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The Step Of Reflection (Louis Toliver Jr)

As I climbed towards a light,
On the steps of my life given to me,
Struggle and weariness had compelled me to stop.

Though I was lacking might,
I ignored them and breathed freely.
Only through breathing could I make it to the top.

As I stood on this step before I went onward,
I felt compelled to look back.
The previous steps descended into a dark fiction.

Truth is what I wanted and why I must go forward.
Truth is my ambition to stay on track.
Under my feet, I found this step was named “Reflection.”

What I saw now on this step in myself,
I could not have seen then.
I looked up and the light in front of me made sense.

Fiction, with its struggle and weariness, had poisoned part of my self,
But the antidote of strength and patience always win.
I bring those two with me up the remaining steps as my defense.

As I left the step of Reflection, I knew that it would return.
It is the only step that repeats when you need to learn.


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