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My Guardian Angel's Bed (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

“I want you in my bed” He said to me in sincerity The phone call came when I was in the middle of my shift As a dancer at the Lost Angel A bar near the lake of fire I had a made a pact with Lucifer In order to protect my family Other angels weren’t as aware as me Though I had to learn seduction to save them I was the best one at it, it pained God But I was God’s spy and very loyal But the pay of the job kept me employed Much longer than I had intended “You should be with one person” He spoke again, Stefan, he was the one The call came when I was on break I was sitting on a flaming couch Fire no longer burned me, my wings scorched Yet still beautiful and ready to take flight “My senses are weak, how will I find you?” I frantically used my smell, my sight weak He was close but I wasn’t certain With all my might, I left the Lost Angel I flew into the sky, ash falling from my wings When I got outside his house outside the Gates I could see heaven over the moon Neither I nor Stefan were…

That Adele Song (James Leland Ludeau-Lafayette, LA)

As the bullet left the barrel of my gun i thought, "God, do i really want to do this?" "It's so permanent and I've always had issues with commitment." But it was too late the bullet was on its way his fate decided and as it tore into his scalp it splintered his bone shattered his flesh it made a mess bigger than we ever were "what an absolute metaphor for our relationship." I thought as a smile bigger than Texas owned the muscles of my face it was a gorgeous mess some of his blood splashed across my cheek i'd just shot my lover in the head and as i stared at the abyss that the bullet left i thought, "Je ne regrette rien." he deserved it my room in hell is booked with this deed i'm almost certain and if i see this bitch in hell i'm gonna shoot him in the head again because i want to see him die over and over and over he always thought i was the weaker but it's me who is still standing as the corpse of this asshole lies on …

Dissolve Into Me (Louis Toliver, Jr - Swartz, La)

I use to be the type of man that avoided conflict
Life has now put me in a spot where I must manage it
But what do I do when my existence is the conflict?
I think I will just go away, disappear, dissolve into me.

I don’t want to go away to harm anyone’s feelings
Life thinks I should put my feelings aside at the moment
I think it is so that I may learn to be right about myself again
If I just go away, I can make the decisions that just affect me.

I’ve come to wish for solitude rather than being social
Life thinks that meditation will pave a fruitful life for us
Then I will reemerge when nature needs me most
Dissolving into me will lead me to a fulfilled destiny

Relapse (Trisha Dudley - Lafayette, La)

Now is about the time I fall back. I need a hit, a fix. To give up and subject myself to IT again. IT looks so good at a backwards glance. The memories seem so bright and right.  Our minds cling to the positive and run from the negative. But when you stop and acknowledge,  pay your respects to the bad, realization comes. For every high there is a low. Don't go back. The temporary rise is a façade, the pain after the inevitable fall is real.  That ending is the only "hit" that should count.

Remapping (Micah Caswell-Baton Rouge-LA)

My body is a map. I am the cartographer. Desire, my language. Sometimes I get lost In the paths your fingers trace. You rework and redefine A canvas that was already used, marked, Every touch, brush and grip still glowing against my skin. Concepts being relative, and context being everything, I was a virgin. I had never been touched in the ways you touched, And I wanted to bend, stretch, bleed For you. I wanted to let you have me, take me. All this I told you with my eyes, bowed head, and bent knees. “Fuck me.” My body is a work of art created in dyad. The colors, sometimes vivid and aggressive And sometimes muted and soft, Are a mixture of us. You see, I too mark my own skin, flesh and bones. My body is a map. I am the cartographer. Desire, my language. I find myself In your touch.

Penis Envy (Kisha Kana-Lafayette, LA)

I am a woman.. from Venus
Although..I often find myself wanting a penis

Why? Makeup, dresses and heels are what I love about being a girl
But, sometimes, I feel I'm in a different world

I could just be a guy and hang out with the rest
Without watching their eyes wander over my breast

In a board meeting, I could have a say
And maybe even a higher pay

After sex, I could go to sleep
Satisfied that I just came....balls deep

Truth is, I just want to rock and roll
With my ambiguous soul

Why can't people see?
We are all really AC/DC

Be proud of who you are
Even when you find yourself at war

To thine on self be truest
But sometimes I just wish I was Louis

I Forgive Myself (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I forgive myself
For the abuse that was and was not my fault that I held onto
I forgive myself
For the all the opportunities to better myself that I didn’t take
I forgive myself
For trying to kill my soul alone instead of expressing it with my community
I forgive myself
For keeping my faith in God to myself when I shoulda been shouting it
I forgive myself
Because I could never love myself nor anyone else if I didn’t forgive myself

Race Me Religious (Adam John Schexnayder-Crowley, LA)

One more second could be too much. One less second could be not enough. I’ve reached the mountain top only to find that there is still more climb. Perseverance will be my manifest of what’s to come. The last few seconds of the race are upon me. I reach my hands up and call to Papa for deliverance. Guiding me to the top with effortless ease. He will show me the way and give me the strength. The strength I never knew I possessed. Finally passing the ribbon with my chest. I’ve made it. No thanks to anyone but Papa. Or at least that’s what I’m told….

