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The Mighty Captains of the Planet (Louis Toliver Jr)

The four of them, the mighty captains, had been traveling through the Gulf of Mexico on a small boat. Alpha, an alien chosen to guard Earth, had told them of the danger creeping through the waters. They had never met Alpha, but he had been telepathically guiding the teens from their births, when he implanted their powers, until they conveniently all met at the same college. They had all known of each other early in their lives, but had only been fighting villain-driven disasters for the past year, together. Alpha ensured they came together at the right time as trouble on earth grew. Alpha had to ensure the safety of Earth for his people’s return in a thousand years. The captains were hope. Since Smoggy Fog was defeated, the Terrorist had taken advantage of the latest manmade disaster, an oil spill. The Terrorist was their main villain, but the gang had never seen him, just his creations, one after another.His latest monster, Slick, was oozing through the gulf getting closer to the wetl…

Victory Led Me (Annette Redmond Walters-Lafayette, LA)

I looked above conflict and peace befell upon me. I walked over hate and love absorbed me. I stood against power and humbleness became me. I crossed the path of death and life overwhelmed me. I glimpsed beneath deception and truth lifted me. I threw away a grudge and forgiveness came to me. I battled depression and happiness showered me. I let go of anger and laughter followed me. I stared at bitterness and warmth enveloped me. I challenged defeat and victory led me.

Yoruba Ode to My Father (Rachel Jackson-Lafayette, LA)

Father of children, students, and words you are a coach in training. You value beauty lost to the masses. The masses value order you dismiss. Son of the farmer, the seamstress, the fields you chose the ladder of knowledge. Yet you have labored to fill our bellies. You carve stone to make bread. The archive of facts held in your head is too vast for even the bookshelves. The tower of papers inside your household rises to meet the rooftop. You are a destroyer of neatness. Maker of feasts that enlighten the palette Drinker of liquors that confuse large horses. Hider of bottles in expert locations. You are a lover of sadness. You are a fisher of songs. To my childish eyes you bring understanding of music and laughter and living. But the hardships of life have melted you down. A wooden spoon now stirs you. You are a curious soup.

60, Single, & Simple-Part 1 (Louis Toliver Jr)

Her name was Eunice Brewer and her ideal man was 5’10, blue eyes, brown hair, a man with an okay singing voice, a man with a sense of accomplishment, a man who wasn’t afraid of work, strong hands, a hearty eater, someone who enjoyed her cooking, which was good country style home cooking, a man that was respectful, someone that would like to cuddle at night. Eunice read over the copy of her Perfect Match profile sheet one more time and put it down on the dining table. She was patiently waiting for Charlie, the mailman, to arrive with her new match. Perfect Match was a dating service in the city that had taken interest in rural areas. Eunice was leaving the grocery store when a woman with zebra hair, as Eunice like to call it, approached her before she got to her Buick. “Ma’am would you like one of our flyers?,” the woman was heavily tanned and looked like a short, skinny, wax candle with zebra hair, as Eunice liked to think it. “Start your new year off right! We can help you find the pe…

21st Century Problems: (#7) The First Episode with a Name (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA))

“Trey?” the voice pulled me out of my daydream of being a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. “It is Trey? Your name tag says so,“ an old lady asked and confirmed with her old husband standing in front of the register of YoguLand. They stared at me as if I was a zoo animal. “Do you have anymore chocolate sprinkles?” the man said with frustration. “If there aren’t any out there, I guess not,” working at a self-serve yogurt place was one of my least favorite jobs (I rank it 5th out the 5 I have), but it was easy. “What the hell is the point of having you if you don’t do anything?” the man grumped (can you grump?). It was a good question. “We’ve got chocolate chips, sir,” I didn’t really care. I was thinking about my Netflix queue. “You’re a bit old to be working here,” the woman sassed. I drifted off to the radio playing YoguLand.Ah yes, The Best of Michelle Branch was still going. “You’re everywhere to me Michelle,” I thought. “Hello! Can you weigh our yogurt?” the man was yelli…

7 Billion (Zack DuFour-Lafayette, LA)

There are 7 billion people on the planet
7 billion politicians and lovers and poets and criminals
7 billion tragedies and comedies
7 billion  gay and straight and confused
7 billion writers of the Great American Novel 7 billion painters of 7 billion masterpieces
7 billion of her  and 7 billion of him
7 billion drug dealers and sexual deviants
7 billion mothers and fathers
7 billion people who drink Coca Cola and work 9-5
7 billion  all dressed with suits and ties 7 billion desperately naked running mad in the streets
7 billion fighting and 7 billion laughing
mostly at the same time
7 billion stories you'll never hear 7 billion strangers you pass by daily

