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We Present Louisiana Words Allstar #5: Chase Fontenot

Photography by Drake Faulk

He Likes Me For Me (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

What boy doesn’t think he wants to be some girl’s Romeo? Why do we reference such a tragedy as devotion? It’s the 2lst century I see more and more How many boys want to be Juliets Will another man ever come to love us so? I do know there is someone, for everyone But I can’t help wondering Will he like me for me? Will he love my scars? To tell me their beautiful That someone, that someone Boy or girl, man or woman We’re all waiting for that someone The appearance of love  Much more glamorous than the struggle The scars make love more beautiful Will he like me for me? Not just say he understands me Then walk way feeling confused Will he like me for me? I think he already does He just hasn’t seen me yet Only those special someones can see you There’s nothing more romantic Than when you open up your struggle He does the same You stick together like glue That’s love through all its glory

Just Be (Harvey LeBeouf - Kaplan, LA)

Be peaceful in a way you’re at peace,
Be respectful in a way you get respected, Be honest to those who can’t, Be native to anything that makes you feel native, Be quiet especially if you want to be heard, Be resourceful before you need to, Be apologetic when you’re hurting the most, Be mad at no one, nothing, Just be happy you’re still breathing, loving and living. And always remember our friends and family who are not.

Wild Heart (Madison Elizabeth Holland - Lafayette, LA

I yearn for the wild
Because being in its midst is exhilarating
Deep within the woods
Where you could be lost forever
And in the dark and bark
Behind each trunk there is an elf
A lurking black hearted witch
Full of seduction and black magick
Toadstools bloom in startling colors
The swirling gloom holds mysterious danger
Possible permanent isolation
Separation from the moral, the tame
In the depths of the woods
The heart roams wild, free
Like a wolf uncaged
With unquantified, unrestrained beauty
The woods seem to extract the feral
And encourage the shedding of emotions
Until you are naked and raw
Uncovered before the gods
And your soul is whole
Once more

Rhythms & Visions: American Dreaming (Chase Fontenot/Model - Lafayette, LA)

Photography byC. Blake Photography.

Rhythms & Visions: Dream Variations (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

Waited (Cj Avory - Lafayette, LA)

I..... Waited, waited, & waited Until the silhouette of my patience Was left lingering on the window panes..... Sitting in emotions of defeat But this seat...... Was my only attachment to you..... A connection between your soul and my heart Yet, we departed ways In the middle of our days Where the sun would try to hold on to that last lingering cloud Before the moon would break through the shadows..... Neither could fathom the reason why They kept seeing my face day after day..... I Waited..... On you to break the silence Of this dark disposition Wondering where the moments of wondering where you are Were nothing, but wonders pondering on what to think next Yet, nothing was left to think of But you made your decision And I couldn't believe I sat waiting on you to appear Then disappear then re-appear like ain't shit happened That chair should have crumbled beneath me To let me know our foundation wasn't even sturdy enough For me to lay my emotions on..... Waited U…

Lafayette (Chase Fontenot - Lafayette, LA)

What's become of our generation? The same faces we see in the halls of high school, we recognize on the bathroom floor of the bar. It's true, that at times it seems, we all tear from the seams. So from that point we pick a poison and bathe in it. Having a good time isn't a crime; but let me remind you that our minds are bred to believe we have to drown ourselves in wine. Sad to say, most of us believe our lives started at 18. But because of the paths we chose, I'm broken hearted that the next group of 18s will ride along the same road. Our legacy hangs low Languid, lawless, lethargic Is it for the bitter or the better Or for worse? We can't curse the bottle Only bottle the curse

Rhythms & Visions: Ah Quel Diner (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

All Louisiana Words Platforns Honors LGBTQIA Writers

Consolation (Rachel Perry - Lafayette, LA)

Consolation is a rocking motion.
You hold someone and sway them
     back and forth
     back and forth
Until they remember being a baby
And the comfort of rocking (being rocked)
In someone's arms.

What if no one consoled them
as a helpless crying child?

What if no chest served as a pillow?

What happens then
When they're asked to call upon
These long ago memories
Of comfort and consolation?

Consolation becomes an unreasonable request.
A demand to fetch water
from a dry, dry well.

My Heart (Harvey LeBeouf - Kaplan, LA)

When i say i love you i will always love you.
When i say your mine you will always be mine.
My love is not a thought or a mood.
is not something you can see or buy.
Get closer though i'll bet you can feel it in my touch.
We may not always be together.
But you will always be in my heart.
i may take a while to say i love you.
But at least you know it’s real when i do.
You may think my heart is full,
You might even think i love too many.
They say your heart is as big as your fist.
Look at my hands you know i have room for plenty


Weighted Down Blues (Rachel Perry - Lafayette, LA)

Who's that face outside my window, Thought that you was dead and gone. Why's your face outside my window, I thought that you was dead and gone. Yeah I thought I'd left you back there, but I Feel you hangin' on.

Seen so many folks slide under, Seen 'em slip on further away. Watched too many folks slide under Yes I watched them all slip away. By the time I saw them slippin', they done Too far in to save.
Well my steps sometimes grow heavy, Pavement crumbles 'neath my feet. Yes my steps grow oh so heavy, Pavement crumbles 'neath my feet. Its the weight of all them people I still Carry on with me.

30 Years in Love (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

In 3 years, we discovered love was a roller coaster  But can time be the glue that binds us?  Our relationship clicked on the tracks upward
In 6 years, we built a life on our love We figured out our rhythm in 3-line stanzas Hands up in the air, we soared into the dark
In 9 years, we lost each other in ourselves Problems spiraled that could have been solved Riding a future that couldn’t hold us together
In 12 years, we found each other in solutions Though times were tough, but we were smooth The good times we never took for granted
In 15 years, we fought the sadness The waves of self-doubt and fiction But happiness is the ride that we caught
In 18 years, we faced a storm of confusion Rejection, acceptance, heartache, and joy We fought hard, tough, fast, and eager
In 21 years, sickness tried to creep up We were more prepared to sneak down So, no worries, our love makes sense
In 24 years, we almost came off the tracks But we were each other’s handle bars Jerk to the left, jerk to the right, we held tight
In 27 …

Rhythms & Visions: When Oysters Die (Barry Sons - Berwick, LA)

Rhythms & Visions: There is Balm in Gilead (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

We Are Very Excited to Have Allstar #4 - Rachel Perry All Week!

Rachel is the artist & designer who created the original logo for Louisiana Words! She is also a phenomenal writer! She will be re-creating a new logo this Winter 2019! Please, let's show support Louisiana Words Family!