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please make Green come back (Louis Toliver Jr)

Green left the other day we couldn’t stop him we couldn’t stop her Green wasn’t happy anymore so green wanted to leave the place that had made him the place that had made her Green caught a bus across the states laughed with strangers slept where it was easy traveled the places no one else would the places he imagined the places she imagined Green left the other day and Green isn’t coming back
we’ve got to give Green a reason to come back and show us what we should know

Children, Don't Trust Just Any Garden (Louis Toliver Jr)

“Is this good to eat?” The children stumbled into the garden They had never seen such a variety of vegetables and fruits Tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, apples, peaches, cucumbers “Is this good to eat?” Mark asked again holding some peapods in his hand “Mother would love them!” Rebecca cheered But Gary did not think it was good to be in the garden “Put that down,” Gary demanded Gary did not think these things grew together They should not grow together “It’s not good to eat! It’s a trick!” Gary screamed But it was too late his brother and sister fell under a spell “Yum. Delicious!” Mark chewed into the rind of an orange “Yum. Delicious!” Rebecca ate a kiwi then nibbled on a piece of lettuce Gary wept as he ran home quickly Gary wept when he told his mother that her children were dead They were poisoned by the thought that they could have it all

Christmas with Mama (Ted A. Richard-Church Point, LA)

Christmas with Mama For Jessica
My Mama died at Christmas when I was just ten I never thought I could enjoy Christmas again. Our Christmas tree, we never took down; It was Christmas in our house all year ‘round. Each time I stared into the shimmering lights, I knew that my Mama was keeping me alright. Guiding my mind with pleasant dreams And memories of us; never-ending, it seems.
And then one day, a lightning storm And all the memories of Mama were gone.
Each year at Christmas, the houses light up With sparkle and cheer;bright until sunup. Then it all comes down ; and Christmas disappears With the ringing of the brand New Year. Each Christmas season so happy and gay. Why does it ever have to go away.
Then I thought to myself, it shouldn’t be so. It’s always Christmas as long as I know That Mama is with me in my heart and my mind. I love that it’s always Christmas time.

Fearless (Louis Toliver Jr)

Every morning that I wake up
I am fearless!
As I smile and eat my breakfast
I am fearless!
When I go outside to tell my neighbor “Good Morning!”
I am fearless!
I sing in my car and drive on time for work
I am fearless!
Every day a fast car dangerously cuts in front of me
I am fearless!
I wave that soul right across the lane
I am fearless!
I know that greedy souls are never on time
I am fearless!
“Bye-Bye Negavity?” I say. “Doesn’t exist to me.”
I am fearless!
“BAM!” Gone. My optimistic soul is still here.
I am fearless!
Let’s forget all that drama We’re not a part of that cast We are excited to help each other What a wonderful time to enjoy
Today is our day, especially tomorrow We have enough time and more The beginning has been generous Our story is no where near over
Lets go. Let’s chant. Join me.
I am fearless! We are fearless!
I am fearless! We are fearless!
I am fearless! We are fearless!

I am fearless! We are fearless!
I am fearless! We are fearless!
We are fearless!
We are …

What I Know (Ted A. Richard-Church Point, LA)

What I Know … I know that sometimes what I see isn’t what I see. I know that sometimes what I hear isn’t what I hear. I know that sometimes what I think isn’t what I think. I know that sometimes what I feel isn’t what I feel.
I know that my eyes are for sight; not vision. I know that my ears are for sound; not listening. I know that my mind is for thoughts; not understanding. I know that my heart is for passion; not loving.
I know this because my eyes can see what no else can see. I know this because my ears can hear what no one else can hear. I know this because my mind can think what no one else can think. I know this because my heart can feel what no one else can feel.
I know that what I can see with my own eyes can help me to envision others more clearly. I know that what I can hear with my own ears can help me to listen to others with complete understanding. I know that what I think with my own mind can help me to inspire others in faith, hope and love.
And I know that what I feel with my own he…

Grief (Skyra Francesca Rideaux- Carencro, LA)

A quiet storm swelling in the bluest wave pencil sharpened tears stabbing unceasingly at the hollowed space between two ribs incessant screeching, scratching, screaming Internal bleed- electric shocks of near fatal wattage Defibrillator- bland, gargled salt drying on a cottony tongue of bile garbage. A silent thief languidly squeezing in through a doggy door. Dying over and over and over And over and over again Midnight recycled from yesterday one final breath, still dying over and over and over again

Human, Snakes, and the Lost (Louis Toliver, Jr)

