The Louisiana Social Pledge

We pledge our allegiance to Louisiana. We will embrace what makes us and our state unique. Louisiana will be recognized as a leader and innovator of the New South. Many great leaders of the future will come from this state. And we will show both the media and politicians that we are smarter than them. We will no longer have our resources exhausted and our people used and left behind. We will work hard and play hard. We will protect each other. We will support each other. We pledge that we will do whatever we can to get these things in motion right now. We will no longer wait for a path to be cleared for us. We will clear the path ourselves. And we ain’t giving up easily. We will socialize in the real world just as well as we do on the internet…in hopes to organize ourselves effectively.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Certain (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

I'm certain 
Something is behind life's curtain 
We spend our whole lives 
Waiting for that surprise 
Of which we're uncertain 

We're counting breaths in fives 
Hoping our faith revives 
That assurance can never come
So we look for any crumb 
Until our death arrives 

It's usually in autumn 
We feel a little numb 
But with a little knowledge 
We can avoid death's ledge 
I am certain of this wisdom 

Living on the edge
That's certainty's wedge 
Spirituality's birth 
That's happens on this earth
If we take that pledge 

No limit is in certainty's girth
Your purpose you must unearth
I am certain 
We should be certain
We all have our worth 

Skin Deep (Wesley Yates-West Monroe, LA)

The girl I love is black 
I've got her back 
She loves me
I love her 
Soothing lotion 
That's us 
Her beauty could only be matched
By my internal admiration 
I love how our bodies connect 
A perfect blend 
Our skins touch 
The aura between us 
Is mixed 

Race Me (Wesley Yates-West Monroe-LA)

If I could wake up 
To a world full of love 
Life would be breezy 
Yet the color of my skin
Many think I'm their enemy 
It hurts me 
I know love from the inside 
What's white isn't always right
Why am I blamed for the past?
I wasn't in that cast 
I wish people wouldn't race me
Make me feel inhuman 
Just a pieced shell of skin
I'm more than that 

The Divided United (Tara McFarlin-Jena, LA)

The Civil War is dead 
Economic disunion lives 
It's not black nor white 
What keeps us apart is US
The divided United States
Where are the people? 
Where is the power? 
When are we going to be WE?
Why are WE in the way of US? 
How will trust come again? 
Or did it ever? 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Phoenix Dies (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

Depression weighted 
Time to be reinvented 
Free me 
I'm falling 
Ignited fire 
The Phoenix is dying 
No one is watching 
Judgement only 
It cries 
I cry 
A loud shriek  
Ashes rolling into...
What is that? 
Who is that?
In its end 
In the beginning 
God took dirt 
He rolled the ashes
He molded the Phoenix 
He blew air 
Soul inflated
I have Him
We hibernate 
In an oven
Temperature just right 
I'll come out 
Cooked to perfection 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

They Call Me...(Tamara Broussard-Lafayette, LA)

It began as a still small voice,

When life still seemed shiny,
Crying during The Way of the Cross,
This young girl was desperate for Jesus.
The sacramental incense was sweet in my nostrils.
The name above all other names,
Was a joyful song in my heart.
"Little girl you belong to Me!"

When blossom of adolescence turned to thorns,
Pills were ingested,
This young woman desperate to run away,
Run away and die.
Standing at a cold metal screen door,
I was crying again.
This time not for God but to The Divine Parent.
The voice louder, more stern,
Like rain on a tin roof,
"I Am here, go to bed little girl."

Years passed,
God and I,
Off and on again,
Ebbing and flowing,
Other gods took The Almighty one's place.
A new song filled my soul,
Honky tonk replaced hymns,
Jack Daniels replaced Jesus Christ.
My Creator's call came louder still,
"Choose life little girl!"

Like a scene from a morality play,
A chorus of wingless angels came singing,
A song that saved my life.
The call came again,
A request to be of service,
To do His purpose,
Fear became like cotton in my heart's ears,
As the familiar song played again.
"You are My hands and feet little girl!"

