see his beautiful eyes, and extraordinary smile.
His touch is soft, and gentle, and passionate as his kiss.
His touch lets loose his emotions, and his passion for life and realism.
I can feel his fear of being…

Blame It on the Rain (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

The weather Falls on us like a feather The sun is hiding Watching what we’re confiding
She, some say, thinks we are sinners Though we dream of being winners Rain is the cause of dreary Washing us clean of weary
Sun come out Do not pout We are only learning For the life we keep yearning
Sun, it’s your tears That raise up all our fears If only we could be the joy to your pain With our souls, we ‘d soak up all the rain

Life on a Train (Jason M. Smith-Lafayette, LA)

Why is it you choose to sit alone, Looking like you were made of stone? Here are people just like you, Looking like they are so confused. You could be sitting with a new friend, But then it is your chose in the end. A look a nod a simple smile, Would make your trip seem less then a mile. You will never know, All it takes is just a hello.

A Forbidden Love (Jason M Smith-Lafayette, LA)

As you lay on our bed, exposed to the world in all your naked glory, I gently press my lips against yours, savoring their sweet taste. The smell of your hair lingers in my nostrils, your perfume drifting across the room. But you don't respond to me, but then you never did. But I’m used to that now. Lying there, cold, unfeeling, uncaring, like you always do. But, I know your little secret, all the plans you made with him. I know them all. You were going to leave me, leave me for him. But not now, you shall not leave now. I tenderly take your breast in my hand, caressing it gently, feeling the firmness in my hand. But still, you do not respond. I do not care now though, I know you will not leave me. You will stay with me, please me, satisfy me. You can no longer go to him now. He's lying in our basement, rotting, letting the worms, maggots and rest of the filth eat his dirty, woman stealing flesh. All I ever did was try to please you. I only ever wanted to make you happy, see you smile. Everythi…

Bliss (Brandon Granger-Breaux Bridge, LA)

How do I express my love If none other than through The time that we spend And the embrace that we possess With each heartbeat I long for you more because I see deeper into the beauty of your soul as time penetrates our surroundings and attempts to steal you from me. But, I will not let it take you From me because you are More precious to me than Gold or any treasure that This world can produce I long for each breath that Pulls in the sweetness of your essence and thank the heavens for already experiencing what so many describe as bliss.

If We Don’t Wake Up…(Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I’ll love you always Though I never learned All the emotions of love All the touches of love
Know that I care for you Know that I dream of you You never abuse who I am I see the God you are
I see your beauty I feel all of the galaxies Our infinite guidance Our Infinite romance
If this is our last moment If this is our last breath If we don’t wake up Know that I love you

Left Forward (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

It’s hard to move positively forward With one foot stuck in the tragic past Weshouldn’t hold to what seems safe
It’s not a bad thing to see a future It’s not a bad think to dream big It’s not a bad thing to be leftforward
Life is what you make of yourself Never let others make your own life Moving forward is a blessing, truth

How to Save a Life (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

When the life raft comes tossing out We pray a lifeguard is near about
The waves always are difficult to see They’ll drown us with the majority
We can only hope we have a life vest It would give us the way for our best
Because our lifeguard can only do What is best to give us a life anew
No challenge comes without strife So fight the waves, hold onto life

We Could Have It All (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

If you could listen to my words If I didn’t feel a victim of my appearance We’d discover all possibilities, vast as the ocean Like all great sea crews of the past Land waits to be discovered in the present Yet we don’t know we have access to it all
We’re too busy filling up holes with patches In the past But one captain can’t save two sinking ships In the present We could have it all, if we believed right now In the future

My Family's Legacy (Madison Elizabeth-Lafayette, LA)

My mother Gave me a hardworking martyr complex My father Gave me micromanagement and perfectionist qualities My brothers Gave me a bossy attitude and need to compete My sister Gave me a baffled sense of discomfort and inadequacy My family bequeathed unto me these personality traits  They like to sharpen the edges of my failings against the blades of their fear and fanaticism Pushing away someone they can't stop loving but are unable to interact with Our relationships have turned into Grocery lists of our days and edited versions of old anecdotes  We all tiptoe around our inability to look each other in the eye They refuse to acknowledge my opinions as valid  They belittle me While sitting on their high horses in the clouds I can't help but wonder what they would really think Of my happy dirty frolics down here on the ground  If they could stand in my shoes even for a moment But they cover their eyes and turn away Denial makes the pain of growing up and apa…

The Birds Lied (Madisyn Barbosa-Lafayette, LA)

