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Someday is Tonight (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

In life, we think we can just wait  To be the person we seek to be  We sit at night thinking: "someday" "Oh God, when will that day come?" We often get no response  Because we're looking for God  In the places that one waits to fall We shouldn't wait to soar high We shouldn't wait for that someday I write that this "someday" is tonight

Rhythm Nation (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA & Louis ToliverJr-Monroe, LA)

This is our "symphony of feelings" Ludeau says face all your dealings  And Louis says seize the day Don't let your life get away
Louisiana take the lead Make these other watchers read Mowing over hate  Making them haters constipate- Ed. You know, Mr. Ed? Horses, can't talk, stup-ed
A horse is a horse  So we have no remorse  For ignorance  Our nation deserves balance 
We pledge allegiance to the rhythm  Not this broken political system  Our nation deserves to dance  Let's find our beat and take a stance 
Louisiana let's make this song  Not gonna be behind for long  A real man...he educates  Making us all be like Bill Gates  Silly country, Trix are for kids  Let's do whatever heaven bids 
We can fly high into the sky  Be angels that never die Rejecting any ignorance  Giving our nation balance 
We pledge allegiance to the rhythm  Not this broken political system  Our nation deserves to dance  Let's find our beat and take a stance 

Skeletons in the Closet: Part 1 (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy who lived what he thought to be a happy life with his father and mother. His mother worked at home and did domestic work as a good wife did. She never left the house. His father was not home much, nor spent much time with the boy, as he often traveled for work, and he worked hard as a good father did. There was only one rule for the household when father wasn't home: Never go into the father's bedroom closet. 
The mother, nor young boy, had ever been in the father's closet. But this particular day, while the boy was playing alone, he heard a strange noise from his parents’ bedroom. His mother was busy doing chores so she wasn't mindful of him, as always. The boy crept up the stairs to his parents’ room and saw his father’s large closet door. He went to turn the knob; he was certain that's where the noise was coming from. It was locked. It wouldn't budge. 
Normally, the boy would dare not to test his curiosity, but his fat…

Jesus Was a Capricorn? ( Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

I get so sick of the fake  Agitating my mind when I wake  They want to confuse me  Ignoring all the truth I see 
They talk of Santa Clause  And flying reindeer don't have paws  All the scary terrorists  Running around the forests
Virgins sometimes give birth On this "only" planet like earth  Let me just take a pill  All depressions have appeal 
I'm a fool even to use rhymes  When the fake just want my dimes 

A Symphony of Feelings: In The Midnight of My Imagination (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

Our love brought me to heaven then you watched me fall fell out of love such a long way down was down on my knees alone in the dark through darkness and despair almost felt beyond repair a symphony of feelings set my heart back into motion hurt, strength devotion, humility love, trust desire, joy i found what i needed to get me through a dark night of my soul a journey literally through hell now i'm born again figured out only faith would lift me back up now i am back on my feet dancing to the beat that grows from inside my soul forgiven and forgotten i walk alone in peace faith calling me home lifting me up love basked in the midnight of my imagination never imagined i could love and accept myself at one point i was so lost in being what i thought you needed me to be i've embraced my flaws healed my scars i can now be my own fire when all the lights go out

Come Back to Me (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Come back to me, My Friends Please, and let's make amends Forgive me for losing my way  Open your heart and let me repay 
I can never justify changing My mind was just rearranging I profess that you are constant  Let your love be forever tolerant 
Come back to me, My Friends Please, and let's make amends

Alright (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Gonna be alright  Gonna do what's right  With all our mighty might  We're gonna be alright 
Not messing with anyone Just trying to make life fun  Just shining our light  We're gonna be alright 
Gonna be alright  Gonna do what's right  With all our mighty might  We're gonna be alright

Messiah (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

Messiah or Pariah save me? entomb me? your spell cast can it last breathe a new breath into my lungs will i wake up anew? i won't get to the end of my days saying i wasn't amazed crazed by my love for you the flame flickers will you wake up to find that you love me too? is the best we can do? tattered and torn we led wicked lives until we found each other you, the day i, the night a fight with all of our might to grow like a vine covering a fence sometimes squeezing the air out of the room around us we do this dance in the dark with your words you cut me down the middle you fuck me up a little but you come back with arms open hoping that i'll lay back in them and in my mind i already have so what if my body just follows suit? you can win the fight i'll take the war i'll wear the scar this living for love heaven above hell below what's left to show? when you give your all and you free fall into the abyss unable to resist i will love you until my eyes close forever never not living for love

The Devil May Pray (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

i think somewhere along the way the devil had to pray not to keep my soul he played the role of savior my behavior certainly deserved of being cast into hell but he cast a spell knowing damn well that i belonged with the angels in the ether the unknown was meant to be my home the stars in the sky the answers to why it all appears in my head sometimes black sometimes red don't know why but i'm attracted to the dark knowing i'm a spark that could set this whole world ablaze living my days like each one could be my last seeing past what others judge me for sometimes stumbled tumbled but i dust myself off and adjust my crown back on my head my story's not written not over there's something to say when you make the devil pray got something special within my soul could i escape all harm if i just laid here in your arms could i cast a spell that you can't undo could i make you love me too teach me how to pray i'm on my knees that anything or anyone interests me more than myself narcissist in disbelief s…