Every time I pray I hear it.
Every sacred word I read I feel it.
The calling comes,
Along with the fear.
" Serve My flock,
Be the woman I made you to be,
Little girl."
Always loving,
Always kind,
God always calls me little girl.

But does God know,
Under this smooth brown skin,
Are chicken feathers?
In this heart full of love and mercy,
Is prejudice, intolerance and lust?
In this mind full of the knowledge
Of His word and immeasurable loving kindness,
Is porn and the word Fuck?
Does The Master of the Universe know that I not afraid of,
If I can do it but if I should?
When I asked the answer came as a question:
"Does the want of loving and serving Me outweigh lust and serving self, little girl?"

That question made me feel,
Like Atlas under the globe.
Pins and needles,
Needles and pins,
Pierced my conscience and my soul.
Me a minister of Gods' word and love,
A vicar to Christ's people?
Me, Tamara Dolores Broussard?
The very thought fills me with,
Desperation to do God's will,
Joy at the possibilities,
Excitement to see people's shock.
A application to seminary has been filled and signed.
God calls me 'little girl'.
Soon they will call me...
Reverend Tamara.


Silent Retreat (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

Chained Silence come 
Show my destiny to become
I shall retreat 
My soul to meet
Tender heart 
Never keep me apart 
Let love lead 
My brain will feed
Strength to shine 
Desire, please be fine 
My body to rest 
Before I seek West 
My actions free me 
Silence be, me, free

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Being Change (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

God, we have come to a pivotal 
point in my life. Being change.

Left is new. Right is the same. I will go left. It brings certainty to us. 

We are certain there come many possibilities ahead of me. Chance.

From that chance, You seek me to change. To be whole within you. 

You are all I need to be whole. Love. Your Love. I am not the same. 

I accept this love. I accept Your Love, God. I am change. I am Yours. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whirlwind Endings (Adam Schexnayder - Lyons Point, LA)

You won't know until you know. Quivering breath consumes your moment. All the words you rehearsed, no longer imaginable. It stretches for infinity but snaps back like a rubber band, and grounds you. You forget the reasons, and relive the intentions. This is not what you imagined. Unrequited energy knocks you to your knees. Breathe in. Breathe out. The oxygen ignites your lungs. Your soul fires the rage. And the last thought, was always him.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Let's Not Talk about Sex (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

"Here comes another stork 
To deliver my precious babies!"
Says the sexually frustrated dork
Holding up a gun acting shady

"Women are whores!
Don't be tricked so blindedly
When they get on all fours!"
The dork shouted violently 

"God wants you to understand,
Not sex, but all precious guns.
That is the power to band,"
The dork preached to his sons

"Why sex is evil! Violence is bliss!
I give power with great certainty."
Two women came from an abyss
Each held a baby with uncertainty 

The dork touched them all with gun
The women were raped with fear 
He held his new kin up to the sun 
All his sons, with guns, made cheer

Falcon (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

see myself
Pretentious, weeping, calloused-hand boy
Invisible smile, unavailable and coy
A quiet approach with plastic toys
Awoken by a grasp with innocence destroyed
That cursed outlaw, O’ treacherous fiend!
Reprising a surprising recycled dream!
Its his deception I tear at the seam
With my forgiveness in between

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Belief (Tamara Broussard-Lafayette, LA)

You asked me what I believe. 
I believe in:
And Buddha 
Celestial Complexity 
Jesus did not have blue eyes and an English accent.
I believe God that's both Father and Mother.
In me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Modern Love (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

take his hand
Together we stand 
Look at my words' face
Upon your marriage's disgrace 

This is love 
This is our love
Two men 
Not a sin 

This is your dawn of reality 
Though love has been always 
This is the dawn of a human morality 
One that respects true love's ways

This is modern love 
This is everyones's love 
I say it again
Not a sin 

Winning! (Adam John Schexnayder-Lyons Point, LA & Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

Once upon time I felt like a loser because of all of my exes, but now I'm winning. Circles and circles, I dance around them, any negative influence for that matter. I never thought freedom would be possible from such misery. Free from such downers, drowners. I'm free from them! The sun is out! Shout! Those fools didn't think I'd get out of bed to enjoy my life. Wrong. Time to go shopping for a boyfriend or loyal friend, maybe even a dog, cause I'm winning. 