Burning Bridges (Louis Toliver Jr)

You’re the fool that likes to burn bridges And you’re ‘bout to burn the one ‘tween us
This is a warning to you that gets off on destruction I’ve made better friends with fire ants on my skin
The kerosene that fumes around you will corrode you And no one wants to be around that smell of loneliness
Of course, I won’t apologize for smiling when it happens ‘Cause I won’t longer feel taken advantage of
So the next time you light your deceitful match It better be for a cigarette and not this bridge

Puzzle Piece (Kisha Kana-Lafayette, LA)

I feel content while basked in the sweet life of simplicity But at times my mind pulls at atrocity Despite the judging stares With you I feel sane And in your arms I’m safe My soul is at ease You’re my missing puzzle piece Before I met you I was very confused Thought I lost touch with reality How is it possible for you to come from nowhere, and just fit me? Being with you is like feeling the sun on my skin and the grass

21st Century Problems: Episode 6 (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

“Uh….let me get one of them big chocolate-mel coffees,” the man at the drive thru intercom yelled into the microphone loud enough for me, sitting in my truck behind with my driver-side window down, to judge him. But, of course, it was I that need to be judged. Yes, I, because of my busy life schedule working, on-line gaming, and stuff, when I’m feeling impatient to wait for food, I go to McDouches. “I said I want one of them big carmel-choco coffees…like on the picture there.” Sitting here listening to this man was so painful that I couldn’t help but bang my head on the steering wheel. “Sir, do you mean a large coffee with caramel and chocolate in it or a large caramel mocha?” Whoever that person was working deserved employee of the month, because this was brutal. “Yeah…yeah. A big caramel macho.” The employee on the intercom snickered, “Okay sir. Will that complete your order?” I imagine that the road to purgatory was much like waiting for a slow order in a fast food drive thru. The…

21st Century Problems: Episode 5 (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

The drive to work is one of my favorite times of the day! Why? Because I get to sing and dance in my truck! Yay! Being that I have 5 jobs, I get to do it often! Yay! So, I had my Rico Suave going on this particular morning as I was getting into my truck and just as I was about to bluetooth my Spotify to my radio, my neighbor (from Episode #1) tapped on my window, which startled me and I let out a small shriek. I rolled down the window. “Sorry, to startle you, but I really need to see if this CD I burned works. It won’t play in my car.” Ugh, it was always something with him. “I don’t have a CD player in my truck.” His faced turned into something sinister. “What do you mean you don’t have a CD player. No internet? No CD? What’s wrong with you?” I really thought this was once bitchy dude. “Actually, I have internet. I’m late for work.” I was about to roll up the window and he stopped me. “I promised my wife I would make her a Best of Michelle Branch mix.” My heart swelled. “Michelle Bra…

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Louis Toliver Jr)

Forever they are loyal to your heart Reaching out to you when no one else can In the roughest times they are a foundation Ending any doubts about who you are Never leading you to self-destruction Demanding your best out of tough love Sacrificing the time to be your family

The Step Of Reflection (Louis Toliver Jr)

As I climbed towards a light, On the steps of my life given to me, Struggle and weariness had compelled me to stop.
Though I was lacking might, I ignored them and breathed freely. Only through breathing could I make it to the top.
As I stood on this step before I went onward, I felt compelled to look back. The previous steps descended into a dark fiction.
Truth is what I wanted and why I must go forward. Truth is my ambition to stay on track. Under my feet, I found this step was named “Reflection.”
What I saw now on this step in myself, I could not have seen then. I looked up and the light in front of me made sense.
Fiction, with its struggle and weariness, had poisoned part of my self, But the antidote of strength and patience always win. I bring those two with me up the remaining steps as my defense.
As I left the step of Reflection, I knew that it would return. It is the only step that repeats when you need to learn.

