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Poetic STD (Louis Toliver Jr.-Monroe, LA)

You make my eyes red Feeling dead  My itchy throat  Runny nose making a moat  Scratching hives  While you're getting high-fives
I'm catching your sex allergies  And nothing rhymes with allergies  So what's a boy to do?  Hope my crabs don't turn blue Ah, you don't care about me  Even if it hurts when I pee 
I never wanted to be used Much less abused  A lesson I learned well  Your love was just a hell  Your touches are incurable  Now, my latex skin is durable 

The Engagement Poem (Louis Toliver Jr.-Monroe, LA)

(To B.L.G)
Here I am  So are you Edenic green Royal purple  United strong  Ringed together  Love ever solid  I'm here with you  You're here with me  Dreaming a marriage  Happily beyond earth  Let dreams become reality  Nothing can prevent destiny  I love you and you love me  Let's let our love live happily 

Holy Water (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

bless-ed the product of our loving don't it taste like Holy Water bless yourself and genuflect yes, bow down bitches bathe yourself in our riches big enough in my britches let it wash all over you drink it in sin what does it all mean? these rules that make no sense repent for what? fuck off how 'bout that? love who you want do what you want flaunt what you want say what you want shock and awe aww why do my words disturb you turds? it's only love that i write about even if it's dripping out your mouth it's beautiful and flawed clawed my way out the dark to spark my heart a part of me will always be attracted to the dark embark on a path to the light fight for my right to taste your Holy Water Bless-ed sign of the cross not lost on me see i was raised to believe now i relieve myself on your lips take sips like holy water let it save your soul it's like lube letting me glide into your hole sexy beast best believe you'll come back for more virgin or whore doesn't matter when it splatters so dip your finger in my Hol…