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Salute: Louisiana Words Spring 2019 Finale Week

From this point forth, each time a Louisiana Words season premiere or finale week happens, the state flag will be raised on that Sunday. On a finale week, there is normal scheduling but there is NO regular Sunday Introduction. Instead, a finale “ticket” is posted and there is a SATURDAY SEASON CONCLUSION! Louisiana Words family stick with it and our talent and stories will all sync and make sense together!

Louisiana Words Writer Review (1.3) - Painter/Writer, Barry Sons Allstar #3 (2 of 3)

Louisiana Words Commercial (1.4) - Veterans Memorial Park

Tonight (Harvey Leboeuf - Kaplan, LA)

You look so beautiful at night But you always start a fight If you only knew how you made me feel You always make a real big deal You look so beautiful tonight Baby, can we just go on out And enjoy ourselves I just want to hold you tight, Baby, all damn night But you are just looking for a fight I think instead of hanging out I’ll just stay home and write
I’ll just miss the fight

Oh Holy Lord (Annette Redmond Walters - Lafayette, LA)

Holy, Holy, oh glorious lord deliver me from my atrocious errs unbind my soul from all offenses
Blessed, Blessed, oh hallowed lord  grant me answers to my prayers let me be your faithful witness
Praise you, Praise you, oh sacred lord I come before u, humbled and desperate and beg to be near you in your lenity
Gracious, Gracious, oh cherished lord give me wisdom to know my fate and accept my purpose with serenity

Louisiana Words Introduction (1.4) - Line Dancing/Easy Level

Louisiana Words Writer Review: Barry Sons (Part 1 of 3)

Louisiana Words Commercial (1.3) - University of Louisiana at Monroe

Where the Ancestors Gather (Barry Sons - Berwick, LA)

I weep, I scream for the ancestors.  Men and Machines dreg at the sacred sand bar built into an Island. A place to pray.  A place to call on the ancestors. When oil spills, who else can we turn to? Not the army corp of engineers!!! Oh Scared Island where the River turns. Why? Why?! Why! Blow up the Morganza Spillway instead.  Free the river, let it flow.

Walking, Dreaming (Rachel Perry - Lafayette, LA)

Yes I do believe
I am setting out again.
Must keep up the pace
while I'm still able.

The sleep gave me strength.
I walk now in a glide,
To that distant point 
where the curving dirt path narrows.

Once I reach that narrow point,
No longer is it narrow.
The edges wide, 
engulf me like a dream.

It's all a dream, I realize,
The new point and the old.
So many dreams I've had already;
So many yet to come.

Original Words (Harvey LeBeouf - Kaplan, LA)

At a time in life when everyone is watching what you say
Be original with your words
Don’t watch what you say, instead speak your mind
Be inspirational with every breath
Speak from your heart, whisper from your soul
Be an outlaw, have wild thoughts and dreams
Make time to have conversations with your loved ones
Be the person you dream about being
At a time in life where originality is rare
Speaking from your heart and soul will set apart
Be the breath that God gave you

The Tree Holding Back the Sea (Barry Sons - Berwick, LA)

I am the tree holding back the sea.
Could you find in your hearts to stand with me?
The last defense I am, for the marsh around my feet.

Stop the building. Stop rerouting waters flow.
Stop the levees, let them go.

What kills me?
If the river is not silting, it’s eroding. Ignorance, greed, the quick buck, arrogance, levees, spillways, damns, too much salt water is killing me. 

The physics plain and simple, more marsh less catastrophe.
I am the tree holding back the sea; stand together and fight with me.
I give you life, give back, I plea. I am the tree holding back the sea.

Letting Go (James Leland Ludeau III - Lafayette, LA)

i hope that you are resting quietly
and that you've found the peace you never could in life
in stillness i've found my voice
i've found a way to let go of you
found my flame
finding a way to quiet my ego
and know realness
i'm changing
so i am putting you in my past
i can't have you in "today"
i've made my peace with that
so i will try to keep your legacy alive
by being the best man i can be
i'll honor you with my being
i used to be so angry when people suggested i should learn to let you go
and now i have learned
and in the absence of anger grew my peace
so i am putting you in my past
i can't have you in "today"
i've made my peace with that
so i will try to keep your legacy alive
by being the best man i can be
i'll honor you with my being
i used to be so angry when people suggested i should learn to let you go
and now i have learned
and in the absence of anger grew my peace

