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Flashbacks: January 30th - Chaney Bennett & Avery Richard

Monogram (Chad Leblanc - Thibodaux, LA)

Insignificance (Steve Duhon - Carencro, LA)

We could never know the value of someone we have not met.

To some we are nothing...
Just passing by, never knowing the others’ gifts...
Never knowing their stories...

To some we we are all!
We are everything!
You are mine!
I am so happy that you are my someone!
Ecstatic that we met!
Loving every minute of us!

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I Can See You (Harvey Lebeouf - Kaplan, LA)

When I look in your eyes 
Baby I can see all the good that you see 
When I feel your touch 
I can feel everything that makes you who you are
When I see your smile I can see how much you are into me too 
When I look into your heart 
I can see all the hurt and hard times that brought you to me 
When I feel your kiss 
I can see your soul and all the love that’s in your heart 
Baby I can see you
I can see everything that you are and everything 
That we are going to be
I just hope that one day you can see it too 
So look me in my eyes
And tell me what you see in me 
Come and feel my touch 
So you can see what makes up everything 
I am You gotta see my smile
I’m always smiling when I’m around you
Please look into my heart
And see all the hurt that brought me to you 
Kiss me like I’m leaving and you want me to stay 
You will see how much I can love you
I can see you And you can see me too

Signs of the Design (Joseph Michael Benoit - Iowa, LA)

these trials and
so many nations
all of them
can be summed up
with some simple

and greed
to have much more
than you'll ever need
these are the things
that tear nations apart
pitting each other
against some
fictitious other
some unknown
invisible enemy
slowly invading
your home

yet all along
while they
sing this song
they are slowly
charming their way
into your hearts
and your minds
subtly, secretly
planting their mines
waiting for the day
when it all
breaks loose
so they can rob you
of everything
while you hang
by their noose

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