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About Death (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

Here I am sitting at another deathbed  I've lost another friend to age and time It's hard to not think about changes  Ones we could of made, the ones I made  I wish I could have certainty in this moment  Death brings about so much fear, pain  When we are born, no promises exist  The timer is set and begins to tick away  It would be unreasonable, rather tragic  Obsessing over the ticking away, time loss  Yet, that's exactly the pattern of loneliness  This reality that how we've come, we leave  So many us are living hoping to beat death  Obsession, the friend whispering in you ear Says there are ways to avoid struggle, lies We are confused, death is not a struggle  Death is the gateway with lock and key  It is a different lock, and journey, from birth The key, how we get to our end, is learned Each vessel of struggle is designed different  And at the gateway there are results waiting  This is why the death is obsession, time  The life lived determines the grand design 

Facing the Past (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Look into the mirror Years are facing you Have you been counting? Not only the days But also the mistakes The pain you have left covered Your heart wrapped in a blanket No one moves forward with pity What are we to make of failure? What does success really look like? Manifestatons of knowledge emerge But all our trials are experimental Insanity was often the result Yet our past repeats

What We Have Gained (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Among all that has been lost  This is what we have gained:  A destiny still on its course  A horizon colorful as tomorrow A future as bright as the stars  A motivation to see an end  An inspiration to become more  An imitation of our decisions  A reason to believe in a source 
Among all that has been lost  We still have another day here  We still have love to empower  We still have souls to enrich  We still have each other's hand  We still have free verse to give 
With any loss comes knowledge  For the idea of loss is a mirage  Every breath is an opportunity

Lonely Fly (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Am I just a fly on the wall? Watching other lives be lived I crave a connection Desperation has me looking Sometimes up high Most times down low But I am not satisfied with myself So what exactly am I looking for? Just a small fly on a big wall Too lonely to fly away No direction to go
Here I sit in this room waiting