As I lay upon the zebra waves, I think of ways I misbehave, I think of all my "must-be haves" and "must-be needs", on my back and on my knees, and all my dreams that I want and need to be true, Because of you, my body aches and quakes and shakes, and I know above all, those things I must haves and must need, can only be satiated by you, because if I achieve every thing that I dream, quiet every scream, wipe every tear that reamed out of face, nothing of it would matter without you in this place, torn lace, wrinkled ribbon, everything I have and will ever be given, is My decision, a Gift for You, a lift from blue, fading my depression, my sexual disgression, There is never enough repetition of these words "I am Yours.I Love You. I am Yours. I Love You". Those words flow so freely so naturally from my lips, and my body and hips can't help rocking back and forth, east, west, south, and north, while saying your name, my tongue on my teeth, saying your nam…

Disaster In Drag (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

Whew! i avoided a disaster in drag makeup to cover the flaws claws out and about quick to strut delivering butt a slut what? now you tuck it? fuck it do what you will dress to kill put on your heels no deals no wheels turning in my head just thankful you're not in my bed "a man in a dress" is what i think sink further into that nightlife you find so appealing kneeling at the altar of facade blow a wad and go time for your drag show know in your heart that you shine your shrine wigs and eyelashes and fingernails to hide who you are the scars covered by Maybeline tuck the peen and hide your masculinity the trinity couldn't save you now how far you've fallen so fast give it gas flying faster into that night the fight is over red rover let the drag boy take over

No Title (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

I noticed my chipped tooth when I woke this morning. Shows the sad fucking truth that I haven’t smiled in a fortnight. Porch light left on, collared carelessness left it all desolate Couldn’t process my expression to possess all my recklessness Whatever, I don’t care Call me a fucking sinner Quick to throw salt bitch Because you were a born winner? I’m still eating tv dinners with my loser friends so try catch up to me fucking bully, part of the party that sucks up on his knees while trees burn, heads turn you always learn in the end its not about your fucking sins its what you do with them Crass classy cats pitying the glassy pupil pill poppers They are the show stoppers, globetrotters, popular if hot or cold I'm breaking the mold, common stories aren't reported that escort Simple lyricists to spread fear into the inquisitors, insane with no visitors By the time I hit the hill and have to sip my last meal and take baby Advil Fuck that, I'll climb over the ant hill and…

@ The Gaga Show (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

at the Gaga show New Orleans our eyes met and suddenly all 17,000 people were reduced to 2 you and I you orbited me i felt the energy more than sexual attraction something in me knew all along but i wasn't in the space or time i needed to be my walls were too high i was too self absorbed but your eyes made me want to change that it wasn't our first encounter but it was our closest how do you tell someone that since your first conversation with him that you've wanted to spend forever with him? sounds mad but when your soul feels something it won't stop until it's fed and now you're here and we are on the cusp of something that has transformative power i don't think i've ever wanted anything as badly as i want your hand in mine i fought that feeling for so long fought that reveal now i just want to shout it you text me a picture and my immediate response is "yes, that's the one. him" and we can do this one day at a time slip into this i jus…

Summer Rose (Alex Berrio-Lafayette, LA)

Praise to the very energy, whether from on high or churned by the hands of fate themselves, that brought the elements together for perfection. Compassion and tenderness resided betwixt mother's hands, the atmosphere filled with red fervor as the first stem engulfed herself into warm air. There she sat, as wind and word and trust were thrown into her fragility. There she stood, against mayhem with thorns and lust of life. She glows the brightest glow for me. She shines through to begin my perception of feeling, slowly leafing through my cascading cabinets to find fact. She is my adorned summer Rose. Explorers and cartographers of glorious knowledge would find it impossible to find a place with more love than my heart for my red summer rose. Let her be exalted forever blessed with beauty and bliss. Let my arms guard her from darkness and let my voice guide her heart. Let her beacon forever flood out hearts with joyous laughter. Let my summer rose wilt before me as we decay intertwi…

She's Home (Garrett King -Watson, LA)

You can see her smile But her eyes tell a diff story She is tough...but broken But that side can't be seen For there are those that depend on her strength The pieces of her fall a little at a time Shattering on the floor like glass But she doesn't realize that someone has come along Someone with the glue to make her whole She is hesitant She doesn't know how to feel about him But its her heart that wants to be one piece again One piece to beat for him But she is hesitant She doesn't know how to feel about him But hes the someone with the glue to make her whole He tells her to take his hand To put it in hers Together we'll stand he says Against adversity and the odds I'll be your rock and you mine he says Shes hesitant She doesn't know how to feel about him Then she smiles But this time its with faith Trusting him cuz she can see in his eyes shes safe Shes not hesitant anymore..... Shes home

Psalms (1) (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Lord, you are my shepherd, but I still want Of my freedom, this world of men does taunt I have recognized life within the greenest eye Until there is liberation, my words will not die
If a sonnet is what I have to write to catch a brain Your divine words I hope my soul, you gave, will drain Grant me the peace to endure the hate of my foes Let my voice soothe the pains of life’s expected woes
Your grace let’s me not feel just like a lost sheep The twisted mind of man’s Death is what makes us weep You do not give death, my Lord, and I thank you Where there is man’s Death, you make life anew
Thank you for the making me in Your image of intellect Thank you for giving me the love to understand your effect