Runaway (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I want to be a runaway Free, floating, thinking Seeing life for what it is Simple, complex, tedious Breaking from all of the Conflict and imprisonment Hoping to be a runaway Now, tomorrow, forever Knowing that time is fleeting Life, death, purgatory A runaway is none of the above An outsider, rebel, lover He defies the odds of the time Free, floating, thinking

Tonight's Louisiana Words: The Series will be held at Carpe Diem! 812 Jefferson St @ 7:30pm

Our House (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

It’s Thanksgiving all the time! We are so glad that you can join Come into our house, our love Father is cooking dinner Mother is telling stories Sister and brother are there too All supporting each other all the time Pick whatever role you like We just want you…to be you Because you are always welcome To our house, our love, our family No matter who you are or who you love

Funny Books (Lakari Jaquan Fontenot- Lafayette, LA)

20 pages filled with characters who won't judge me for being anything but me 
In those pages lie my best friends in the entire world 
These same pages will always be there when I need them 
Those pages hold my deepest darkest secrets 
The same pages I cried into a million times 
Those pages that hold men and women I admire and will forever look up too 
The same pages that make me happy above anything else 
People laugh and make fun of these pages 
But at the end of the day, these pages bring me too much joy in my life

Serenity (Ted A Richard- Church Point, LA)

Sensing that I am okay

Expecting that everything is just as it should be

Respecting my rights to have and express my feelings

Enjoying the tranquility in my life

Never giving up on myself

Intuitively knowing that I am who I strive to become

Teaching others through my experience and my truth

Yearning for the best of myself always

The Story of "You" (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

“What about us?” I said as I was leaving I’ve spent all this time right by your side And this is how you repay me? This? Yes, I’m pissed. Yes, I’m fucking pissed. I’m not going to keep saying I’m sorry Not to a piece of shit like you, no way! You. You. “You” is all I hear out of you

And the thought that I gave so much time… The thought that I built a life around you… What about us? Huh? What about us? Lying, cheating, stealing, hating, fighting, Hugging, kissing, sighing, loving, fucking… Ahhh! I hate you! I hate you! I love you!

Was I always in this alone? When did you leave ? Where did your heart go? Mine was here. I’m so embarrassed. I’m so confused. I am… Who I am? Who am I… without you?I’m lost My life gone down the drain. A black hole.

A black hole created by an asshole. That’s you. Yep. The asshole. I don’t know what to say now. I could stand here in silence. Should I? Hell no. Well, I’ll just stand here and think. Think…

About the multiple ways to say “goodbye, jerk” Or about…

Spent (James Leland Ludeau-Lafayette, LA)

We fucked like waves of the ocean Crashing over us A sea of lust consuming us We gasped for breath A wet soreness took residence of our bodies And still we wanted more Like the drug of a fiend he used my mouth He set my flesh on fire with his touch Drenched in sweat Our bodies moving with each other in fluid motions A rhythm divine Until love conquered lust in dirty sheets Stained with the remnants of our primal struggle If he were the ocean I'd learned to float I'd dove head first into my desire Tasted the salt of his naked flesh I lay spent staring at his body Sweat & cum combined Congealed Like a mask covering our torsos A marriage of our DNA Lay in ruin His eyes penetrated my mind As his tongue penetrated my body I was captured A spell cast My longing for his sex, his touch, his taste, his smell overpowered my desire for anything else His voice calling my name like prayers in the night It was sacred Immortal Like nothing I'd known His body felt …

Nature’s Serenity, Selfish Humankind (Marlon D Bourque- Lafayette, LA)

From the Author: Late June 1980 while at the foothills of Mount Rainer National Park on one of my many nature walks. Re written in 1986 as part of a English literature attempt at old English-sonnet style. Gained superior praise from a creative writing students critique group. Published in January 2004 as part of the “International Society of Poets” best poems selection entitled Colors of Life. 

Amidst majestic mountains of morn, lay meandering trails covered in dew. Skies dawning bright amber forelorn, winds whisping evergreens moments through.

Maturity experiencing time go by, foundling wildlife yet to rear. Waiting till precious eagles fly, sensing approaching winter season near.

Gentle calming tides ebbing flow, revealing seas natural watery scene. Great rivers winding far below, among deepest valley’s so serene.

Prideful humankind boasts to kill, against poor natures helpless will.