Louisiana Words Commercial (1.2) - LSU/Mike the Tiger

Rhythms & Visions: Father and Son (Berwick, LA)

Rhythms & Visions: Is it Now? (Catrina Crowe - Ruston, LA)

Louisiana Words Introduction (1.2) - United States Man

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Louisiana Words: Introduction (1.1): Getting Clean With Books/Making Louisiana History

Rhythms & Visions: Sweet Little Jesus Boy (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

All of Us (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

We have so few days to be good to people. No matter how hard they work against an established pattern or what little good they acknowledge in themselves. What remains is that while we live and learn we have to keep teaching. The choice to help the poor or shame them can be taught.  Aside from biases set up to defeat black and brown people we have what seem to be the same chances as anyone. It’s a bitter thing to live every day with the stress of fear and exclusion, but when we choose good it makes the world better. People folding up like lawn chairs for a lie they were sold are just as likely to turn away and accomplish true good in the world. Hate, poverty, and the violence and limitation of rights of women are not ‘us or them’ problems. They are Human problems. We can solve them. We can heal the world if we work together for good. To protect children. To grant every access to a full education of their home, our world which further enriches and improves the future they will grow up i…

She Sees (Madison Elizabeth Holland - Lafayette, LA)

She sees people
Walking in lines, shuffling past her constantly
She's alone in her bed, in her head
To any glancing eye
But she sees people, not ones she recognizes
Just people on their way, like herself
She wants to follow but she's not quite ready yet
She's tired, so tired, and most days now the fog doesn't clear away
The cobwebs growing thicker
They confuse her and she doesn't know what to do
Surrounded by the people she loved
She's all alone, facing the end
But for the little girl 
Who sat with her, laid in bed with her
After days of not being able to see the little girl's face
Last night, the girl turned around 
She didn't recognize her, yet a part of her knew why she was there
Until the end, unknown until right before she begins to cross over
A silent sentinel, 
Soon, she knows
She'll get out of her bed
On her broken legs
She'll join the throngs of people
And together they'll walk towards
What comes next.

Expectations (Harvey Lebeouf - Kaplan, LA)

Is this true? Can it really be?
I can’t wait for us to finally meet.
Everytime we talk I crack a smile.
I’m hoping you and this feeling stay a while.
In my dreams we met before.
Your eyes lit up as I walked across the floor.
High expectations this might be.
But I sure as hell can’t wait to see.

Acceptance (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

Sitting in our spot Pulling each flower Petal by petal  “He loved me. He loves me not. “
Sitting for hours  Pushing each dream together  Breath by breath “He hates me. He hates me not.”
Before I knew it There I was  Sitting in a pool of petals Center of our path The one we used to dance 
Accepting me not Wind made me stand up I slow dancing around our path Following each petal he left behind  Leading each breathe in front of him
I circled around and stood Wind blew the petals around me  When I looked at our spot There I was looking back  Accepting me

Louisiana Words Presents Our 7th Allstar Sasha Massey

Being the 1st singer to bring her talents to Louisiana Words, Sasha has never had a place she felt she could not only sing, but also express her passion for expressing the triumphs and failures of pursuing her dream of singing. Making her appearance in Fall 2018, she is the fastest writer to go from the Newcomer to Allstar in the history of Louisiana Words. She is now also the lead singer of Rhythms and visions. She is currently in the process of becoming the first Director of Music for our Louisiana Words family. Let’s welcome Sasha to our family and give her the support she needs to showcase her singing/writing for Louisiana!

The 2nd Half of Allstar Reveals Scorch Up the Next Chapter of Louisiana Words!


Because we are polishing our content to have the structure that it deserves to go in the direction of our new opportunities,  we will be re-starting LouisianaWords on Mother’s Day with a very, very, very special Louisiana Words introduction! Follow us family!

During Spring Break 2019, We Are’t Going to Leave You without Louisiana Words Flavor!

Just because we are polishing our community and creating new content, doesn’t mean we are going to stop celebrating over 100 writers and nearly 1200 pieces of fabulous creative art! Follows us this Spring Break 2019 and discover our unique artists! We love them for contributing and love you for your support!

