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The Mighty Captains of the Planet (Louis Toliver Jr)

The four of them, the mighty captains, had been traveling through the Gulf of Mexico on a small boat. Alpha, an alien chosen to guard Earth, had told them of the danger creeping through the waters. They had never met Alpha, but he had been telepathically guiding the teens from their births, when he implanted their powers, until they conveniently all met at the same college. They had all known of each other early in their lives, but had only been fighting villain-driven disasters for the past year, together. Alpha ensured they came together at the right time as trouble on earth grew. Alpha had to ensure the safety of Earth for his people’s return in a thousand years. The captains were hope.
Since Smoggy Fog was defeated, the Terrorist had taken advantage of the latest manmade disaster, an oil spill. The Terrorist was their main villain, but the gang had never seen him, just his creations, one after another.  His latest monster, Slick, was oozing through the gulf getting closer to the wetlands. Slick was able to engulf, eat anything that came in contact with its black oily acidic body. It had been reported to the Global government, which secretly employed the teens, that Slick had already engulfed a couple small islands, many ships, and several people. Slick had grown to a 100 foot unperfect radius with an evil brain at the center. The mighty captains hoped they would locate the terror before it became horror. Unfortunately, Slick was taking a cruise ship down under the water as the gang approached battle. They knew they would not be able to soothe the screams of people in time, but they kicked it into high gear, immediately.
“Now!” Kai-ying, a Chinese girl who had the ability to produce and manipulate fire, was strategizing with the others; she was the leader.
“I got this!” Malik, an American from a housing project in the windy city of Chicago, in that moment became light has a feather and a strong gust of wind blew him off the boat and high into the sky. Slick noticed him as he finished eating the cruise ship. Malik spun around faster and faster until the winds got stronger and stronger. A huge hurricane wind came blowing towards Slick. The wind was so strong that it knocked Slick out of the water into the air. He blocked out the sun from the gang for many long seconds. Eventually, all of Slick fell back into the water.
            “We’ve got to get him out of the ocean, but somewhere isolated,” Kai-ying’s skin was turning red and steaming.
Leonardo, a mute boy from Brazil who was able to sustain life in his small village during a small drought because of his ability to have water bind to him, nodded and dove into the ocean from the boat. The water in a circled proximity began to calm the waves that were beginning to spin around. Then the water roared. The circle spread and more water flowed like a deep tornado. It looked like water draining down a tub. The circle of water erupted and pushed the Slick backward flying through the ocean and into the air, again.
            “Land! Hurry, I can’t use my power until we get in shallow water!” Jacoline was a South African girl with the ability to control the movement of the earth and she was strong enough to hold the ground still during an earthquake. She ran towards the railing of the boat and looked outward. When Slick landed, there was a small-uninhabited island in the distance. “Damnit, I wish I could fly!” Malik and Leonardo were able to push Slick towards the land. Jacoline leaped off the boat making a fist and punching down into the ground. The ground shook. The ground cracked. Then the ground broke in half and pushed upward forming a mountain as it grew larger and moved quicker. It grew into a mountain twenty times the size of Slick.
            “Sorry, for the cliché phrase but, we need to fire things up a bit,” Kai-ying shot up into the sky like a rocket from the boat, now on shore, and like the speed of light she flew out of the atmosphere. She grabbed a piece of an asteroid and burst into flames falling back towards the Earth. She dropped the large chunk of fire on top of Slick and it lit him on fire smashing him into the ground.
            Malik flew around the fiery Slick and kept the fire from spreading around the island. He was able to blow Slick against the mountain and he fell against it, still in flames. Jacoline forced up three more mountains, locking Slick into a square. Slick began to ooze upward and move forward, but a huge tsunami came full force mashing between the mountains. Leonardo rolled away quickly out of the water so he wouldn’t get harmed. He launched the boat away and the gang watched Slick burn in his trap. The fiery Slick was enclosed by the landforms.
            The gang got off the island immediately as flaming pieces of Slick’s body ignited the island.  Another one of the Terrorist monsters down the hatch, so they thought. Alpha was about to congratulate them telepathically, but the captains grew ill at what they saw. They approached more black crude, this time at an unperfected 1000 foot radius.
            A grim Ronald Reganesque voice echoed through the sky, “Now that your warmed up. I want you to meet Slick, Jr.” The voice echoed in laughter, but was unseen.
            “Alpha, we might need to combine our powers for this one,” Kai-ying looked at the others.


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