No Easy Way From The Earth To The Stars (James Leland Ludeau- Lafayette, LA)

Gravity hurtsFalling from your arms  Where I longed to be  I read it all wrong  Wasn't what it seemed  Out of the lion's den  Born again  Treading my own path I was all aboard  Until you said you would be King  'Cuz that's not how my story will be written  Not smitten  I won't fall asleep for 100 years and wake up to be rescued  I'm the prince & the princess & the King of my own tale  I won't fail  Back on my feet  Reassembling the pieces  Don't have to pretend any longer  I'll write my own destiny  Share my thoughts  Bare my soul  Be made whole  Blindsided by you I saw stars  Now I'll fly to them  No easy way from the earth to the stars I've never loved easy  Never loved easily  But I'm wide awake  And my heart is open  No longer bound by a liar's ideal

The Only Pain I Feel (Madison Elizabeth Holland-Lafyette, LA)

You don't have the ability to hurt me anymore I'm not gonna lie and say That its not because you've done so much damage already But its also because my heart has grown Since despite everything that's happened I cannot imagine being apart from you Or never loving you again The hurtful things you do Wound my heart because now I see That's its not me you're doing this to Its you And knowing that you are in pain Is really the only thing that makes me cry Anymore.

Love Spent (James Leland Ludeau- Lafayette, LA)

Love spent That's how you left me Blindsided Alone on the floor Emptied of emotion Barren of feeling And if you'd held me as tightly as you grasped at my money We might've made it But you pretended And I paid And I paid in more ways than I realized at the time Love spent Broken Bent Twisted Angry Confused And I will sweep up my pieces Rebuild Continue on my journey I invested so much in us That I lost me You gained I lost You tried in vain to capture my Light A vampire of my energy I'm love spent Don't trust in it anymore And the only love I seek these days Will be the love I have of myself It's a Leo's greatest strength after all So leave Go Take what you've gained I can smile knowing its not yours to hold really And you'll lose it someday The universe will see to that

Shade (Ted A. Richard-Church Point, LA)

Some people don't realize that the "shade" they are presenting is more a reflection of their own insecurities, rather than an insult to the one standing under the tree!!! Most leaves fall in the autumn ... No shade is left!!
And some of these “shade” people will see this or hear this Then they like it and share it; but never realize that the tree they’re hiding under is about to fall. And when that happens, I'll be doing just fine in my own sunlight.

Something about the Heat (James Leland Ludeau-Lafayette,LA)

In those days it was simpler The summer nights seemed to last for days Carefree escapades The humidity stuck to us Heightening the lust Magnifying the fun Sometimes I felt like the sun's light only existed for my skin Energy swarming Kisses that had the power to make your day Bronzed lovers Stealing moments in the grass Standing on the balcony on St. Ann Your fingers caressed my blond hair As you bit my lip softly I think there's something about the heat in the south It makes you not care about anything but relief The moon The dew Cooling off the intensity of the day I ran into your arms Our love innocent Still makes me smile So long ago Summertime still brings that feeling out in me You still touch me Like the amber light of the sun You light up my life

Let It Go (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Right now you are hanging off a cliff. Now, it’s not completely your fault that you are dangling here right now. I understand that you were pushed to this cliff and now you are hanging here in fear, in pain, in guilt, in hate, but I’ve got your hand, and in order for me to help you up, you have to let go of that burden that you are holding onto. Why do you choose to hold on to it? You know what I’m talking about. Right now you are holding onto something that you could right now let go of. What good is it doing you to hold on to that…Fear? Pain? Guilt? Hate? Just let it go. That’s the only way I can pull you back up onto steady ground. Don’t look down or you will only be reminded of where you have been and get lost in your struggle and not the triumph if you look upward towards me. I must admit that the weight that is dangling from your legs is making it hard for me to maintain my grip. So, look up at me, reach down unshackle your burden and let it fall into the abyss of the past. Then…

Hidden Behind Bright Blue Eyes (Adam John Shexnayder-Crowley, LA)

It was the perfect day for a wedding. It was a cool 65 degrees without the sight of clouds for miles. The grooms family were all on one side and the brides adjacent. The flowers were perfectly set in the best places. The aisle was lined in teal silk. The stage had lattice vined with the prettiest flowers anyone could ever hope for. I don't know how she pulled it off, but there was even the slight fragrance of lilac in the air as if it was being blown over by an invisible fan. The groom, oh how he was magnificent. Straight laced and freshly trimmed, he was towering over the audience like he was ready to take on the world. His groomsmen all in line behind him as if perfectly supporting his radiant aura. You couldn't tell that he was nervous, but I could tell the secret that slowly ate away at his heart. The music began, and the procession followed. Each bridesmaid slowly entered the scene, gracefully climbing on to the stage as if they practiced this march a thousand time. You c…

