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Judging a Person by Its Cover (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Some books come with locks Diaries, journals, sacred emotions People are no different They say never judge a book by its cover But with people you have to Because some people require a key With patience their life will become a revelation They’ve been so hurt, scared They’ve locked themselves up Their eyes are just walls for defense Covers to appease the masses All in life they seek is the touch of trust A true key to unlock their pain

My Potential (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

A friend once revealed myself to me  I didn't much know how to see  He said I'd be a pharaoh among kings  I'd be a protector of what life brings  My intellect would instigate the seas My spirit would bring honey to the bees
The world was too small for me to stand  My friend calmed me and took my hand 
I didn't think of myself as I should  At times I felt my soul was hollow wood  If the confidence of angels is God's game  At what point would I recognize my name?  My potential has to be earned by the stars  But, I am no good to earth living on Mars 
I thank my friend for preparing me for today  I've been enlightened to finding my way

Come Correct (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Wait! Wait! Wait! Before you come through that gate  Negativity doesn't live here  I see you're eager to attack with that leer 
These are my boundaries, my rules  Throw away your jealousies, those tools  All foes that cross that line  Know that my spirit is mighty fine 
Come at me correct  Ask permission to take effect On my land, we place nice  So think twice, before you roll the dice

Take Flight (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

This moment  Right now Run fast towards the cliff  Don't be scared  Your passion is the fuel you need  Jump up  Real high  Trust in your soul Hold out your arms and prepare to fly  When you're open to falling  Your dreams will arise  Don't look down  Just soar Let the winds of life touch your face  Everything will rise to you

Big Boys Do Cry (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Stone cold tears on Tuesday  My fears are bathing my skin  Monday didn't go as planned They say it's a man's world  If so, the universe has little to offer  Life is full of destinies unfulfilled Yet my heart won't hold back  My heart can't hold back  If i cry, it's because I love life  What is my spirit without family? What is my soul without harmony?  Inside all of us is a design to grow Yet my future is malnourished Being a man, there is no space to breathe   If love gets away from me, what then?  I think of the human condition  A life fit to live honestly  A journey that becomes more than man  All we are promised but never obtain  It's sad to watch the sun go down

My Pretty Insecurities (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Is my skin too dark for this job?
Do I have the right smile for this gig?
Am I the right height for this show?
Is my hair too coarse for that hat?
My body, my eyes Imperfection I despise These questions, these lies I’m all caught in compromise
Should I change up this stanza?
Don’t bring attention to the art, fool
Wait, am I a boy caught in beauty?
No, you’re a girl caught in brawn
The voices from my pen speak Many of them care what you think They are both friends and foes I wish I had the power to choose sides
And now he sees my pretty insecurities
Should I ask him what’s my worth?
My insides brought outside for auction
I want to hold my breath, but can I?
My cab to tomorrow has arrived I’m not sure I can pay the fare On life, I don’t think I’ve thrived But do you really even care?

Should I Give Up? (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

The rain is hitting my window Against my brain Anything cerebral is beyond my recognition The edges of this poem are jagged But no other person has my shoes The rain will never get me But the sun will never shine Not as long as I am just staring out the window Making worlds up in my head More dreams than could ever be lived The expectations of a flood I am the fool stuck in contemplation This could be my forever Unless I jump on my pen Take the first flight to the sun