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The Perfect Man (Adam John Shexnayder-Crowley, LA)

I could love so fiercely. With every fiber of my being. To the moon and back. My last breath could be just for him. I could form to his body. Become one unit: a perfect, flowing machine. I could be a better man. Just to show I care. I would memorize the lines on his hands like I was reading his future. Run my hand through his hair to calm him down during a storm. I would watch all of the movies that I hate just to know why he loves them. I'd get a puppy if he wanted even though they make me nervous. I would forgive him for leaving the toothpaste cap undone. I'd clean his facial hair out of the sink. I'd massage his back after a hard days work. I'd even endure his random farting that he would think is so funny. I'd fall even if I'm not sure he's ready to catch me. I'd kiss him goodnight and not ever take him for granted. After a fight, I'd come out with a white flag.  All the things I would do could never compare. I would be a lover, a friend, a guide, and a muse. I would be too good to be true, but so are you.


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Moving Forward (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Step by step, I step     I hear the angels sing    Hope, today, they bring  Flying up with pep  I become Heaven's rep    Riding along God's wing
Moving forward can be hard     Struggling through today      Living life is not all play The fortune teller draws a card It warns that Fate has no guard     Never let pain get in your way
Flying high with my life      I am moving, so I'm living     Heart and heart, I keep giving I will one day meet my afterlife  Everyone's past contains strife       Let my future be thanksgiving
When the steps run out      I will just fly and fly and fly      I leave the past with a goodbye Up on God's wing, I won't pout  Going to heaven, I do not doubt     In hell, I was just a passerby 
Moving forward, strength will build     Letting go is the hardest part     Vitality comes from being smart Trust in those that are strong-willed Our honest actions will be fulfilled      I step, I sing to you, I fly, I depart

Steadfast (Catrina Crowe - Ruston, LA)

Rhythms and Visions: Vocalise A Rachmaninoff (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)