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Salute: Louisiana Words Spring 2019 Finale Week

From this point forth, each time a Louisiana Words season premiere or finale week happens, the state flag will be raised on that Sunday. On a finale week, there is normal scheduling but there is NO regular Sunday Introduction. Instead, a finale “ticket” is posted and there is a SATURDAY SEASON CONCLUSION! Louisiana Words family stick with it and our talent and stories will all sync and make sense together!

Tonight (Harvey Leboeuf - Kaplan, LA)

You look so beautiful at night But you always start a fight If you only knew how you made me feel You always make a real big deal You look so beautiful tonight Baby, can we just go on out And enjoy ourselves I just want to hold you tight, Baby, all damn night But you are just looking for a fight I think instead of hanging out I’ll just stay home and write
I’ll just miss the fight

Oh Holy Lord (Annette Redmond Walters - Lafayette, LA)

Holy, Holy, oh glorious lord deliver me from my atrocious errs unbind my soul from all offenses
Blessed, Blessed, oh hallowed lord  grant me answers to my prayers let me be your faithful witness
Praise you, Praise you, oh sacred lord I come before u, humbled and desperate and beg to be near you in your lenity
Gracious, Gracious, oh cherished lord give me wisdom to know my fate and accept my purpose with serenity

Where the Ancestors Gather (Barry Sons - Berwick, LA)

I weep, I scream for the ancestors.  Men and Machines dreg at the sacred sand bar built into an Island. A place to pray.  A place to call on the ancestors. When oil spills, who else can we turn to? Not the army corp of engineers!!! Oh Scared Island where the River turns. Why? Why?! Why! Blow up the Morganza Spillway instead.  Free the river, let it flow.

Walking, Dreaming (Rachel Perry - Lafayette, LA)

Yes I do believe
I am setting out again.
Must keep up the pace
while I'm still able.

The sleep gave me strength.
I walk now in a glide,
To that distant point 
where the curving dirt path narrows.

Once I reach that narrow point,
No longer is it narrow.
The edges wide, 
engulf me like a dream.

It's all a dream, I realize,
The new point and the old.
So many dreams I've had already;
So many yet to come.