Tumble (Rachel Jackson-Lafayette, LA)

The swirling world so often throws A twist in the path of the poet. A trick to trick his feet in their progression. A clump of roots rise up And the artist grows entangled He tumbles as a weed blown gently sideways.
He rolls, he tumbles slowly As the grass accepts his body. The blades running through his fingers. Fibrous green beneath his nails. The smell of virgin leaves Wafts up through his nostrils. Their chloroplasts dance gayly with the sunlight.
“O you funny blades,” he thinks “You neither shave nor stab me." You hold the ground in place with such persistince. I'm sure your roots know intimately The worms who live below. Could you tell me all you've learned about their culture?”
He thinks of little tunnels wiggled in the earth, Which the worms can sleep or talk or sing or think in. Ponder to themselves The purpose of their existence. Develop myths that explain their brown surroundings. Perhaps anguished or accepting of incurable doubts.
Yes the artist's fateful tumble Becomes his v…

21st Century Problems: Episode 4 (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA))

I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared as this night I walked into Blockbuster. It looked like the Ghostbusters needed to come set some ghost traps. There were stacks and stacks of DVDs piled up. I could barely see a path to walk in the store. I know what you’re thinking, “Who goes to Blockbuster when there is Netflix, Hulu, Red Box, On Demand…etc?” Someone that needs to have something immediately. That’s who. I was stressed and there’s only one thing that cured my stress: dancing. I was looking for 2 things: A dancing video game for my Wii (the console in “Episode 2” was and From Justin to Kelly. Okay, so I saw no one…What do you mean why am I renting From Justin to Kelly? I don’t think that’s important to the story. Okay. Okay. The opening dance, “The Luv (The Bounce)” is a diamond in a movie distracted by Justin Guarini’s hair and Kelly Clarkson’s short-lived acting career. Ah!! My A.D.D.! Okay, so I saw no one in the store. It was just me and the two TVs playing movie t…

21st Century Problems: Episode 3 (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

“You have Attention Deficit Disorder,” the doctor concluded after his series of questions. “A.D.D.” he affirmed. He laughed, “If I had a nickel…” I wasn’t sure what to think. “Really?” I asked the doctor. I had never thought that I had problems with my attention span. A-D-D. That spells ADD, I thought. What could be the connection between addition and the attention span? I never cared for math. I remember constantly getting in trouble for turning all my number 3s into Bart Simpson faces in math. The Simpsons wasn’t really one of my favorite TV shows, but…you know thinking takes a lot of energy. My head hurts a lot so I don’t like to think. It makes me tired. I don’t mind other people thinking for me, especially when it comes to voting. I lost my high school election for Secretary. I think it was because I was a guy running for the position and not a chick with big boobs. I don’t think I would ever get breast implants if I were a chick. But, you know, I do enjoy chicken sandwiches… “He…

Left Behind (Ted A. Richard-Church Point, LA)

Jack and Jill went up the hill, … and I was left behind. Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub, … and I was left behind. Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle … and I was left behind. All of my life I’ve been left behind … a child without a nursery rhyme !!
Children adolesce and teens say goodbye, Friends move on and loved ones die. … and I was left behind. Like the undertow that the wave forgot, Or the drop of rain that the storm brought not, … I was left behind. Yes, all of my life I’ve been left behind, … the mind of a child in a grown-up’s time.
I see the world through infant’s eyes And empty shadows and vacant smiles. … because I was left behind. Sometimes the darkness encompasses the light And my beatless heart can see only night. … because I was left behind. In desperation, I sought to avenge My righteousness in this brotherhood of men. … because I was left behind. All of my life it was always my fault So had to retaliate for this mental assault …because I was left behind.

The First (Jordan Cade Freeland-Gueydan, LA)

I feel the world from inside.
The way my family and friends have fallen into my existence. It all fits perfectly into my karmic plan. Through space and time I continuously find myself a little more.. becoming ever closer to the wise man. The little hardship I experience is nothing compared to most, but still are strong tests of now. You must go down to find a more balanced way to get higher. From the sky she speaks to me, tells me So many things. He shows up in my dreams and resides just behind my tongue. The love I feel inside for this life is ever growing and will eventually shine out and show the way. As I take in the natural gifts of inspiration from the world around me, I change bit by bit. Once I know and am the wise man I believe is inside, things will forever be grounded. Knowing this gives the me of now, comfort and stability. My essence is growing and expanding and with this new expansion I may pass on fragments of this energy to others. For it is not only my journey to '…

Night and Day (Annette Redmond Walters-Lafayette, LA)

Perpetual light a luminous sight searing with might on this glorious night so heavenly bright steady in flight a fluttering sprite dancing in spite of endearing height in glittering white the shadows you fight with an arrogant bite
Exceptional ray a spirited way all on display on this beautiful day so pretty in play in delicate sway a flapping jay keeping at bay the dampening spray in feathery grey on wicked you prey with a groundless bray