Louisiana Words Presents Allstar #6: Skyra Francesca Rideaux

Louisiana Words: March 17th - 23rd (finale)

The Spark Never Dies (James Leland Ludeau - Lafayette, LA)

i fell in love with you
burning hot like coals
beneath my skin l
ighting up my being
i laid on the altar
i was altered
i cared less about me
and more about you
for the first time in my life
i faced giving up
I faced sacrifice
i felt like the lamb sacrificial slaughtered
and if i fed you
it was ok
i only wanted you to be nourished
i gave of myself
but your love was a gunshot to my head
left me limp lifeless
but my soul retreated
refused to be beaten
and this spirit in me grew
white heat
i forgive you for sacrificing me
i served a purpose
but now it pours out of my skin
like light like a candle
a lantern
i want to shine upon the dark path
and show you what transformation feels
like that you can come out of any situation
no matter how bad
no matter how dark
illuminated filled with Light
so bask in my glory
it's my new purpose
and if i sacrifice my light
it only grows
the spark never dies

The Circle Turns (Madison Elizabeth Holland - Lafayette, LA)

candles in half circle leaves underfoot incense burns and wafts above night sky looks downward, casts light of star and shadow of moon shed clothes lay crumpled in dark grass skin gleams and glows in light of candle and smoke of incense blessing sage drifts and billows around tapers music entwines with heart and soul and dancing feet bare body leaps and twirls and pushes through the darkness alive floral scarves float and twist and dance around the limbs running ever sunwise, ever gathering, ever drumming energy washes over sense and time and spirit air fire water earth together, grounded, connected, enmeshed feet pound through nature's floor and hands rise towards goddess skies heart opens to raised flowing energies words spit of devotion and peace and healing lips adulate the oneness of all inner flower unfolds to receive blessings of goddess all this is for good all this is for peace all this is for well-being As Above, So Below Blessed Mote We Be

There Is No End (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

I passed away. It was a journey through the light but my grandmother was waiting singing a poem much like a song: 
All souls unite  Into God’s light 
May the sun burn bright  May energy be my might 
There’s no need to fear the night  There’s no longer a need to fight ...
My grandmother grabbed me from the light. She was standing on a mist like dust. It was made of rock, sand, silver, gold...every particle and element you can imagine. 
I was very young when she passed away. I really didn’t remember here on Earth, but I knew who she was immediately feeling her aura. 
She spoke with a voice as soft as cotton, “I’ve been waiting. Now come and take a walk with me. It’ll be just a short time to us when everyone else gets here.”
“Is this heaven?” I was afraid to ask. I’d have to face my mortality and my immortality. 
My grandmother laughed, “No, angel, but we’re not far.”
“What is it?” I was hoping it was heaven.
“The waiting room.” She led me away from the light on top of the divine mist. She began sing…

Rhythms & Visions: The Courage to Be Unapologetically Black (Skyra Rideaux - Lafayette, LA)

Doing It Right (Harvey LeBeouf Jr. - Kaplan, LA)

I been living my life all wrong.
Looking at my past I see it’s time to make some changes.
All these years I been doing things wrong.
Baby when I think of you and me I can’t wait to see changes.
Changes that will bring us closer
Closer in miles and closer to your heart,
It’s time I start doing things right
After all these years I been doing myself wrong.
It’s time I start doing me right.
After all the days I’ve been gone,
I need to make time to do you right.
One night at a time, one day at a time,
One memory at a time, it’s time to do us right.

The Colored Coloratura (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

Isolated for my ability, then shoved away like a wind-up doll. Look up the movieTrick Baby. The dinner scene.That shut up and singtalk will not fly. “You should sing jazz.” That's one thing I like but it doesn't fill up my heart. “You should sing opera.” I do but where I live people only care about beer, zydeco &football. She shall not fetch and step it. “You should be famous.” Gee thanks, have you recommended my work to anyone? Shared/reposted my videos?  “You don’t look like a singer.” You mean I don't look wealthy or I'm not a skinny blonde with a tan that's way too dark and implants where I'm already blessed with sizeable peach? Gee thanks.
“Black people sing opera?” Why yes. There are many classical black voices that get passed over for being too dark, not a big enough name...and they become the many unheard that get carted out for the month of February. So who sing roles like Aida instead? Out comes the bronzer, afro wigs...shoe polish
Sit down with me over…