I used to ask myself if I would get burned if I got too close to happiness. I only accepted the pain that got me through each moment. But now I'm winning. Winning a game I didn't even know I knew how to play. It's like I got to pass go and landed on a get out of jail free card. And the best part, I did it for myself. Me and myself got us out of a loosing streak. Liberation got me here but I'll never forget what got me liberation. I'm winning and it never hurt so good.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fuel (Brandon Granger-Breaux Bridge, LA)

A fire so bright it burns within.
I see the flame through your eyes
I am filled with the warmth of your love.

A surge of emotion takes hold of my soul.
I am purged of all except my love for you.

Patiently waiting to be by your side.
I bring with me a fuel that never ends.
It is our bond, our destiny and our passion
that burns at our core.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dominion (Dustin McGilvray-Zachary, LA)

Driveless corpse in eternal day

Toiling toward that he cannot pay

The lover fixed in his every thought

Controlling him through each gram he bought

Perpetual let down and ceaseless betrayal

Stubborn cycle propel and prevail

Smart enough to see the way out

Yet addiction pulling harder and so reroute

To downward spiral and depression abound

All for affection and love never found

Lover turned jester in most sinister ways

Deathward addiction in crystallized haze

Numbing emotion greedily sought

Powderous rock of glittering bought

Debt to jester expedience accrue

Providing more the trickster doesn’t do

Implosion of self imminent and steadily building

Hardened heart of thorns jester is wielding

Tender heart explosion, love raining and fleeting

Empty space present no life, no feeling

Driveless corpse in eternal day

Toiling toward that he cannot pay

Nelly Furtado (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

Whoa Nelly 
I'm yo felly 
I'm like a bird
Feeding off yo word
Turn off the light 
And watch me glow 
Let your lips give me sight
To that shit on the radio 
Loose, loose
I'm powerless 
Caboose, caboose 
I want to try the rest  
I ain't saying you promiscuous  

I know you ain't no whore 
I'm transformed by your folklore
You're a Maneater 
My forca is sweeter
I try to hold my love for you in 
These broken strings don't sin 
Your girlfriend in the city 
Tells you to look at me with pity 
But I say it right, won't pretend 
All good things come to an end
Me and you, are in God's hands
Meet in the parking lot, our bands 
Our spirits still indestructible 

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Darkside (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin TX)

Lurking in the dark 
Smell of tree bark 
The dark ones wait 
For the taste of bait 
Innocence is their bliss
Swallowing into their abyss 

The dark ones are out 
Hoping for us to get off route 
Slimy, dusty, smelly, death 
Their perfume is meth 
We mustn't fall into their trap
So the lightside won't be a gap

Alcohol (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, Tx)

He changes 
a hypocrite 
strangers into the mix
wants things closed  
advice from those 
He doesn't want 
to be anything like 
can't reject what he wants
in front of us 
Alcohol takes priority 
wants his life open 
inebriated, intoxicated 
He changes/no way 
I don't want him
Or Alcohol 

Used (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

In an urn 
A skin burn 
Health to turn 

Hear my scream
Where's my team?
No longer what I seem

I'm Too Sexy for This Poem (Kisha Kana-Lafayette, LA & Louis ToliverJr-Austin, TX)

Touch my words 
Each consonant is bliss
You must have heard 
My vowels are a kiss

The sound of my voice
Turns you on
There is no choice
All inhibitions are gone

Undress my syllables 
Don't be shy 
We aren't criminals
My passion makes us fly

Hang on to every verse
A trance behind my eyes
This isn't a curse
My words tell no lies