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Cake (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

A handshake to a smile  Fingers electric at first touch  Sharp words flow my familiar style  Eyes of fire burn of lust
Midnight grasps and gasps amass Amidst sighs and cries behind my door  Bones howl reminiscent of the last  Moonlit passion fruit I'd known a night before

Words Ain’t Got Power Over Me (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz-LA)

Let it be known that trash is trash And trash collects in the home That’s where all hate starts I got your nigger I got your faggot Right here on the tip of my tongue And I’ll damned if I let a human word Have power over me What “black” person Couldn’t be sympathetic To equality for all? What “gay” person Dare be turned off By another’s race? Riddle me this When Lincoln freed the slaves Where did they roam for 100 years Before they had an American vote? There was low income housing Or trailer parks Riddle me that When Matthew Shephard was killed for no reason Didn’t it make you think of Southern lynching? Wasn’t Harvey Milk assassinated For being himself like Luther? They died for human rights All hate is the same And I’ll be damned If I use any of my God-given words To hate And if I were you I wouldn’t either

The Disciple Rejects- 1. "After & Before the Crucifixion" (James Leland Ludeau & Louis Toliver Jr)

“After the Crucifixion”
Banging came to the door. It sounded desperate and panicked.
Thomas wasn’t not quite asleep as the events that had occurred earlier that day were weighing on his spirit. He arose from bed and went to the door. He peaked out the opening. His face turned white with fear. “Judas!” he exclaimed as he opened the door.
“Thomas, I beg, please let me in and hide me! Please, I beg!” Judas was extremely dirty, tears coming from him eyes, shaking. “I don’t know who else to go to.”
Thomas without hesitation grabbed Judas and yanked him inside his home. He lit a candle and walked a limping Judas to his room, there was a clinking sound as Judas walked. 

“What’s that?”
“20 pieces of silver,” Judas said shamefully.
“So it’s true!” Thomas swung Judas down on his beg and then gave him a cup of water. “How could you?”
“I just did what Jesus asked, he told me to turn him into Pontius Pilate, any bargain he offered.”
“You want me to believe that?” Thomas doubted.
“Jesus was my best friend Th…

The Sides of Religion (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

And on the first day God said let there be light Some billions years later We are still waiting to be enlightened Do you prefer white or back Jesus? I got an idea! Let’s talk about it Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism You only can pick one Oh yeah, Buddhism and Christianity Would you like a side of Catholicism? The Pope rules you Unless your Baptist or Methodist Then who cares Shhh, you hear that? Some children were blown up They were just Jews It’s not their fault you don’t like them Guess whose running for President? A man that says God leads him Oil companies are richer What country does God want us to invade now? Are you suspicious of Scientology? Don’t speak of Astrology or Numerology You will be stoned Women obey your men Or you will be stoned Once upon a time people were ignorant They still are And spirituality waits to be found God approves this message

Palindrome (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

We We, the people We, the people, deserve this Morals hung from a bloody cross A constitution lost Love is mere curbside service Lust, no courage Economy's in the driver seat The irony in society Golden silence stays reported Thwarted tongues aborted We, the people, deserve this We, the people We

Hey There, Beautiful! (to the Person I Don’t Know) (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Hey there Beautiful! Yes, I’m talking to you What’s that? No one ever called you beautiful before? Ah fuck’ em
I don't care
What you look like
How much money you have
Or what race you are You are a gift to me I know you must think I’m crazy But I value your life Whatever you’ve been through I’m here to tell you It makes you beautiful to me Don’t be lonely Know that I accept you

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You Say He’s Just a “Friend” (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Wait a second Let’s teach you a lesson Who is this guy? Please don’t lie Why don’t I know his name? Please don’t leave me with shame You say he’s just a friend But why do I feel this is the end? I see how this goes Will I be stuck with all the woes? I’m asking too many questions You’re not giving enough answers I can’t even rhyme anymore I don’t have the energy You go free with your “friend” And I don’t even deserve an explanation A descent into your mind games I’ll just become the next crazy ex-boyfriend But I promise you this The next time you see me I’ll be smiling right past you With my own “just a friend”

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Do you know what his means to me? Didn’t think so So before you go These words, you’re about to see
Rather you be a man or woman Would you hold the door open for me? Is it too much to ask To tell me I’m pretty in the mornings?
Am I being too sensitive to ask That you don’t call me a whore? Or it is because I know who I am That you are asking for more?
What man made up the philosophy That another man can’t ask him for love? What woman is so weak to decline That she can look for strength in another woman?
I think it’s time we asked for a little respect A little freedom to do as we please A little room to move round in our own life Are your paying attention to these words?
In this conclusion, you may not find rest But I assure you a man wrote this poem And that man is asking for a little respect For all genders and sexualities, Trust.