I Love You Not Just on Valentine’s Day (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Dear You,
I write you this letter to tell you that I love you every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. My love for you is much bigger than one day designated by greedy fools who seek to make money off our love. But, our love is stronger than money. Our love is spontaneous, not planned. I want to stress again that I love you everyday. Everyday, if not verbally, through action, I show my love. I know that you recognize this and I am thankful for your eyes and soul, which see all love.
Love, Me

Watching the Rain (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

I am sitting here watching the rain, Praying that the drops will wash away my pain.
The fight that was bound to come to bare, Was something that I wanted with you to spare.
I said I am sorry repeatedly to you, I feel so terrible that I feel like we are through.
In life, you may never get a second chance, However, for you I would give you my soul and true romance.
If I had it to do all over again, I would wait until we are best of friends.
Never again should a relationship be rushed, I will show you Love, Honesty and Trust.
I wish I knew just what to do, It feels just like I am being screwed.
You say you love me with all your heart, I do not know what to say you told me that from the start.
You said you would never try to hurt me or lie, I know that to be true from the look in your eyes.
You told me never to worry or to feel sad, That you would set me free before things get bad.

The Guy I Could Never Forget (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

you've left me speechless and sometimes i should just shut the fuck up and listen it would do me a world of good the words you're saying blow my mind Nearly a decade of shared history chasing each other around in circles has led to this moment of surrender of giving up the fight to work together to carve out a future clarity vision intent it's all there when i see your face i realize that you're the man i'm going to marry you watched me turn 30 and then 40 and you didn't go away you sat to the side and let me carry on with my bullshit show until i exhausted of it then you confidently walked back in and grabbed my hand knowing that i was at a place where i'd be receptive i'm a lucky man i could ask what i have done to deserve you but the answer would "everything" you're the guy i could never forget and i'm just lucky that you felt the same

Exile from the Goldenrod Field (Taylor McCleery Sloey-Lafayette, LA)

It’s time to start working on your skin again You think You’ve been finding blemishes After long nights of self reflection And it hurts They’ve packed up your prairie solace Into a storage unit While you were off chasing your dreams The ones you talked of incessantly with your old mulberry tree How insensitive that must have been, you now think Those roots had always supported you and your dreams Right up until the point you ripped them from your feet to sink barestock into a swamp But now, they’ve disappeared, and you won’t get to say goodbye. Objects, land, and photos Feel more like dead grandparents you weren’t brave enough to go see at the hospital. Yes. Mom and Dad are retiring and moving to Denver, Colorado. Not something an adult woman should be crying about Yet here you are Tearing up as you walk to your car on a southern spring night Because the sky has turned the right color and the birds sing the right song but it doesn’t smell the way your salt marsh grassland did and…

Winter Love (Madelyn Dianne-Lafayette, LA)

Tangled in these blankets, your lingering aroma fills my lungs. I stare into the dark and see the soft light you've left with me. Memories of your eyes, like fireflies. Memories of love, the sunset you call a smile. All of these things, cherished, singing my scatterbrain to sleep. My security, my motivation; my sun, my moon, my stars. I'm merely a poet who's found her muse.

Cup Full Of Vueve (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

i kissed on your lips sipped from the wine divine fucked up stuck in a rut my gut tells me to move on get gone move around solid ground awaits the one who can wait no state of mind as fine as my wine you sink to the bottom with me the sea dark and treacherous wave after wave i gave you everything i had bad for me we were wrong all along steered by lust a bust a crash flash in the pan i need a man who brings something to the table stable able i'm a boss let me get that across even my dentist hates how i floss got your body let's partay let me use it abuse it don't lose it when i tell you to get on your way go away you're time's up my cup filling with bubbly doubly bring it on all night long in my sick whip rip into my lips and let me have it good would you understand that bitch? which way do you wanna go we could have a show or we can go our own ways whoever stays slays i can almost taste it don't waste it stick my dick in you like a rapist exist to fuck your w…

Fair is Love That is far From War (Adam John Schexnayder - Crowley, LA)

All is fair in love and war. The winner of the oxymoron award of the millennium. If any of the aforementioned events were the slightest bit fair, what would be the point in having them?? Euphoria state of mindless wanderings into a coffee house for a single shot of malt liquor. Living for the status quo but not caring to compete. And the worst part, we wouldn't even know any better. We wouldn't know that all the while living, we didn't even perform the basic act we thought was the most important part of life. And on our tombstone, years later after the subtle ending to our pathetic existence, people would stare at the dash between the dates of our inevitable births and familiar deaths. Because this symbolizes everything in between. Everything that is no different than the person shacking up in the grave next to us. Not one exciting act that would have made us the slightest bit different then every other lover and fighter. And all because we were naive enough to believe in …