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The Calling (Madisyn Barbosa- Lafayette, LA)

Some of it's pleasure,
Some of it's pain,
Sometimes feeling like the broken tracks
Of a crazy train,
Knowing the ride can be fun,
Knowing it's mostly scary,
Sometimes feeling like the broken emotions
Need to be buried,
Sometimes some make up,
Sometimes none at all,
Wondering if esteem, or hope and faith
Will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all,
Knowing the who people see,
Will surely soon die,
Being reborn a new life,
To girl from guy,
But never did
The guy exist,
You knew he was a mask,
The girl wore to hide
Happiness missed,
Growing tired of the heat costumed,
Tearing away the disguise,
The buried girl inside exhumed,
The first sight of sunshine,
The first breath of fresh air,
The first ever smile worn,
Without giving a care,
Of what society thinks,
Of what the public will say,
Stepping out the door,
The first time as you today,
The whispers
The looks
The bait on the hooks,
Misleading the guys some say,
The lure unintended,
You just are who you are,
A broken life mended,
Thats not fair,
You led me on
Some men will say,
Just because they fell in love,
At first sight today,
Without getting to know you,
With just upon sight,
Calling you a visual liar,
To make themselves feel better at night,
Kill the weirdo,
Kill the girl,
Because she confuses my heart,
My sight,
And my world,
Kill the freak,
Because she is a loner,
Kill the monster,
Because she gives me a boner,
Kill the faggot,
Because I'm ashamed I like her,
Kill the fairy,
Because inside I think I'm like her,
Kill the tranny,
She confuses my sexual orientation,
Kill that pretty girl,
She makes my dick give her,
A standing ovation,
We run
We hide
Most live in stealth,
We run
We hide
Some keeping themselves on a shelf,
Those people,
You know the kind,
That bury their true self,
Wish they could come out,
Out the closet
Off the shelf,
Dont hate me,
Because I am happy,
Hate yourself for hating me,
Because your morals are crappy,
Let me live,
My own happy life,
You never know,
If your mind is open,
You may have just met your future wife,
So think again transphobes,
About killing that girl,
Open your sexuality,
And she may be your perfect world,
The love of your life,
The girl you've been searching for,
So what if shes trans,
You may love her more,
Than any girl,
You've ever met,
Just give love a chance,
You'll both be happy together,I bet.


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