Cum Dumping; Blank Shot (James Leland Ludeau-Lafayette,LA)

i'm morphin' dwarfin' your hate the slate i wipe clean you're mean my means leans in the direction of the sun you're done i'm sick of your shit not one bit permeates my ear queer throwing up your guts your butts full of shots lots of cum dumping clumping in your hair sticking to your face my wad my god i'm sick of shooting your way i slay you stay behind me can't unwind me you find me at the top of the heap you weep tears of jealously and hate wait i've exposed you reposed you i fought off the curse of you i curse you to live a life you design you'll find yourself caught in your own web dead sucked the life out of yourself wealth of hate shaped you the villain never winning sinning sinking again and again

This Attack (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

for this attack get back glick glack blam i'll slam this gun into your chest no rest for the weary dreary as you are little star your light so brief grief stricken sicken my stomach and my head that i slept in your bed you hands touched me in the dark remark able bull shit you spit my way make way my way away from you like glue in the heat of the sun unstuck now i run no fucks you cluck like a chicken lickin' your feathers to look nice suffice you're lice i itch bitch to break free me against you like poo to my shoe you stick you sick fucking bitch i long to rub you off my sole my soul asshole you can't destroy me as hard as you might i take flight above your game shame you name you reframe you the picture on the wall you thought you had it all i took it out of your hand like sand slipping from your grip the ship you sailed into the abyss you missed and those arrows came right back at you undo your glue you blew any chance to gain my trust lust like dust i blow away yo…

My Lament: Die Another Day (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

i wanted the good life never signed up for an easy ride i strived to earn it all my place in this world never one who played his hand in love it ate me up like a cancer killing the joy of my soul instead i longed to feel the sun on my face i longed for the days that i felt free i longed for home and his arms were so empty once they crumbled into dust my fucked up version of love and my ideal of lust i longed a father figure it figures that i'd search my whole life trying to fill a void not realizing that i am whole not defined by time or space i go round and round just like a circle i can see a clearer picture what i want is to live forever when i touch the ground i come full circle to my place and i am home not beneath the earth like him full of regret and worms not void of energy not lacking of warmth i saw him fade away and i don't want any part of that i know i have to let go of the past it didn't last but memory sometimes plays with my mind i remember him as being kin…

Power at the Bottom (Louis Toliver Jr- Swartz, LA)

You definitely can get to the top Especially, from the bottom This is about being controlled Feeling that you have no power In the place where you are Don’t let being poor Under the rich Make you think You don’t have the power to rise We all must follow a leader But make sure that leader Also follows you You are in control Remember that

Life (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Life is waiting for you So live it That’s the beauty It never gives up on us Actually It lives longer than you Or me You’ll see Unless your dead already But you can be reborn Jut believe in love Then hate will have no power This hour We all deserve life But there is no promise To the amount of life one has No judgments Just be You owe no explanation to others Life is waiting for you So live it L-I-F-E Those letters belong to you Be alive

My Teacher (James Leland Ludeau-Lafayette, LA)

My dick is on hiatus Don’t want nothing to do with you If it weren’t for blowjobs You’d have no job at all You contribute nothing But grief I’m in disbelief That I fell for you desperation Wasn’t love at all Didn’t see the fall The sex was too sweet Rolling in the sheets Til my skin burned I yearned To last longer than the cum Left me dumb Once you had what you wanted You cast me away Numb Your DNA on my skin Sin Filled with pain Almost under the dirt From the hurt It was almost a homicide I was so traumatized But in the end it carved me into a new man A stronger creature More aware of my words and deeds No longer a prison of your needs Your greed would lead Me into better directions So I thank you Meant to Shake my core Teach me more Thank I though I needed to know Lead me where I need to go This student was ready Freddy So my teacher taught We fought Nearly extinguished the flame Covered in shame Bather & renewed But still missing you Wise & reborn My spirit is torn Betw…

Wicked (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Beware the wicked Their ways are sick-ed Sucking up all of our dreams Trying to be our friends, it seems Whispers infecting our ears Playing with our fears They throw poison in our eyes All the countless whys We scream for light in their hands Losing future voices of our hands The pained children of the past I wish their lives hadn’t gone too fast Beware the wicked Their ways are sick-ed Let love ensure our matured best Choosing to reject their hate fest

I Don’t Need (Nor Want) You (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Enough Is Enough No more time outs This is the end We can’t pretend I Can’t pretend anymore Any way I can move on We must Let’s not rust No fest starts Just molded ends You Me Us On a bus Our destinations diffeent Your stop first Maybe mine No more hurt This isn’t anger We’re just on a hanger So let go Me first Then you Why I don’t know Something’ got to go I can’t give up on On me Not this time Jack So get Jill And get up that hill

Trojan (Chase Fontenont-Lafayette, LA)