Words United Top Ten of the Year

Boys Get Scared: Part 4 (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

"This is the point where we call the police, right?" Jake breathed heavily. Kevin stood, looking in the refrigerator, shaking. "This is the point where we call the fucking police, right?!" Jake emphasized loudly.
The doorbell rang. Kevin and Jake froze. The doorbell rang again. Jake peaked around the kitchen counter to the living room. He saw red and blue lights flashing outside, through the glass of the upper front door. 
The doorbell rang twice abruptly. Kevin darted out of the kitchen to the front door, while Jake peeped around hesitantly. Kevin opened the door and a cop was standing there with his gun pointing to Kevin. 
"I was patrolling the street, received a call that a boy's screams were heard? Back up, boy!" The cop forced himself inside. Kevin backed up quickly and Jake came out of the kitchen with his hands up. "Who's house is this?!"
"Mine, Sir," Kevin said shaking. 
"Where's the other boy?" The cop asked.

Louisiana Words Presents Rhythm Nation

S.O.S. (Grab the Rope)-(Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Hello down there!  I can't come any further down I don't have the spiritual equipment  And I don't want to also drown
It's pretty dark down there  I understand your current fear  But I need you to reach up  Grab the rope, I'm casting near 
Plenty rope to touch rock bottom  So listen to my voice and find it  Don't be afraid of what's up here  It's much better than this dark pit 
Believe in this rope, and yourself  Leave this dark place and live  I don't know how long I can wait  Quickly be your own friend, and forgive 

Lonely (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Time to put the rhymes aside  Be truthful to you right now  'Cause God knows I've felt lonely 
It's something we all carry inside  It's what makes us an individual  Loneliness is a part of daily life 
But let's change how we think  Of the way see loneliness earthly Could it be that we are self-sufficient?
Maybe not, but we are all lonely  Born from womb, dead by tomb Watch how you spend loneliness 
This determines our rise or fall.

Escapade (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Take my hand  Let's take this land  Adventure awaits us We don't need no bus  Let's get to walking  While haters are just talking  It's me and you  No need to be blue  Don't let our lives fade  Our love is like an escapade 
Es-ca-pade  We'll have a good time  Where our dreams are made  Ain't gotta spend a dime  Just me with you  Loyal to the present  Just me with you  The past, just a scent  Let's get our future laid  Our love is an escapade 

Miss You Much (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

For all those times  I stumbled to your door  For all these times  You loved me a bit more 
I'll never forget how  You held me close to your chest I'll never forget how  You made me my absolute best 
Though I'm never good with my words and such 
I just want you to know that I really miss you much

Putting Makeup on Two Faces (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

"Oh me, oh my, you sure look ugly today," the mirror said to me. "Must be mighty hard putting makeup on your two faces."
"A pretty left face.  A hideous right face. How could a man look upon others with such delusion?
Are you YOU? Are you THEM?
I'm you're mirror. I'm you're best friend. I tell the the "truth", while you're eyes "lie."  
A little blush for the bruises on your right face. 
The shine on your left face seems a little dull. 
Either way, pick a face. Both seem fake to me. Haha."

Boys Get Scared Too: Part 3 (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

"So..." Jake stared at the phone and then looked at Kevin. "You and Lucas must be pulling a joke on me...cause, yeah. We can stop now."
" and Lucas are pulling a joke on me," Kevin returned the accusation.
They both thought for a second and yelled together, "Lucas!" They went in the backyard to the pool, but there was no Lucas to be found nor any ripples in the pool. 
"Lucas! Where the hell are you?" Kevin yelled again. He looked at Jake.
"Where can a naked teenage boy go but inside the house, right?" Jake asked. 
After what seemed like hours went by searching and searching. There was still no signs of Lucas. Then the phone rang again.
Kevin picked up the phone, "Lucas! Stop fucking around, man!"
"This isn't Lucas," the sinister voice laughed. "He tastes good. Want some?" 
"What are you talking about?" Kevin asked and then put he phone on speaker. 
"His testicle was the best par…

What Have You Done for Me Lately? (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Giving me all the things I don't need  Upon your hand, I no longer feed So what, you give me money So what, you call me "Honey" When is your love gonna start? When do I get your real heart? Hold me  Console me  Accept me  Love me  Are you listening to my plea?  The bond of us is all I want to be  So ask yourself, greatly What have you done for me lately?

Death Became Him (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Another dusk came as he laid in his coffin, dreaming: a nightmare that he once lived but failed to breathe. He loved no one. He didn't know how. He never cared to. Didn't learn love as a kid. And so, no one loved him. How could they? He lived too busy in sin to be in love or loved. Now, forever in death, he lie restless full of hate, stuck in the earth, wondering if he were in heaven or hell, rotting and rotting as Death became him. Death was him. A dirty soul. His fate was now the meat of worms.