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O' Louis (Louis Toliver Jr- Swartz, LA)

My inspiring star-crossed lover, Emboldened star-aligned fighter
I bow to you You curtsy to me
Stories are shallow at the water You penetrate deeply into my waves
Let the vinyl play today Our modern rehearsal has ended
My body lies as a blank canvas Waiting for your words to paint me
O’ Louis, O’Louis Where ever art thou Louis?
The man with Juliet’s spirit At peace, I have met my Romeo
I bow to you You curtsy to me

What's That? (Joseph Michael Benoit - Iowa, LA)

What's that? It seems that I tend to talk down to people? Really!?!
Well, that may be so. Of course, this may stem from the fact that I'm basing my conclusions on knowledge learned/gleaned from the stacks and stacks of books and magazines/journals that I've read and studied, while you are generally speaking from a platform of uninformed, overinflated, egocentric opinions of others, which have no basis in any reality as yet known to rational people, in this lifetime, nor any other.

A Sunday Story (Joseph Michael Benoit - Iowa, LA)

As it happens, it rained, Saturday night. This is not an uncommon occurrence, and was expected. That's why I parked the motorcycle in the parking tower, and arranged for a friend to return me to my hotel room. I knew that I could get another ride, or take a cab. No worries. After a sound sleep, a hot shower, and a breakfast that someone else cooked, I called a taxi service recommended by a hotel employee.(I like recommendations, and refer to the name of the person that gave it). The person I spoke to told me that it would be at least 45 minutes before they could get to me.... meh Really though....I was in no hurry. There were no deadlines to meet. The motorcycle was safe, and I could use another cup of coffee, while reading some of the Sunday paper. Plus....I got to sit in the lobby, and quietly make uncomfortable the property manager...but that's another story. Anyway, at approximately the exact time that I was told to expect the cab, it arrived. smile emoticon So, honesty first, …

Creativity (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

I remember the day I found God, when I was sitting around in the darkness upset about yesterday. I felt this sudden, divine force as she dusted me off and placed my feet on solid ground. I couldn’t figure out what God was, but she placed a pencil down on a table in the darkness and told me to “Sit down and write.” And so, I began. She then told me that I needed to unshackle those chains of past guilt and worry.I didn’t really know what I was writing or why I was writing it. Suddenly, the pen changed into a key and it just so happened to be the right-sized key to unlock the chains I carried. When I looked up to see where God was, she had left me in the darkness, alone…so, I thought. Then, I looked down to the notepad I was writing on and I was surprised that I had no idea that I had written the word “future” on it. It was clear that God had given me this ability, this part of her. I recognized that using this ability was my way of staying connected to God. The key. So now, focused on …