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One’s Precious Chance (Marlon D. Bourque- Lafayette, LA)

As I lay peering into the darkness of uncertainty ahead,
many thoughts of Why? Could-haves? Should-haves? race unceasing.
Yearnings of wellness, future plans, an equal solitude,
like those memories of times past frequently enter my senses.

I now see myself as an outcast, outsider from my own body,
as I view healthy persons in my perceptive eye as uncaring or inhuman in action.
Feelings of inadequacy, shame, or anger surface as I hear media spew stories of,
hate, rejection stigma because of the virus that found it’s way into my body. 

Where greed and indifference vie as a form of success in the democratic society,
expressions of concern abound at creative solutions of which to fulfill my remaining quality of life.
Ironically it has taken a conversation with death,
to experience the anger to want to live. 
This very threat to my health has given me willingness to get in touch with my inner feelings,
to share in my love of music, art, and writing openly without reserve.
All trivial, superficial mind …

Practice What You Preach (Adam Schexnayder- Crowley, LA)

You can go to confession and be absolved from the "sins" you commit. You can go to mass to appear to live the Christian life. You can even go to Sunday school to learn the teaching of a book that was written thousands of years ago (you'll forget it anyway, most likely). But my so called "sin" is unforgivable. And it's an abomination. Well I have one request. If my "lifestyle" upsets you so much, why don't you just forgive me?!

Please Let Me Show You Love (Madison Elizabeth- Lafayette, LA)

A bleeding heart beats inside my chest
I want to fix you, hold you gently
If only I had the ability to help you the way you need
I could save you from yourself
Stay with you, take care of you
You may not even realize who I am
But I love you and care about you
Once in my not-so-distant past
I learned what it was to be completely alone
And to feel like no one understood
Or could help me
Maybe now you see why I want to help
I know the way you feel
Maybe not the exact emotion
But I understand the depth of your pain
I have scars like you do
Maybe not as deep
But they are still etched into my wounded heart
So please
Let me be there for you
If only to hold you while you cry
Tell you that it's gonna be okay
Because even though you can't see the light now
Doesn't mean it isn't coming
And if it's alright with you
I'll stay and keep you company until then
Wait with you until you realize
That no matter how alone you feel
I will always love you.

Us > Everyone Else (Madison Elizabeth Holland-Lafayette, LA)

How many ways can I say I love you? I'm running out of words For once To describe to you the depths of my feelings The endless promises of my soul You and I more than anyone Have been through hell and back We know what it is to think we've lost everything Just so we could start anew You have hurt me more than I've ever thought possible And brought me more joy than I could ever have imagined When we met no one could ever have predicted How this story would go A good girl meets a bad boy But now We are only Ourselves And that makes me happier each day more I am gifted to spend with you.

It’s the Beginning of a New World (And I Feel Fine) (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

A long time ago in the year, 2012 Some human beings once thought That the world would meet its end It’s nothing new to human history Fear is commonly used to control So making others believe in destruction Undermines GOD’s purpose for us Which is to create from the center Like GOD, we share the same center And within us is the ability to create Or the ability to destroy, this is true As apocalypse talk aims to enslave The human gift of intelligence through fear However, life does not ever, ever end It always continues, I promise you that It’s the beginning of a new world At least as we don’t know it, yet But those after us will know what this world Overcame to become a planet of global allies
I feel good to know that tangible human Enlightenment is on the rise and I feel fine

Nature’s Serenity, Selfish Humankind (Marlon D. Bourque-Lafayette, LA)

Amidst majestic mountains of morn, lay meandering trails covered in dew. Skies dawning bright amber forelorn, winds whisping evergreens moments through.
Maturity experiencing time go by, foundling wildlife yet to rear. Waiting till precious eagles fly, sensing approaching winter season near.
Gentle calming tides ebbing flow, revealing seas natural watery scene. Great rivers winding far below, among deepest valley’s so serene.
Prideful humankind boasts to kill, against poor natures helpless will.

