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Nature’s Serenity, Selfish Humankind (Marlon D. Bourque-Lafayette, LA)

Amidst majestic mountains of morn,
lay meandering trails covered in dew.
Skies dawning bright amber forelorn,
winds whisping evergreens moments through.

Maturity experiencing time go by,
foundling wildlife yet to rear.
Waiting till precious eagles fly,
sensing approaching winter season near.

Gentle calming tides ebbing flow,
revealing seas natural watery scene.
Great rivers winding far below,
among deepest valley’s so serene.

Prideful humankind boasts to kill,
against poor natures helpless will.


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I’m Not a Nigger (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

You called me a “nigger” One word to rule me  Your word bullet of hate 
You’re life is a such hell  You think 6 letters  Justify your fake inferiority 
Just 6 letters  I got those and 20 more  Together
My mind is bulletproof I’m so far above you  I can call you scum in 6 different languages 
You can’t hide in white pride You are hate  You’re the nigger

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