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A Tragic Song of a Forgotten Boy (Yah Fu “the Pen Bender”-Lafayette, LA)

Introducing the tragic song of a forgotten boy He finds solace in his violin, Bringing life into that old hollow wooden body. Sound holes cuts into his belly as a Chef’s Blade, With the personification of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Adoration of the Magi! He’s an intellectual apprentice, With patterns of renaissance in his fingers! A slave of sorrows specializing in blues monotones, He views the world through reversed angles, Harmonizing masterpieces of colorblind redemption! His cavatina orchestrated with such precision, His range resonating pioneering influence! Scarlet blood leaks onto razor sharp strings, Through tragedy his windfall crescendo displays the fluency of a harmonica’s orchestra. Despite the resistance of a rattlesnake society he plays song after song, Resurrecting Michelangelo’s inventions through his forearms! Effortless are his misfortunate motions, 10 years old on a busy metropolitan sidewalk, He looses his heart in tender afflictions each note torturing his image into irrational motivation. Indeed he butchers immorality out of crystalized defiance of a childhood Marred in beautiful disasters, no wonder his invisible tears Can be visualized as a rainbow’s discomfort.
(c) All Rights Reserved Don Yah Fu Mitchell 2014


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This Little White Boy Who Wanted Some Nigger In Him (James Leland Ludeau III - Lafayette, LA)

Grew up on a plantation
Secluded from the world
I knew classes but didn’t understand race
Because what raced through my veins wasn’t something of which I could ever speak
My father could fuck the slave girls
But I couldn’t touch the men
It filled me with resentment
Fueled my resentment with lust
Until it was too much to take
It was a small contained community
White as the cotton in the fields
Only dark around the edges where the black men lived
Ploughing the fields
I’d imagine them ploughing me
Glistening with sweat as the sun bathed their shoulders
The sweat running down until it pooled around the waistband of their thin cotton pants
Their skin
Black, almost indigo, like night
Some like coffee with milk in it
Cafe au lait
I could smell their musk
Watched as their muscly bodies worked
I yearned
This little white boy who wanted some nigger in him
To fall beneath the weight of one
As he heaved
As he forced his throbbing cock into my crevice
I longed for even the pa…

"I Love You" is Enough (Louis Toliver Jr)

Please don’t stress I see what you do all year Everyday you show me Through your actions How much you care for me But please don’t stress It’s not money or possessions That make me give my life to you It’s the moments that are small When people don’t care to look That you show your love most So don’t stress to demonstrate What you already know you do Just say “I love you” and… My underwear will come off for you

Poet's Cry for Mike Tidewell (Barry Sons - Berwick, LA)

I heard the Politician say in a hunter’s whisper, “There’s a poet in the marsh, I heard one today. He was crying about the marshland’s accelerated decay.”
“Mr. Politician, can you help us anyway? I refuse to think our marsh is so quickly Going away. If we can scan the galaxy And bring men back from the dead, Why can’t we save our marsh? I can’t Get that around my head.”
There’s a poet in the marsh, I heard one today. Whining and crying; Who needs them anyway?” “Mr. Politician, I’m here to make you feel. Try to wrap your heart around the things that Are real. Like love and friendship passion and Sorrow; the love of earth and concern for tomorrow.”
“There’s a poet in the marsh, I heard one today." Mr. Politician, I cry for America’s wetlands,