All is lost The gentlemen are dead You choke while giving a stranger head Listen to your conscious and contest The messed up pressed tissue soft issues Your subconscious spoon fed and bled Into you Pay attention to your vision There's no prescription for redemption Remind yourself when you've become blind Rather than occupying time giving a stranger head Chivalry isn't dead, only swept under the bed Get off your knees Show those who rose to impose the decisions you chose That self-loathing isn't worth tip-toeing over Self-love is not worth blowing

Your Parade of Hate (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

the atmosphere around me ignited with your hatred you threw words at me like balls of fire i closed my eyes and prayed and suddenly the goodness in me rained on your parade of hate drowning out the sting of your words neutralizing and eventually extinguishing the flame of your detestation deep within i know that hatred is born in love and jealousy is like a cancer that consumes its host and i choose not to see that happen i walked away no longer participating i have more respect for myself than that a war of words has never accomplished anything but hurt and i've experienced enough hate in my life to last eons so i forgive you and i wish you well Jesus taught to turn the other cheek Do onto others it took me many years to contain my reactionary responsiveness but last year when i carved the word "forgive" on my chest it became my anthem i forgive you i release my soul from giving into the hate and i walk away in prayer i hope you find the peace you so deserve

The Woman in My Mirror (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I’m looking at the best of society Education, health, culture The best of nurture Love, family, food The best of peace Ambition, good will, freedom Domestic, at first, Still the best warrior of the last You pick your battles wisely Violence hardly ever used This land was describe by your body You are this land This world I should hope to have such feminine grace as you I want to be a woman’s man With poise, confidence, emotional stability A woman can lead the mental will of the universe
A man can’t even get past the physical barriers of earth

Undone (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

it was one of those pre-summer mornings when the air is orange and yellow and crystal clear the world looks like a Fellini movie beauty on the outside gore on the inside out of all the people you wanted me the most you ran your fingers through my brown hair and you caressed my tattoos and asked their stories our eyes locked on one another and the rotation of the earth slowed a bit a drunken world "how do i keep you?" you asked "don't make me want to give up" i answered simply we had a connection that can last lifetimes a love without borders a desire hotter than July but i sensed its undoing i could feel it coming and i knew you could to you snapped black and white pictures of me knowing that they'd be reminders for you in the future the only part of me you'd hold onto as the passion cooled the love died a silent death what we'd created together had come undone the only heat on my skin now was the sun's kiss "you said you'd never leave&…

The Way We Do (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I don’t understand why we react the way we do The fear that we are wrong, or wronged Whatever someone else told us wrong is Maybe it’s just people that are wrong The greed of you, or me, we You don’t understand why we react the way we do But where are we going to go? Who is it that we know? It’s just us here, fate’s choosing Yet you act like I am nothing but a leech My life is valued each time I walk away I do walk away often Just not from you Or whatever wrong I did to you Or you did to me Is it really wrong? What if we are right? What if we are supposed to happen? All of love’s short term pain, uncertainty Masking love’s infinite pleasures, successes We don’t understand why we react the way we do You and me

Through My Eyes (Rodney Laron-Pineville, LA)

I watched as we stood tall, proud above them all We cheered for our rights, our equal rights, up into the nights. We want the world to look at us all the same, but what I found underneath brought me shame. I watched as I myself was sized up, was I good enough to talk too, or shall we just say “good enough to do?” We ask the world to look upon us with favor, yet behind closed doors we show a very different behavior. We stand united, we stand proud, but behind our phones and tablets, we hide behind a shroud. We fight to show everyone we are worth the right to love and marry, but wait, only if he looks like Tom, Dick, or Harry? Before we beg the world to show us favor, let step up and show them those rights we will savor. We want to marry the one we love, the one who was designed just for us by the one above. But we look upon each other with judgmental eyes, because heaven forbid he doesn’t have killer thighs. We look for perfection although it doesn’t exist, in this specific quest it’s…

Plastic Trees (Chase Fontenot-Lafayette, LA)

Whoever taught themselves to believe their eyes Must have taught to believe their lies a genius he was thought to be, taking steps forward and never looking back Since education ruled his heart, imagination he did lack Your anatomy never shows a direct path from the eyes to the heart And if you've never distrusted your eyes I suggest you start

Age (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I feel often that I am just an embyro, an egg never hatched. The little I know of life has kept me alive and I am thankful, but yet I am so blind to so much. The dangers I don’t know sometimes overwhelm me with fear. When I look into the horizon, I see a vast ocean of knowledge, but the further out to sea I swim, more dangers lurk. Though there are sharks around me, I just breathe and float.If I could be any age in life, I would the age of love, a time of pain lost.I look over to the sun rising.I don’t have to swim in darkness. I can break free from this shell. I will.