Hung by the Tongue, ….. A Painfilled Lesson (Marlon D. Bourque-Lafayette, LA)

Amidst our diverse sub-cultured society, lurks those irresponsible few jesters. Often unaware the pain caused by perceived superiority, of which sarcasm egotistically applied will fester.
In moderation, can be taken as humor if one please, yet vies of selfish attention-seeking power needs beckon strong. Uncontrolled, ignorantly based grudges unleashed, often creating hate vendettas that do not belong.
Lending to unhealthy negative reactions , left unchallenged, will sacrifice mature growth changes. This artificial bubble of superiority action, Will lend to loss of trust by others so strange.
Suddenly one emerges from temporary sense of false gratification, as realization emerges that tests the true rewards of ones folly. Knowledge of truth of ones actions arises as a cold sensation of loneliness, once friend ones entertained audience becomes foe.
Overwhelming feelings of indifference, hurt, melancholy, ultimately surface as one seeks others to ease the pain away. Meanwhile others realize that lost soul…

New Author: Marlon D. Bourque

We met Marlon D. Bourque at Tonic for Words open mic event. Marlon has created 
some of his varied experiences thru poetry writings. Most are derived
from journals while enlisted in US Navy 1980-1985 that he drew upon my
love of nature at satire of selfish human interest toward nature. AIDS
Quilt/caregiverfor friends in Houston 1989-2000. Gay Mens Chorus of
Houston GMCH now a mixed chorale of women & men known as Bayou City
Chorale ...sang from 1989-1994, hiatus for grad school then rejoined
2004-2008. Marlon looks forward to advocating in his home town.  
We welcome him to the Louisiana Words family!

New Author: Cara Anne Overgaard

"Cara Anne Overgaard is a wonderful new edition to the Louisiana Words family. She is one of the newest voices representing Acadiana's transgender community. Cara is one of the most passionate, intelligent sweethearts and she is currently a Director-At-Large for the Acadiana PRIDE Festival. You can expect to see her using her voice in leading the movement to give others the confidence in being themselves." — Louis Toliver Jr.

"I’m Sorry” Is All I Needed to Hear (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Shhh…you don’t have to cry No need for us to visit the past You’ve become the one who forgets I’ve become the man who forgives Wipe up your face and show me a smile ‘Cause we’re different people now
Hate is the biggest of burdens Smashing you down into isolation Spiritually destined to hell on earth What good is a day on earth alone? No way, no how, I don’t want that life Life is short and can’t be spent angry
As long as we live in the present Our faith is renewed in our future I will always let you grow into you I’m not here to watch you suffer You don’t have to shed a tear “I’m sorry” is all I needed to hear

Messy Cute (Adam John Shexnayder-Crowley, LA)

It felt a bit odd to see him. I watched as he eloquently placed groceries into his basket as the woman held on to his arm. I had only ever seen him behind closed doors. In the dark usually. But I knew he was beautiful. But I had no idea he was the beautiful. It was like a demigod that had never realized his full potential. And all I could really focus on was her. Her hair tied back, tight, as if she was trying to build a migraine. And those jogging pants as if she didn't know they were going in public (but she knew). That messy cute that only seemed to be messy on her. I had a right mind to talk to him. Go right up to him and remind him who he really loved. But as I squatted behind a display of ferns, I could only think of where had all my dignity gone? When did I sacrifice myself for "love". Cause "love" sure wasn't sacrificing anything for me. 

A few days later I turned on the news at ten pm. As I brought the volume to 100% I heard the reporter. Her messy …

Almost Every Man's Dream (Bryan Hinojosa, Lafayette, LA)

There is an island in the South Pacific called Mau’lai’i that lies about fifty knots southeast of the five Finger Islands in Micronesia.It had remained a secret to the rest of the world for over three centuries, completely cut off, because the only people who knew about it, other than its inhabitants and the natives of the Finger Islands. And they kept it a secret because they feared that the white man would conquer it and ruin it if he ever found out about it, which is exactly what happened. At any given time on Mau’lai’i, there are about seven hundred women and maybe one or two men.Whenever a male is born on the island, it is immediately cast into the sea, as an offering.The women grow up, knowing only other women, until they are deemed strong enough to give birth, when they are then taken to one of the stud males on the island to be inseminated.Men serve only this function and are completely provided for. Not just any man can become a drone for the Mau’lai’ians, though.In order to …

New Author: Elizabeth Jenkins

From Louis Toliver Jr:

I had the recent opportunity to meet Lizzy through working with the Acadiana P.R.I.D.E. Festival. I have started building a strong relationship with Lizzy and her partner DJ (Donna Jean) by being a member of Louisiana Trans Advocates. What I am coming to realize through people like Lizzy, I meet, is that Louisiana is full of compassionate, loving, artistic talent and should take pride in such a unique, diverse pool of individuals representing this wonderful state. I welcome Elizabeth Jenkins to the Louisiana Words family and hope that she continues to use her voice in anyway she pleases.

