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The First (Jordan Cade Freeland-Gueydan, LA)

I feel the world from inside.
The way my family and friends have fallen into my existence. It all fits perfectly into my karmic plan.
Through space and time I continuously find myself a little more.. becoming ever closer to the wise man.
The little hardship I experience is nothing compared to most, but still are strong tests of now. You must go down to find a more balanced way to get higher.
From the sky she speaks to me, tells me So many things. He shows up in my dreams and resides just behind my tongue. The love I feel inside for this life is ever growing and will eventually shine out and show the way.
As I take in the natural gifts of inspiration from the world around me, I change bit by bit. Once I know and am the wise man I believe is inside, things will forever be grounded. Knowing this gives the me of now, comfort and stability.
My essence is growing and expanding and with this new expansion I may pass on fragments of this energy to others. For it is not only my journey to 'know' my wise man but to assist others in knowing theirs.
Nirvana is within all and has been the entire time. No longer search for happiness in objects and forms. Look instead within, you create the euphoria and you create the blocks that keep you from it.


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