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The Eye of the Hurricane (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Let my winds calm your dreams Uncertainty circles around us I hold onto you in the sun’s beams We have time of love to discuss
It seems destruction in near Yet it is not out end in any way Debris flies through our tears No future do the lost lives say
The storm in almost over now Misery will settle like the rain We will survive and wonder how We learned from our pain
I am the eye of the hurricane Rest inside my soul, let fear wane

My Own Best Friend (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

It’s taken time to realize That I am here for me So let the haters despise Because they’ll never see
My faith in life is real I’ve learned I can just be I’ve learned I can just feel And evolve constantly
I think it’s best to heal Help your own self up Don’t’ let fear be your meal Nor a drink from your cup

Auschwitz (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

I wish I could just hold on Don't you remember in the winter You wore my coat and danced with it on? Frigid cold air brought a shiver to your hips You found no warmth from my lips Now it's too far from you You should've held on Don't you recall in the summer When your lips met mine While we sat upon the tire swing? Butterscotch sunshine drenched our bodies embraced You found shade in another's taste You mustn't remember a thing

Big Everything (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I got the biggest heart It can tear me apart People think my big confidence My poetic defense is cocky ‘Cause I have the drive of Rocky But I ain’t worried, baby My haters will love me, maybe I can’t help but be big Can’t ya dig? I’m a big ole teddy bear I can’t help that I care I got the biggest heart A big piece of art

The Godfather (Louis Toliver jr-Swartz, LA)

All roads to the future Go through me Here I am, boo So make up your mind Who you gonna follow? I don’t need a gun Ain’t gotta use my fists I eat vultures They don’t eat my family Evil bow down to me I am the Godfather I am the father of fathers I am mother of protection Mess with mine And your done My brain will destroy you

The Price Paid For Love (Madison Holland-Lafayette, LA)

When idols fall Things are revealed  To be less than ideal Swaying on shaky pedestals Lowly roses unfold and shine their light Truth rises, lies sink And everything is unfair once more The universe straightens itself Puts the ants in their proper places "How dare you have a love so great" It frowns and intimidates The ants tremble in fear Love is of greater worth than everything  And if this is the price we must pay  Then so be it For the heights of emotional connection and security Oh the toll that is exacted The ants will always be poor So long as they cling to love

Now the Airwaves Are Clean (Jordan Cade Freeland-Gueydan, LA)

This place is here to pick us apart. 

I have to put myself back together as the figure I imagine. 
Some of us never put ourselves back together completely, because we're scared of our own divinity and greatness. 
We've forgotten we're here to merely experience being alive. Our entire spiritual consciousness has been altered, the focus shifted to our present state. Now is the time for us to remember our true path and reason for existing. 
Feel the emotional currents that pass through this plane, feel every emotion you can. Allow yourself to age and change gracefully. Do not resist the flow.. 
Pray to anything that brings you peace. Believe that small coincidences are clues from fate.  
Focus on the source inside of you, inside of your being. The vibration you feel when you deeply acknowledge your existence. The energy around you tightens and becomes more focused. 
Your job is to figure out what, in each life, pulls that positive force out of you the best. Then do only those things…

Louisiana Words: Laureates (Phase 1)

I’m Letting Her Go (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Even though it is hard At the end of the day It is time to play this card I am certain it is okay
She was never good for me She led me into dark places I know that I could barely see Searching for human graces
I ran to her for her love She made me think of comfort Never touched me with a glove Now I rip her off like a wart
It feels good to know her way It feels good I know more She can no longer make me stay I am no longer her whore
…I’m letting her go. Finallly.