Sometimes I Feel the Fool (Elizabeth Jenkins-New Orleans, LA)

What I am I am – what I be I be
About the world most times as me
But sometimes I feel the fool
Yes sometimes so feel the fool

Times is times is times most times
And fools is fools most all the times
So why do I whom I feel is smart
Oft feel this fool within my heart

A freak a fool a person wrong
Sing my simple transition song
No fool I feel tis only truth
Yet those around seem me forsooth

Am I wrong to think I'm wrong
Sing my song and think it's wrong
Or right to right and think I'm right
A foolish wrong I need to right


What I am I am – what I be I be
About the world most times as me
But sometimes I feel the fool
Yes sometimes so feel the fool

I try to say of what I am
Yet none see me as I am
Sometimes I really cannot know
What I feel others need to know

Am I the fool for not giving up
Trying to make points carefully
Or is it others who listen not
To what I feel I need to say

When does it go too far I think
When do I quit and just walk away
Is that a failure upon my part
Or rather something I m…

Switchblade Words (Louis Toliver Jr- Swartz, LA)

It seems the observation of the times is
That those men who identify themselves
As “str8” men to adhere to society
Not because that is how they truly feel
But to participate in bullying human beings… Should spend some time in what has
Come to be called the “gay” family. See “str8’ men are not emotionally adapted
To handle the decisions of the times alone
And thus it should be of the family interest
Of this so called “str8” man that has evolved
That he consider spending time with his gay family
So that he would toughen up to the cutting
That societal words can sometimes achieve. Exposing the insecurity he tries to hide in himself
This unstable man has come to see only…fear Let this “str8” man come learn from his “gay” family
So they can educate him on switchblade words
The ones, that have come to make the “str8” man weak

Simplicidad (Simplicity) (Rachel Jackson- Lafayette, LA)

Creo sinceramente                                          I believe quite sincerely que a veces es mejor                                       that at time it feels better hablar un idioma                                               to speak in a language que no sea tuyo.                                               that isn't yours.
A mí me cuesta más trabajo.                           It is harder for me. El resultado es más simple.                            The result is simpler. Pero las palabras que salgan                          But the words that come out son sinceras, naturales.                                   are sincere, natural.
Sin palabras tan complejas                             Without complex words Se tranquilizan mis ideas.                                My ideas become calmer. Saben que lo complicado                                They know those too complicated  Simplemente no diré                                         I simply won't say.
Digo lo s…

New Author: Jason Myers

Here's a personal Introduction form Jason Myers:

"I go by calvin the kid, im from new Orleans, I started rapping about 2 years ago, I started writing rap cause I couldn't sing, it takes talent to sing, it takes practice and I heard everyone rapping about the same thing so I put myself into my music so people hear how I feel."

Let's welcome "Calvin the Kid" to the Louisiana Words family!

5:10 (Jason Myers-Breaux Bridge, LA)

As I lay in bed  wishing I was dead  but instead  I'm thinking about you  and i know your not thinkin of me  so why am I think about what could be  what could of happened  I don't talk about my feelings  I mask them  practice what I'd say to you  right now I don't know who I'm talking to  I left you a couples voicemails I was pretty high  two days later still no reply.  Now I wish I never sent em.  Never brake my rule  so you bent them like Beckham.  Texted you at 9,  keep checkin my phone again.  Try not to think about it,  now its 5:10. 
Tired of trying to get back to the past samuri jack.  Should have seen this coming when you said we should take a break  and let things run their course  I didn't mean to play games when I got your number,  contact sports  I say I'm over you,  looking at your Facebook and instagram  just to see if you found or hangin out with a new man.  I just want you to walk by when I'm with a girl or friends.  Even if it just pre…