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A Close Call in a Lifetime of Close Calls (Blake Bumpus - Lafayette, LA)

The radpower engine was kicking and pulling straining to climb these slippery hills.
A bullet hit the internal antenna damn near grazing my leg.
Robbing that house was a bad idea,
robbing it  with the owner inside was a worst one.
The sirens were close now. Should I ditch the cycle and escape by foot and risk getting caught? To come all this way from that decrepit swamp only to get my ass thrown in a dungeon upon a hill?
But ahead a few dozen feet up the road was an alleyway, perhaps a means of escape.
I slammed my rear brakes, rev-matched and downshifted to second gear. A mistake.
The rear tire started to slide on the road and the cycle started to slide on me. I came to a quick stop by crashing into a metal dumpster.
(I admit I screamed when I got up.)
I yanked off my helmet and clutched my backpack full of loot with a bleeding hand embedded with rock and dirt.
The sirens were close now. I limped like a motherfucker as fast as I could to an open door that spilled light like gold onto th…

Breaking Society (Annette Redmond Walters - Lafayette, LA)

Fighting an endless battle Against all aspects of society; Watching as we’re herded like cattle But refusing to go quietly.
Always resisting the binding ties, Determined to live a life fulfilled; Must detach from the scams and lies In order to keep from being belittled.
Far too stubborn and torn to fight as a team, Consequently standing resentful and alone; Relentlessly craving to reach a certain dream, Inspired by rejection of becoming a clone.

Papa's Hat (Barry Sons - Berwick, LA)

It’s frayed and bent Body oils stain it’s down. The felt is drying and fragile now; Its ribbons run amok.
Its dove gray velvet skin is gone As it sits alone on the stand, A lonely tribute stares at me To that sturdy little man.
He wore it proudly, his gray felt hat That dressed his casual clothes. Khakis or blues, a light plaid shirt, This hat with anything goes.
The smile beneath from ear to ear; A warm hand for his friends. The man who wore this hat Would he be my dearest friend?

United (James Leland Ludeau III - Lafayette, LA)

it's time to unite to fight for the right to love who we love shove what they think in the corner somewhere away from care as we lay in this bed our skin intertwined i realize we look like a zebra your smooth chocolate skin against my alabaster skin how could this be wrong? how could it be seen as so? we've put men on the moon an American lives on every continent on this planet how can we can we not be tolerant? our words don't have to divide they don't have to hide the love inside of us that will grow if we show that words like lights  in the night glow ignite our right to love one another without boundaries across the seas let's hold hands and unite it's our right one world one love one word whoever you believe created you it's all the same we are supposed to treat each other the way we want to be treated not defeated my voice rises through disguises it's all about love above me you blend in with me be that someone who accepts it

American Like Me (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Hispanics speak Spanish to me Airports are afraid I’m a Muslim Blacks think I sound like a white person No one has a clue what the hell I am
Maybe I just might be American
Though, my birth certificate Says I’m black When you look at me, I see confusion on your face
Is that too much to ask That I just be American?
I feel sorry for the children That are American like me Too scared to love the ones they love Growing up, told to pick sides
Children stumble when they can’t  Bubble in “American” on a standardized test
I don’t know anymore What white is than black And when I was child I always just thought they were crayons
But now, I know damn well There is no crayon called “American”

Dance, Dance (Brandon Granger - Parks, LA)

Who am I in this love affair? A fleeing moment A stable figure That is yet to be known, You dance with my emotions A tango or a ballroom blitz Never knowing the next step or beat Something more desirable may come To cheer your fancy Sweep you off your feet Is my love truly enough? My dear friend, That is left to be seen To strip you or your secrets To place your trust in me My deepest desire To know you head to toe We dance, dance together Always as lovers With one beat and one melody We dance, dance together Always as lovers With one beat and one melody

Good Funeral (Blake Bumpus - Lafayette, LA)

I’ve come a long way,
I can dance in burning buildings,
and I’ve come a long way from home.

I’ve got myself some problems.
My problem is mostly myself.
But I fight so hard, I fight so hard to not fight.
I found a map but it just leads to more maps, and   my skepticism has lead me to dark places but my skepticism has never lead me astray.
I’ve come a long way, I can dance in burning buildings,
and I’ve come a long way from home.
Home is where I know I can find you.
Home is where I know I can love you.

You're Sick (Faerie - Lafayette, LA)

The sky is melting The earth is moving My mind is aggravated By thoughts of you So true You leaving me feeling dismal But you make me walk on water
Your dirty tears They spread disease Your touch I feel So real I see you lying in your tomb A reflection glaring back at me
You should be ashamed You disgusting fool So cool A sick, twisted animal Squirming in a maggot lake
Taste my creation I lick you abundance Trouble me with might So tight You crush my intentions I rip away your glare
The sky is dripping