Angels (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

They live high and low Trying to find their purpose Most are recognized as human beings Most don’t know they are divine
It’s so sad to see a lost angel They see others are lost first Before they even come to know That they may be lost themselves
Man or Woman or both Black or white or both Gay or straight or both Don’t be fooled by appearances
All angels have the same heart All angels come from love It’s their heart that leads It’s their heart we follow
They help us find our way We help them find their purpose Because most angels on earth Don’t know their direction
Angels are led by good spirit They are us and here around us So be happy, don't hate yourself
We're just angels finding our way

Coffee House Confessions (Marlon D. Bourque-Lafayette, LA)

From rural small town setting in much need of greater opportunity, transitioned toward the promise of change ,the urban metropolis of the Bayou City.
Embarrassingly reserved, shyly awkward, unable to venture outside the social comfort zone, yet secretly yearning to express hidden creative energies, thoughpainfully alone.
As an effort to gain more awareness of the “ gay “sub-cultured social community insight, accepted an invitation from an acquaintance to a holiday soiree in the Heights.
Entertainment were a diverse group of sixteen men, the Montrose Singers, whose 1988arrangements were holiday favorites, Broadway tunes, minstrels, a few impromptu zingers.
Variety ofvenues were; Briar Patch, Ovations, bar socials, Omega House Songfest to name a few, also interacted during Pride 1989 Team Houston rally- “ Vancouver Gay Games III or Bust“ venue.
Experienced barbershop sounds of Romanovsky & Phillips, The Fabulous Flirtations , that season, which satirically illuminated the homosexual experience…

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Louisiana Words: The Series-Every Tues @ 7:30PM at Bolt Nightclub!

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War Profiteering (Dylan-Baton Rouge, LA)

The pain of men is nothing to me, You’ll find no pity in my two emerald eyes. I do not care if sheep wave flags and Hunt dark skinned bastards of evolution down.
We’ll stay home on our tall gold thrones. When the sheep return they’ll be dragging camels With foreign riches and plundered goods Piled high, strapped tightly to their breaking backs.
All I want is life in luxury, Don’t show me the bill, I care not for the cost. I’ll sleep on beds of uncut diamonds, Sedated by the sweetness of rose-red wine.

Too Far Gone??? (Adam John Shexnayder-Crowley, LA)

I used to know every sound you made in your sleep, so tell me who's this stranger next to me?? Not a word spoken in days. Such a routine. One kiss good morning and two kisses goodnight. Farthest moments I've ever had to endure. It's the last remaining vindication that we even know each other exist. The thought I thought a thousand times never seems to reach your mind. One brief foot brush makes my heart skip a beat. Is this what we've come too?? Yearning for elementary indications of love?? Well it's time for the bell to ring at the end of the school day. I'm ready to rush back to the familiar. I can't take one more night. Lets make sure we fight for all that we lead with. Cause one more day may be one day too far.

Save Me (Adam Schexnayder- Crowley, LA)

Of all the days, and all the places, even all the people, you found me. Sitting in the corner. Quietly reading news articles of things I never really understand. You sought me out like a cat hunting the mouse. Easy prey, or at least you thought. Little did I know, I would be your saving grace. I was like the only thing in the world you didn't know you needed. Too bad my skin was too tough for you. What have I become?? I've become just like the rest of them. Jaded and torn and emotionally constipated. And you're trailing behind, slowly but surely. Like evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. The cycle will always repeat. But for what?? At what cost?? How can I tell the world I want matrimony when I can't even survive a first date?? Mind, heart, and soul blindly closed to the happiness we both needed. I can't help to save the world when it's me who needs the saving.

Unspent Nature (Marlon D Bourque-Lafayette, LA)

As I sit among refreshing breezes, absorbed in peaceful solitude near. Sounds of humankind dissonant, yet free, amidst varying hues of greenery appear.
Lively leaf works, brilliant contrasting bloom, surrounded by life sustaining nourishment. Of water and earth, at times beneath an eerie moon, as though created a lasting monument.
Sunlit shadows cast disproportionately identical replicas, of majestic natural beauty shone bright. Cultivated by gifted human hands, assuming variations through seasons height.
Releasing positive endorphins upon command, thus personalities seemingly improve as warmth of love is at hand

Moving On (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

“This is it,” James sat his keys on the small table by the front door of what used to be their home, but it wasn’t anymore.
“So, you’re really going to leave me?” Andy stood in the kitchen door, there was a large space between them. “We can’t work this out?”
“It seems you wanted to work out our relationship with everyone else, but me,” James stood with one hand in his pocket and the other one holding the doorknob ready to leave. “I’ve been mis-texted enough to know this. Of course, there are the several times I used your computer.”
“What kind of trust is that where you have to snoop?” Andy was looking for any opening to justify his behavior and twist the situation back on James, as always.
“Please. You don’t even have enough respect for me to clear your web history,” James peered through Andy. He was fed up. “You got very sloppy with your cheating. I mean, do you know how many times your phone called me by accident, and I heard more than one voice."
“You’re being paranoid,” Andy…