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30 Years in Love (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

In 3 years, we discovered love was a roller coaster 
But can time be the glue that binds us? 
Our relationship clicked on the tracks upward

In 6 years, we built a life on our love
We figured out our rhythm in 3-line stanzas
Hands up in the air, we soared into the dark

In 9 years, we lost each other in ourselves
Problems spiraled that could have been solved
Riding a future that couldn’t hold us together

In 12 years, we found each other in solutions
Though times were tough, but we were smooth
The good times we never took for granted

In 15 years, we fought the sadness
The waves of self-doubt and fiction
But happiness is the ride that we caught

In 18 years, we faced a storm of confusion
Rejection, acceptance, heartache, and joy
We fought hard, tough, fast, and eager

In 21 years, sickness tried to creep up
We were more prepared to sneak down
So, no worries, our love makes sense

In 24 years, we almost came off the tracks
But we were each other’s handle bars
Jerk to the left, jerk to the right, we held tight

In 27 years, we restated our vows from the heart
To be proud and true forever and ever
I regret nothing about this love ride

In 30 years, our strength has been tested
There is no question that our love is stable
Not even this rollercoaster can come between us

Our love transcends time and it is stronger than glue


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