The most complexing and painful question that I realize I may never answer is: Why would someone wake up each day and make it a goal to hurt others physically or emotionally. I don’t think there will be a clear answer, but I do know that there are three types of forces in nature: humans, snakes, and the lost. And though my choice to stay in my state and get the best education I could possibly get in a place where snakes have chosen money over life, I realized I am sick of snakes hurting the people I see everyday. I am sick of all these lost people in Louisiana fallen victim to the games of evil mostly through the uses of words. As I have been a lost individual like the ones I love, I am sick of them being confused on who or what to blame for why they are hurting. I am simply here to tell you in the most simple and plain fashion that the reason you are hurting, Louisiana, is that snakes disguised as us are slowing injecting us with their venom, right here in our own home, they have ch…

Night (Louis Toliver Jr)

I fear the day That someone will see me Or know me inside
Who I am Who I was Or what I can become
Am I scared? To live Or to love
Must be to love Or of rejection Probably both
So I live the night Where I walk alone Always lonely

A Distant Dream (Taylor Coen-Lafayette, LA)

Ticks and tocks of clocks: time passes through itself melting away into the surface. A picture, an image, a dip into surrealism. Unfamiliar grounds express chaos. A fight between night and day: religious beliefs mold into the earth. The web of life comes alive: a dome of peace. Clouds form the background: an hourglass of time. Sand pours to the bottom as light shines through it. A pathway is shown to this beautiful land.
Sailing across the vast ocean: an adventure. Running towards the shadows: stupidity. An oasis of time consecrates the state of mind.

(A Too Long to Read but You Should) Facebook Status: Life Epiphany at Age 28, A Lesson in "They," "Them," and "Their" (Louis Toliver Jr)

As I got into my underwear, said my prayers, and jumped into bed, it suddenly occurred to me on this night February 18th, 2013 that “they” (whoever decides what is suitable to obtain a Ph.D in) don’t give “Ph.Ds in People” (simply put) out. I said, “Of course, they don’t,” because if “they” gave out “Ph.Ds in People”… then we would understand the thought process of a human beings thoroughly and we know "them," which would lead us to understanding how other people think, and then we would understand how we, ourselves, should think as a whole and pass that information along to help each other…in that order, truthfully. We would ask questions and try to understand each other and how to survive together. However, “they” think it is more lucrative for the few of “them” to divide the majority of us by pointing out our differences. But hey, “they” taught us that we can’t make money if we work together, if we don’t compete, and we let “them” do that for some reason. Foolishly, we gi…

Deep Blue (I Wish I Were Romantic)- (Louis Toliver Jr)

Romantic, I am not Honest, I try
Strong, I wish
I took a deep breathe Hoping my passion would not die God teased me with you He served you a on a plate
As bad as I wanted to, To try you, A beautiful body Served as a delicate dish
I changed When I saw you But I ran away Deep blue, my eyes are left
As I said I am no romantic And I am hardly strong enough To admit…I love you

The Legend Foretold (Annette Redmond-Lafayette, LA)

I had a dream, I say, that the wintry cold would soon move in today. Make the legend old and carry it away. Noble gods be told, the freeze is here to stay. Though heroes fought bold, the iciness won’t sway. May all eyes behold, the sky is turning grey. And as dreams are sold, all hope and faith does fray. Wicked storms unfold, while we can only pray for mercy to hold, kissing goodbye to May and all things of gold. The rain first starts to play, thunders manifold and lightening sends her ray to shake Earth’s threshold. All the stars gone astray, winds whip down to scold All signs shut out of day, just as dreams foretold. It seems the world will pay, fighting off the mold. Though I feel a new way, bare and unparrolled. Bravely, the vise I slay, into dusk I strolled, keeping evil at bay, a horned brute I polled. I heard its anguished bray. As senses enfold, in wait of more soothsay, may justice uphold and hell not find its prey. Above dark clouds rolled, such like an old cliché. Min…

"I Love You" is Enough (Louis Toliver Jr)

Please don’t stress I see what you do all year Everyday you show me Through your actions How much you care for me

Please don’t stress It’s not for money or possessions That I give my life to you It’s the moments that are small When people don’t care to look That you show your love most

Don’t stress to demonstrate What you already know you do Just say “I love you” and… My underwear will come off for you

To the Man of My Dreams and…My Future Reality (Louis Toliver Jr)

I imagine you holding the door open to our new home Newly married, you come in behind me smiling You wrap your arms tightly around me, our heads touching You say “We’re Home” and I turn and kiss you
I imagine the birth of our first child, adoption, of course The fact that we can love a child is all we want, we win We have many more children, we love them all, of course Their ambitions high like their parents, all we want, we win
I imagine a marriage and life filled with best memories All of our traveling adventures, experiencing the world Coaching our children to make the best decisions in life Growing old together and having the most youthful love
And, though it’s bittersweet, I imagine the day I lose you Not that anything went wrong, it’s just that we are strong It is an exciting thought, our love makes death seem easy Because one earthly death will never break our energy apart
Whatever form YOU, man of my dreams, come in YOU, my future reality man, will constantly evolve with me I…

