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Thirsty Bitches Take a Sip...The Sequel (James Leland Ludeau III- Lafayette, LA)

It's thirsty bitches  Take a sip, the sequel  No equal  No rival  My arrival  On my throne  All alone In my own lane  Insane  And thirsted after  The splatter  Like a platter  Of dehydrated queens  Overrated beings  Dirrty bitches get out my way  I've got something to say   Take a sip  Then bite your lip And hold on tight  I might  Quinch your thirst  Burst  Your brains and your face  This race  A marathon, not a sprint  A dent  In your pride  A layer of Hyde   As you hang your heads in shame  I've won this game  My pimp cup  Fucked all you bitchez up  The desperation  Jealous maneuvers  Games  And psycho play  And through it all  I've gotten something to say  Bolt down the tables and batten the hatches  These new group of ho's Comin' 'round in batches  Thirsty bitches  Take a sip  Sip it up  Gulp  Guzzle  I'll muzzle  You Dazzled  Razzled  Just no longer hassled  A king among queens  Amongst other things  My hand extended  My reign defended  So gather 'round all you thirsty little bitches  Take a sip  Tr…

Good Blood (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

Like Ludeau's "Bad Blood" Let this shade pour like a flood  Abracadabra envious bitches  Oh how your weave itches  Don't be jealous of that good blood Let it flood  Your soul Like eating bananas from Dole  Used to be each others' haters Now we're Intelligence's instigators  It's fate Congratulate  Us, still creating words Abracadabra, fly birds

Bad Blood (James Leland Ludeau III - Lafayette, LA)

Love don't live here anymore My squad at my side My head high with pride Out for a night full of drinks I realize something stinks Wouldn't give you mad love So J-Screw now we got bad blood In a stall at local gay bar it came to a head Fists drawn Stabbed in the back Your attack Left holes Band-Aids can't fix Threw a bat in the mix A blow to the head I left you for dead To rot Forgot You can't kill evil Like a ghost you keep coming back Like herpes Just when I think I'm cured A rash of words returns It itches It burns Throbbing with bad blood A blistering reminder Of a drunken escapade Used my secrets to take me out Thought you'd finish me off Well you thought wrong We've got problems And I don't think we can solve 'em You made a really deep cut Almost as deep as your butt From what I hear My dear You should keep your legs down And keep your mouth closed Exposed Your body for the viewing No undoing This bad blood Until one of …

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