Apraclamyth (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

If you can't see beyond the steeple Why kneel at the pew? Quench your thirst when parched, people Holy water is the martyr's excuse Isn't it? How sins can be swallowed Under sloppily shaded coincidence Why proclaim with judgement so hollow When you praise the priest and rape the witch

Finding Home (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

My home is inside me We Can’t all live in there But I’m aware That home is where the heart Can sometimes drive us apart As I pack my bags Filled with a few rags I wonder what I’m leaving What I hope to be receiving My soul is fleeting Destiny I am meeting But my home is not yours My spirit pours I’m finding home I’m finding home

Help Us (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

It doesn’t make sense why We would be put on this earth to fail When all we need is a little faith So please help us be free
Tear down the walls of fear Surrounding us and killing hope Our dreams suffocated by abuse So please help us be free
Why must living be work For the sake of others’ uses We don’t want to give up our lives So please help us be free

15 Years Innocent (Chase Fontenot-Layette, LA)

Let it be me, to lay a blanket beside the beach God knows your tongue, woman, he knows your reach Withering your words when our senses brush Your gasps run for cover when we touch Don’t let your presence remain fickle On such a landscape, lady Don’t burn your memories Of this sweet escape, baby A brilliant sparkling carpet before us A deep azure blue Our shadows flowing so quickly Our chains haven’t a clue A transient moment suspended in time Body language, the rhythm and rhyme Oxygen, condensation, heartbeats, divine We can build a house of cards from the sand Electric stares when we join hands Luminescent eyes, delicate skin Only the sea whispers our sins

Molested in the U.S. of A. (Louis Toliver Jr-Lafayette, LA)

I have not learned the touches of love until now. We come into this world, molested and no one ever tells us its wrong. We just grow up realizing that we’re fucked up. People look at us as if we have been compromised by evil when we make mistakes. Love has to be taught. We do not come into the world knowing love. It’s how parents, our leaders, our society’s responsibility to enforce rules of the heart not our bodies. Government molests our bodies, sometimes with religion, tells us how to or not to use them. However, it doesn’t teach the bodily functions of love.Our bodies are abused by the words of hate, entrapment, and dysfunction. We’re scared to touch, we’re scared to love, we fear love. Hate has molested us and our country has allowed it. But, the people can know love. We can learn it on our own.

Rolling Over (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

Never mind the blood on my hands Nor my flask of whiskey These shadowy eyes tired Sleep must’ve missed me Frown not at the sweat upon my face Nor the wine in my veins My false-bright eyes, white from the taste Take notice, this rage in my bones Take note, my lonely tones Take away, the silence in my home The violet hour when thirst takes over Too unquenchable to stay sober An addict to the thorns buried skin deep Insomnia controls your attempt to sleep The eyes’ open melodies Reflect the death in me

Nasty Boys (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Bad attitudes No gratitude Lazy Crazy All dicks No brain Makes me insane While we’re creating They’re just procreating We’re trying to grow But it’s their seeds we sow Nasty boys are born that way Don’t care if they take our pay Feed our addictions out of hate We’ll die at that rate The smirks Jealousy lurks Darkness in their eyes Love is what they despise At best, they’re politicians Not rhetoricians

Proverbs (1) (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I’m not sure what burdens me Confusions of life come naturally But as I learn to put my faith in you It seems all my dreams come true
And when all my dreams are fulfilled Our house of faith, I am destined to build Let our burdens be lifted, let angels sing I know your spirit will let freedom ring

A Tragic Song of a Forgotten Boy (Yah Fu “the Pen Bender”-Lafayette, LA)

Introducing the tragic song of a forgotten boy He finds solace in his violin, Bringing life into that old hollow wooden body. Sound holes cuts into his belly as a Chef’s Blade, With the personification of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Adoration of the Magi! He’s an intellectual apprentice, With patterns of renaissance in his fingers! A slave of sorrows specializing in blues monotones, He views the world through reversed angles, Harmonizing masterpieces of colorblind redemption! His cavatina orchestrated with such precision, His range resonating pioneering influence! Scarlet blood leaks onto razor sharp strings, Through tragedy his windfall crescendo displays the fluency of a harmonica’s orchestra. Despite the resistance of a rattlesnake society he plays song after song, Resurrecting Michelangelo’s inventions through his forearms! Effortless are his misfortunate motions, 10 years old on a busy metropolitan sidewalk, He looses his heart in tender afflictions each note torturing his image i…