South Louisiana Community College's PANGEA Valentine's Day Bake Sale

Invisible Tiara (Ted A. Richard-Church Point, LA)

This whole world is a pageant!!
We live our lives in a constant state of judgment, which is why so many of us often feel like we just don’t “measure up”.
“Are we pretty enough?”
“Are we smart enough?”
“Where do we fit in on that scale from one to ten?”
Yes, our life is a pageant, and everyone is trying to win!!!
But why do we allow others to judge us?
Who the heck entered us in this pageant?
They don’t know us?
They don’t know who we are?
All “the judges” know are what they SEE, and that’s only half of who we ARE !!
It seems like we are always trying to win this pageant in which no one ever gets the crown.
Yes, we all WANT the crown!
But why does no one ever GET the crown?
Truth is, anyone can have the crown…
But is it really that important?
Is a little bit of sparkle on your head really worth all the trouble we went through to get it?
We have allowed ourselves to be culturalized into a society in which the basics of our beliefs and the content of our character are constantly being pu…

Liquid Wedding Tuxedo (Louis Toliver Jr)

His wedding tuxedo was made of liquid It dripped down the isle  Dripped as he gave his vows  The liquid clung to his chest The tuxedo puddled on his body
“I do” couldn’t make that liquid tux fit Dripped onto the bride's lips  Dripped onto her flower  His wedding ring couldn’t stay on Dripping lies while marrying her

Get Happy! (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

You woke up Took a breath
Said I love you To whoever you love
You went into day To show yourself
You are happy And that happy shows
Applaud yourself today You are happy
You are happy To know you are alive
In each struggling day In every struggling way
You are very very happy You exist and existed
You are happy!

Life Changes (Kisha Courville Kana-Lafayette, LA)

In complete darkness I reached for you and you weren’t there Were you blind? Or did you get left behind? The door closed I made my way to the glowing exit sign I didn’t look back I didn’t jump but rather just stepped off Into floating abyss Suspended in air I’m twisting and turning trying to find the ground But all I need to do is let go of the illusion Learn to fly and coast down


I find it only realistic that many of us in Louisiana will be occupied with celebrating life so being on Facebook, Twitter, etc. should be at the bottom of your priorities.

So, FRIDAY-SUNDAY, I will being doing a recap of what we have all done so far. Friday (8th) & Saturday (9th) I will be hosting the first TOP TEN on the blog. I will repost the work of some of your favorites based on the amount of pageviews. Let's use this for motivation! Sunday (10th), I will be reposting ALL Spritual Meditations 1-7 in order.

MONDAY (11th) & TUESDAY(12th)-The blog will be inactive for the Mardi Gras Holiday.

WEDNESDAY (13th), we will be back with a whole new string of artists from new places in Louisiana.

Thank you to all that support this blog and hope to watch it grow into something fruitful for us all.

Louis Toliver Jr

From Dust (Skyra Francesca Rideaux-Carencro, LA)

It’s our anniversary.September first, we met in a garden filled with flowers. She comes every year, holding a bouquet of forget-me-nots, as if that will ever replace her memory of me.She always seems to blame me for the way the ceremony caused her life to change. Asking me to ask God why He couldn’t wait one more day. The loneliness is unbearable she says, the crying tiring, the questions always unanswered.The solid marble between us never quite stifles her sobs. She cries and she accuses me of stealing her most precious possession, her rock, her reason for breathing. She always addresses me as father, daddy, or dad. Never realizing that the answers she seeks have already been given in the silences between her mourning. This woman, this girl, who carries her grief bottled up year after year, is my anticipation.For when I feel her warm fingers trace the curves of my outer shell, and her soft lips kiss my marbled face, I feel worthy.We both know that we can’t keep meeting like this, but…

Dysfunctional (Taylor Coen-Lafayette, LA)

The flower sits before the tree, it is like an antagonist of nature. The rainbows fall against the clouds: colors burst into a buffet of light. Rain travels down into a puddle of water portraying the sight of an ugly ox. The strength is weak; it collapses to the ground, life flows out like a stream of consciousness.
Back to the daisy and the overpowering oak, A lightning bolt strikes both. The war fades over, the mist evaporates,  and sunshine glimmers down upon a hidden valley.

The Move (Katherine Stelly Watson-Lafayette, LA)

Grandmother visited me in a dream last night Wearing a pink jump suit and a curious smile Driving a pink Cadillac convertible Her sweatband accented her beehive do She drove by in slow soundless motion Her words were inaudible But I heard her She said, “Relax…” A pink jump suit Clouds and a Cadillac Taking it easy Happy to know she likes her new place.