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Crueler Intentions: Part 1 (James Leland Ludeau-Lafayette, LA & Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

"Winston is such a he-bitch!" The football players whispered around the practice field. "I mean he used to be the new boy, now he thinks he is hot stuff since he got quarterback." And then came Tino, a freshman aiming for the throne. 
It was football tryouts. A new year ahead and Tino wanted the power he felt rightfully his. Winston was throwing the football, but when Tino walked onto the practice field, all eyes went to him. 
"I'm here to tryout for quarterback." Tino grinned. He was like a masculine black widow, he knew what he wanted and had the ambition to get it.
"I'm the starting quarterback," Winston dropped the football and walked over to his challenger. "Who are you. I mean what are you? A freshman?" Winston laughed, the other guys joined in. 
"Who is this kid?" One of the guys whispered to another. 
"A kid with balls," another responded. 
"I earned this posi…

Boys Get Scared Too: Part 2 (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

It was after the sixth ring, Lucas was slowly eating, watching the phone, Kevin was looking at the other guys, and Jake stood staring at the phone glancing at Kevin.
"Um, that's six times now. Unavailable. No message," Jake itched his groin then looked at Kevin. "This is kinda freaking me out."
"Ha, well smoking pot is off the table," Lucas slurped the milk from the bowl. "It's a wrong number. I'm sure."
"Why would someone dial a number six times in a row, no message," Jake came and sat at the table with the other two. Kevin was sitting quietly. The phone rang again. 
"Seven times," Lucas added. "Why would they call seven times?"
"How about we just answer the phone?" Kevin leaped up and snatched the cordless phone. "Who is this?" There was just silence. "Hello? Hello?" The phone hung up. Kevin hung up the phone. 
"Who was it?" Jake asked. 
"I don't know. They jus…

Boys Get Scared Too: Part 1 (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

It's was a boys' sleepover. Their boys' sleepover. Jake, Kevin, and Lucas. Three very close high school friends at Kevin's house. 
"Who wants to say "Candyman" in the mirror?" Lucas laughed. 
"Please. Save the games for kiddies," Kevin began changing. He took of his shirt and jeans, leaving just his plaid boxers on. 
"Ugh, boxers are so gross," Jake took off his clothes revealing his black briefs. 
Lucas remained in a t-shirt and basketball shorts, "How about no underwear?" 
They left Kevin's bedroom and headed to the kitchen of the one story house. Kevin's parents were out of town so the boys walked around freely bantering with each other. 
"I don't want to play in that basketball game tomorrow. Coach is such a dick," Lucas poured a bowl of cereal. "I'm probably going to be on the bench cause know."
"Um, cause you got drunk before the last game and passed out in the showers.…

Haunted (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

Our ghosts are watching The Past lingers in conversation  The cemetery is cold  Our graves have no blankets  But it's our yearly date  Which warms us You ask, "How's your coffee?" I say, "Cold," of course. On Halloween We walk hand in hand  From grave to grave  Making up stories of their dead lives  Taking our minds off our dead lives  "It's a shame I only see you yearly," I shrug at the moon Look at you and move in for a kiss You move away, "What year is it?" I say, "I'm not sure."  We see a tombstone with 2014 "We've been seven years dead," you pause I move in for another kiss  This time you let me "If only I could have kissed you alive,"
I feel my death at these words. We kiss throughout the moonlight Wishing we had lived for our love  When morning came  You went in your grave  And I went in mine  Waiting for another year to pass  Haunted by each other

Rebels with a Cause (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA & Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

We are rebels with a cause my pause until we win the right end this fight to hold who we want to hold we're bold hear us around the world boy on boy girl on girl it's our right to love we'll shove you out the way to say our part a new start beyond politics our heart ticks one beat on repeat we will ride into the sunset to get what we know is ours rightfully........
We are rebels with a cause  applause  we're sick of political tricks for a few doggie treats  FIX our own country  please we, rebels, are ready  Freddy  to shout for more  not be this country's whore  let's start  play our part  reshape this land  hold each other's hand  man and man  woman and woman  our heart ticks  one beat on repeat  let's ride into the sunset our day is here......rejoice

Circumstances (Kelly Hill-Lake Charles, LA)

You ever felt like no one was listening to you. Just a puppet dancing. Held by a string, you keep performing. Just another product of circumstances. 
My circumstances are that  I'm pregnant and white. Not really just white, but in Louisiana, black and white is all you hear. My baby's father is black, and so my family is ashamed. They want me to have an abortion or go away, have the baby and give it up for adoption.
I want my baby. I love my boyfriend. It will crush him if my parents take our child. It will crush me. I hate these circumstances.

The Sun Led Us (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)

We came to  Boat broken  Life vests  Not all us there We were once seven Three were missing  Four floating in the sea Sharks surrounded us Waiting to smell death We were full of life Legs kicking home  Grabbing hold of each other Lost at sea Determined to find a way  Exhaustion hit  We fought through the waves But death came in the night  We held onto our strength Used it to propel us  Swimming, almost drowning  Hunger, thirst, fighting Sharks, sharks, sharks, waiting But we were smarter, faster Instead of looking down  We looked up  The sun led us to land We beat death  And we lived

Words United: Link Coming Soon

Words United: It's a Global Thing

Words United....Coming Soon

Door (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, TX)


Knock. Knock.

Someone's at the door
Waiting for a war
Knocking's getting louder
Maybe I should open it
Nah, not today
I've got to be sure
Who's side he's on


Knock. Knock.

I really have to know
Am I gonna get hurt?
I don't need anymore dirt
Knocking's getting softer
Maybe I should open it
His voice is calling for me
It sounds alot like me

I'm calling for me
I have to open the door